Sunday, May 21, 2017

Doctor Who Is NEW!: Extremis

Hi there! Yes, it's Monday once more before I can get my Doctor Who write up completed. I'm just too tired Saturday night and to be blunt about it, too lazy on Sunday.

And writing about this newest episode was a bit tricky as the Doctor faces a new alien threat without sight in a world that may not be real.


So after the break, I'll try to make sense of things. Caution: there will be spoilers, sweetie. 

The Doctor discovers a long lost secret Harry Potter novel.

by Steven Moffat

A long time ago, we learn about the Doctor's oath, how and why he swore it, who he swore it for. Yes, we know who is in the vault.

Today, the Doctor is still blind when he gets a visit from the Pope. Apparently some weird stuff is going down in the Vatican. An ancient text called The Veritas has been translated and anyone who reads it immediately commits suicide. So the Doctor, Nardole (filling in whatever the sonic glasses can't convey to the Doctor) and Bill (whose date with a woman named Penny gets interrupted by the Pope) are off to a secret chamber deep underneath the Vatican. 

There the gang discovers a cardinal with the Veritas... and a laptop with a translation of the Veritas. The cardinal says he's "sent it", then runs away. A gun shot later tells us that another reader of the Veritas has taken his own life.  

There are portals opening up in the secret chamber. While the Doctor is working on reading the Veritas (yes, he's blind; more on that in a minute), Nardole and Bill explore the portals which are transports to different parts of the world. In one of them, Bill and Nardole discover a group of nuclear scientists who have read an emailed translation of the Veritas (that'll teach you to click on those questionable links in your emails) and are preparing to blow themselves up in a mass suicide.

Escaping from the suicidal scientists, Nardole realizes that the portals are not transporting them to other parts of the world but are holographic simulations. Then he discovers to his horror that he too is a simulation and vanishes. Bill is a bit bugged out by this and she follows a trail of blood through a portal, in search of the Doctor.

Backing up a bit, the Doctor is trying to jump start his eyesight to read the Veritas. The Doctor is borrowing from his future to be able to see but time is running out. Yes, there are aliens behind all this, tall, gaunt aliens of rotting flesh (yuck!) cloaked in red hooded robes. One of these alien monks takes the Veritas but the Doctor escapes with the laptop that has the translated Veritas on it. 

But whoops! The Doctor's eyesight is fading again as he stumbles through a portal. 

Which brings us back to Bill whose portal takes her to the White House to find that the president has killed himself because he too read the Veritas. The Doctor is there behind the Oval Office desk. He's read the Veritas. Or rather, he used an app to have it read to him.

The Veritas is the story of demons come to Earth to conquer it but create their own Earth to learn about Earth and practice how to best conquer the real thing. 

This world, the Doctor tells Bill, is not the real thing. It is a simulation and they too are simulations.  Bill vanishes with this knowledge. Leaving the Doctor alone with an alien monk. "The Doctor" tells the alien they made this world too good. His sonic sunglasses have been recording everything. The simulated Doctor sends all this information via an email...

To the real Doctor waiting outside the vault and his sonic sunglasses. Brought up to speed, the Doctor calls Bill who is not on a date with Penny as she thinks Penny is way out of her league. The Doctor says no, Bill should call her... NOW, in fact. Something is coming, something very bad and the Doctor thinks they're going to be very busy. 

OK, let's get this out of the way.



Well, it's Missy. 

OK, bit anti-climatic. The most common guesses involved the Master, either Michelle Gomez as Missy or John Simm's version. The story of the vault, who is inside it and the Doctor's oath to guard it is told in flashback. Missy is set to be executed and the Doctor, as a fellow Time Lord, is there to act as witness and executioner. The process also includes an oath to guard the body for a thousand years in case, you know, the deceased tries something.

The Doctor appears to carry out the execution but he may have messed with the wiring bit. Missy isn't dead.  The Doctor notes he made an oath to guard the body but there's nothing in that oath that says that the body has to be dead. Nardole helps the Doctor put Missy in the vault.

So Missy's in the vault.


C'mon! This is Steven Moffat we're dealing with. We still have not actually seen inside the vault. We're presuming a lot of things that have not been confirmed.  Like actually seeing Missy in the vault.

Extremis is a particularly mind trippy episode as it goes full bore Inception. What we think is real isn't real. It really pulls the mind into a knot to realize that the bad guys have been controlling the game from the point the Pope and his posse of Cardinals come calling on the Doctor.

Nardole gets a couple of bad ass scenes in this episode with his appearance at Missy's execution and his standing up to Bill. Don't mess with the only person in the universe who has been officially sanctioned to kick the Doctor's ass. 

We find out the Daleks love to gossip about the Doctor. Missy mentions she knows the Doctor has been on Darrilium because that's what the Daleks say.

Dalek 1: How are you doing?
Dalek 2: Exterminate this! Exterminate that! I need a break.
Dalek 1: Did you hear what's up with the Doctor?
Dalek 2: I heard the Doctor was on Darrilium.
Dalek 1: Yeah. And he's there with his wife!
Dalek 2: His wife? No way!
Dalek 1: Yes, way! It's his last night with her before he meets her for the first time!
Dalek 2: Bugger! You need a flow chart to make sense of this.
Dalek 1: Tell me about it.
Dalek 2: Well, time to get back to work. Exterminate!
Dalek 1: Exterminate!

All joking aside, things have taken a darker turn from the previous episodes and not just literally for the Doctor who is still blind. It has been established that Time Lord's can regenerate at will, not just in a time of crisis; seems a quick regeneration would fix up the Doctor's vision. Maybe that will still happen. But we've seen regeneration has a re-set; the Doctor goes back to his current form before changing to a new body. So the Doctor could regenerate in the next episode (for example) but not change form until, say, the end of the 2017 Christmas special.

There's a lot to think about has we head into the back half of Series 10 and Peter Capaldi's swan song as the Doctor.

Until next time, remember to be good to one another.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Gravity of Trump

Poor Li’l Donnie! He’s the victim of  “the single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history.” Well, Donald Trump said so. 

He’s also pissed that his administration is under the scrutiny of a special prosecutor while others just get off scot free. “With all of the illegal acts that took place in the Clinton campaign & Obama Administration, there was never a special councel [sic] appointed!” the president wrote on Twitter Thursday morning. What illegal acts is he accusing Clinton and Obama of committing? Well, does it matter? You know they must’ve done something illegal. Arrest them! 

I guess Trump must’ve been constipated during his morning Twitter session/bathroom break. He was in a better mood in  a statement released by the White House Wednesday night.

“As I have stated many times, a thorough investigation will confirm what we already know – there was no collusion between my campaign and any foreign entity,” the Wednesday-night statement from the White House, credited to Trump, said. “I look forward to this matter concluding quickly. In the meantime, I will never stop fighting for the people and the issues that matter most to the future of our country.”

Wow. Li’l Donnie sounded almost grown up. But Thursday morning, the gravity of his insecurity pulled him back down as his fat ass hits the porcelain, his fingers dance across Twitter and Trump the Aggrieved Martyr is back! 

The Department of Justice announced Wednesday night that former FBI director Mueller will lead an independent investigation into Russian efforts to interfere in last year’s presidential campaign as well as into the possibility of collusion between the Kremlin and Trump associates.

The White House is battling multiple scandals — including Trump's decision to fire former FBI Director James Comey, his alleged leak of highly classified material to Russian officials, and reports he pressured Comey to drop an FBI investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn. Scandals all of Trump’s own making.  If Trump is the target of “the single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history”, Li’l Donnie has been busy handing out the pitchforks and torches himself. 

While Trump jumps into a deep, dark pit of his own design (all the while insisting he was pushed), he’s dragging down other people who get caught in the gravity well of his ego and incompetence.  There's at least one person who maybe doesn’t deserve this. 

H.R. McMaster, Trump’s national security adviser, spoke twice to cover for President Donald Trump after he was busted Monday by the Washington Post for blabbing highly classified terrorist threat intelligence to visiting Russian dignitaries.

McMaster: “No! No way! The President did not do that!”


Trump: “Yeah, I did that.”  

Alas, poor  McMaster, we had such hopes for you. You wrote the book on how a senior officer should not bend in serving the truth to the powerful. Now what? Perhaps the most respected officer of his generation was giving up his soul to provide shade for the Liar In Chief. 

McMaster earned the respect he was afforded by the press and his peers.  An intellectual with a Ph.D. in history from the University of North Carolina, he made his rep on the field of battle, laying waste to bunches of Iraqi tanks during the first Gulf War. No arm chair general, H R McMaster fought and won in war, commanding respect from soldiers and civilians.

But now his veneer of respectability was threatened.  McMaster is a man of duty, thinking he had an obligation to serve the commander in chief of the armed forces if called. According to press reports, he’s not been Trump’s lackey prior to now, confronting him on the issues and even lecturing him on occasion. A condition that Trump has, unsurprisingly, not regarded favorably. 

So why, pray tell, did McMaster throw himself on this particular grenade? No good came of anyone who sacrificed their honor on Trump’s behalf. The gravity of Trump’s incompetence and amorality can’t help but drag down even good men. As McMaster is surely realizing to his regret.

The pull of Trump's gravity is too damn strong.

Pray he doesn't pull us all down with him.    

Friday, May 19, 2017

Speaking Ill of the Dead

I’m not one to speak ill of the recently deceased. Whatever judgments of history can wait until those who mourn have had their time to do so.

But of Roger Ailes who died yesterday?

Roger Ailes was a reprehensible excuse of a human being who devastated the principles of journalism while leaving a shattered democracy in his wake.

  • Donald Trump in the Oval Office? Roger Ailes made that possible.
  • An ideologically frozen Congress unable to maintain the basic functions of democratic governance? That’s on Roger Ailes!
  • An electorate ruled by fear and hatred? Lay that at the feet of Roger Ailes. 

It was Roger Ailes who started Fox News on the basis that news is a marketable commodity. Dress it up with beautiful mostly blonde women in short skirts to draw in the eyeballs of horny middle aged men and then give them an earful about what’s wrong with this country. 

There was nothing too small on the left of the political divide that wasn’t worthy of Fox News’ most outraged scorn.  And there was very little on the right side of the political divide that didn’t warrant fawning adulation and praise.

Fox News’ slogan was “Fair and Balanced” but Roger Ailes made sure it wasn’t, pushing a hard right conservative agenda and constantly haranguing of anything that remotely smacked of anything that wasn’t. another slogan for Fox News was “We report;you decide.” But Roger Ailes made sure that Fox News spent the entire day telling you what to think. There was no mere difference of opinions between Republican and Democratic views. No, Democrats were absolutely against you and your way of life. They hate America and will drag it down into liberal hell if not for the God-fearing, true blue patriotic Republicans. And it must be true. Those beautiful mostly blonde women in short skirts wouldn't lie to us, would they?

It was this toxic stew that Roger Ailes cooked up that gave us Donald Trump. Fox News and their brethren on the even farther right had pushed their viewers to such a state of angry indignation, they gave their support to a clearly unqualified buffoon. A Fox News viewer didn’t disagree with Hillary Clinton; no, they HATED her and cast their lot with the small handed, orange skinned moron with the gopher on his head.

Roger Ailes made that happen. Years, decades of grinding that axe against the grindstone of fear and hate, Ailes stoked a white hot rage that refused to countenance bi-partisanship. Compromise? Hell no! You don’t compromise with evil!

There’s an idiot in the White House and sniveling sycophants in the House and the Senate and Ailes’ creation is what put them there. 

I used to watch Fox News. There was a loose, friendly charm about the hosts and who am I kidding, it was for the hot babes in the short skirts. I’m a perv, OK? But I'm not only one.

Oh, Steve Doocy! You bad, bad boy.  

But I became aware of a disturbing repetitive nature to what I was hearing. Democrats were always wrong and Republicans were always right. ALWAYS! I’m a registered Republican; the first President I voted for was Ronald Reagan. And Democrats have a bad habit of failing to find their own asses with both hands behind them. But they weren’t always wrong! And when they were wrong, they were just, well, wrong, not all to undermine the American way of life. And Republicans were NOT always right. Sometimes their views defied logic and facts but Fox News would still sing their praises.

Roger Ailes gave us that. And we as a nation are so much poorer for it.

Roger Ailes just died yesterday but it’s not too soon to start shoveling dirt over his misbegotten place in American history.

Oh, here's a photo of Roger Ailes.

Sorry. My mistake. That's Jabba the Hutt. Let's try this again. 

Dammit! Jabba again?!? 

Oh never mind. 

And I'm so glad my suffering amuses you.  

OK, one last thing relating to Fox News. I commented on Wednesday that Donald Trump figured his problem isn't his message but his messengers. Was Press Secretary Sean Spicer on his way out? And would he be replaced by Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle? 

Guilfoyle gushed about the opportunity to take on that role. 
“I’m a patriot, and it would be an honor to serve the country,” she said. “I think it’d be a fascinating job … you need someone really determined and focused, a great communicator in there with deep knowledge to be able to handle that position.”

According to the Washington Examiner, President Trump picked up on her not-so-subtle message, but it had the opposite effect: Instead of endearing her to the president, Guilfoyle’s remarks reportedly made him “furious.” Apparently Li'l Donnie doesn't like others getting ahead of what he's going to do and thought Guilfoyle's comments were self-serving. (Does the kettle knows the pot is black?)  

So it may well be that this...

...will NOT wind up behind a White House press podium.  

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Is Donald Trump Finally Done For?

Is Donald Trump finally done for?

Probably not. 

Sorry. Don't give up hope but c'mon: We’ve been through this before. 

A lot. 

Every ignorant utterance that would’ve shattered anyone else’s political career, Trump continued to thrive. Secrets and lies that would undermine anyone else do nothing to stop Trump. Each stupid and inept action has done nothing to make Trump go away.

Trump has gone too far! Surely he’s had it and going down. Nope? He isn't?

Well, maybe this time, Trump has gone too far! He's ruined for sure and he's outta here! Nope? He isn't?

OK, maybe this time, Trump has gone too far! He's done for! Kaput! Finito! Nope? Not this time

For sure, this time, Trump has gone too far! That's it! Good-bye, Li'l Donnie! Nope? Still with us?

Oh for fuck's sake, this time? Trump has gone too far? Nope? Well, this is shit!

So the persistent specter of Donald’s political demise is with us once more.

Well, maybe this time, Trump has gone too far?  Is Donald Trump finally done for?

It’s been a week since the levee broke after Li’l Donnie fired FBI Director James Comey. What was suspicious behavior (Trump fires the man investigating ties between the Trump team and Russians) became more certain when Trump in a nationally televised interview said of Comey’s firing, “Yeah, it was the Russia thing.”  This was after days of various Trump staffers and supporters trying to give Trump some cover from that very questionable motive.

When the levee broke, we’ve had a persistent flood of new and ever more troubling information on Trump.

  • Trump pressured Comey to pledge his loyalty to Trump.
  • Trump’s statement that Comey had assured Trump that he was not under investigation.
  • Trump meeting with Russians in the Oval Office with the Russian press represented but not the American press.
  • The revelation that Trump disclosed classified intel to those same visitors.
  • The disclosure of Comey’s memo detailing how trump tried to shut down the FBI investigation into Michael Flynn. 

Well, maybe this time, Trump has gone too far?  Is Donald Trump finally done for?

What do you think?

One of the important checks on Presidential power comes from Congress. Congress has the power of impeachment. But as long as Republicans hold the majority in Congress and Trump is willing to rubber stamp whatever hard right legislation they send his way, look for Congress to do fuck all in the way holding Trump in check or just basic oversight. 

But there does seem to be a growing sense of weariness on the part of the Republicans for putting up with Li'l Donnie's shit every single damn day. Why not put Trump out of office and put Vice President My Pants... Mike Pence (dammit!) who would sign off on the same conservative legislation but with slightly less drama than a Mexican soap opera. 

But removing Trump from office is not without its downside. Even after months of Trump's Fuck-Up-A-Rama, Li'l Donnie still enjoys a strong base of support. They see all this hand-wringing in the media over Trump's Russia ties, conflicts of interest and more as Trump being victimized, feeding their deep rooted paranoia that the government is out to get them and the main stream media is in the pocket of those malevolent forces.  The Justice Department moving ahead with a special prosecutor for the FBI’s Russia probe is just fuel to that fire.  

If you think this is an exaggeration, check this out: Fox News top dildo head Sean Hannity began his 10 p.m. show by attacking The Washington Post for Monday’s damaging Trump story about classified information. Hannity ended his show by asking viewers, “Do you think there is an alliance to take down President Trump?”

Yes, the MORE Li'l Donnie fucks up, the better it looks to the hard core Trump supporters, the same voters who will make any politician pay, regardless of party, that helps takes Trump out of office. 

Well, maybe this time, Trump has gone too far?  Is Donald Trump finally done for?

Probably not. 

Y'all be good to one another until next time. 

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Staggering Into Another Crisis

Last Thursday, I did a couple of posts about the debacle of The American Health Care Act AKA TrumpCare or more accurately TrumpDon'tCare but I also touched on the debacle of Trump's firing of FBI Director James Comey. I observed last week that chances are, Trump would stagger into another crisis. 

The tumult surrounding Comey's firing has not gone away but yes, we do have another crisis. It began with last week's dubious meeting between Trump and two Russian officials in the Oval Office, a meeting that the American press was not privy to but it was recorded by a Russian photographer. Yes, a member of the Russian press had access denied to the American press. 

Apparently, at some point, Trump began bragging that he has access to "the best intel" on ISIS and proceeded to share it with the Russians.  

Yes, there are rules about this sort of thing. Now before you get your hopes up, Trump did not commit an impeachable offense. If a President wants to disclose classified information, he can do that. 


It's still not a cool thing to do. And to disclose it to the Russians?!?! For the love of Chuck...

ALSO... It wasn't America's intel to reveal. It was infomationm obtained from another country who thought, "Hey, America might want to know about this." This kind of disclosure from Trump undermines confidence in us by our allies and would-be allies.  

There's just certain things you don't do with intelligence but clearly Trump has no experience with intelligence.  

But even more irksome that Trump's own questionable behavior? How about the conduct of Congressional Republicans in the wake of this latest screw up out of Trump? 

Trump fires the guy who is investigating him? "Well, he can do that. What you gonna do?"  

Trump discloses secret intel to the Russians? "Well, he can do that. What you gonna do?"  

Let's not pretend this would be the GOP's reaction if even a hint of what Trump has done had come from the Obama White House. This is the same Republican leaders who spoke to crowds chanting "Lock her up!" over Hillary Clinton's emails.  

But Trump royally fucks up and the reaction is little more than a shrug. ""Well, he can do that. What you gonna do?"  

Just because someone CAN do something doesn't mean they SHOULD. 

Just because someone CAN do something doesn't mean we can't demand accountability for their actions.  

Donald Trump is incompetent and should never been elected. This is not a partisan viewpoint; this is demonstrable fact time and time again.  

Trump of course is in denial and is reportedly angry and frustrated with his coverage and his press team. The message from Donald is fucked up but Donald's blaming the messengers.  

It appears that Trump's answer to his problems is to replace Press Secretary Sean Spicer with...

Kimberly Guilfoyle? Yes, the leggy Fox News host is reportedly under consideration to take over as White House Press Secretary.   

Oh hell to the NO! Trump would put this...

And this...

And this...

Behind a podium? 

Yet another reason to hate the man. 

And I'm so glad my suffering amuses you.  

Oh and yet another crisis emerges from the still burning flames of the other crises: we're now hearing that Trump tried to get Comey to back off the FBI from investigating Michael Flynn. You know the guy with the very iffy ties to Russia and who lied about it to My Pants... Mike  Pence (dammit!)

Yeah that guy. 

I gotta go lie down. 

Everybody, be good to one another.  

Monday, May 15, 2017

Doctor Who Is NEW!: Oxygen

Hi there! Saturday brought to Whovians a new episode of Doctor Who, the 5th episode of Series 10, a whiz bang outer space adventure as the Doctor, Bill and Nardole head off into SPACE in the FUTURE to fight zombies... in SPACE!

Space... the final frontier. "Final" because space is out to kill you.  

But this installment is a bit of a game changer for our Who crew. 

More on that after the break. (Warning: Spoilers, sweetie,)  

by Jamie Mathieson  

Things start on a deep space mining station called Chasm Forge where two people are working on the outside. Also on the outside are two more people who are not living. Yep, space zombies. One of the two living people makes an escape back into the station but the other becomes one of the not living.  

Space can be a real bitch. 

Which just happens to be the subject of the Doctor's lecture. Well, the topic is supposed to be crop rotation but long list of ways that outer space can kill you horribly makes for a more interesting subject.  

In the TARDIS, the Doctor is antsy for an adventure. In SPACE!  Answering a distress call, the Doctor heads off into the great cosmic out yonder with Bill AND Nardole in tow.  Nardole is very cross; he and the Doctor need to be on Earth to guard the vault.

Give me a moment please.


OK, I feel better now. (A little bit.)  

So the TARDIS materializes on Chasm Forge where the Doctor finds that of 40 people, 36 are living impaired. Or dead. 

So that means 4 people need help.  

But our three heroes find themselves caught in the merciless, unforgiving way of life on Chasm Forge: oxygen is an expensive resource, doled out in strict measurements by the crew's work suits. But those same suits that provide life giving air are glitching and killing their human occupants. The space zombies are NOT the living dead. No, the suits are walking around carrying dead bodies. 

The survivors and our visitors are in suits that were taken off line; but at the touch of another suit, a survivor winds up not surviving.  So it's very important to not let one of the zombie suits to catch you.  

So our intrepid protagonists find themselves cornered with no way to escape except... go outside. Which is all well and good until Bill's suit glitches and won't let her keep her helmet on. Bill is about to be exposed to the vacuum of space and all that bad stuff the Doctor described in his "crop rotation" lecture. 

But Bill survives thanks to the Doctor's sacrifice. But his space exposure has not left him unharmed. 

The Doctor is blind. 


OK, good news: there's a rescue ship on the way. Now all everyone has to do is not die before it gets to Chasm Forge. But that's not so easy as the zombie suits keep up their unending pursuit. Once again, our gang are in a desperate race to escape the suits as Bill's suit glitches again. This time it locks her in place, unable to move. The Doctor desperately assesses the situation and determines the best course of action... is to leave Bill. The Doctor tells Bill she is about to go through hell but he will see her on the other side.  

As the Doctor and the others escape, the zombie suits zap Bill as she calls out to her mother.. and dies.

Double whoa.  

OK, bad news: there's a ship on the way but it's not a rescue ship. It's a replacement crew. Production on Chasm Forge had been on the decline. The suits killing their human occupants was not a glitch or a hack. It's business as usual. The suits were eliminating the inefficient humans using up the expensive oxygen until a new crew can replace them. So the Doctor hotwires their suits to Chasm Forge's main reactor. If the human occupants die, the suits will set off the reactor and blow up the station. Which would be a massive loss for the corporation. 

Which makes the suits killing the remaining crew expensive, not a cost savings. So the threat ends. 

Oh and Bill is not dead. The Doctor noted there wasn't enough power in her suit to kill her. He couldn't tell Bill as he couldn't risk the suits hearing him.  

Back on the TARDIS, Nardole does some tech stuff to the Doctor's eyes to restore his sight. Back on Earth, Nardole lays into the Doctor for his recklessness, for abandoning their duty to guard the vault.  

Give me another moment please.


Sorry about that. 

Nardole is angry with the Doctor. "Look at me when I'm talking to you!"

The Doctor replies, "I can't look at you. Or anyone." Then he confesses: "I'm still blind!"

Triple whoa.  

Jamie Mathieson who wrote the taunt Series 8 thriller Mummy on the Orient Express strikes again with Oxygen, a story that keeps turning the screws, ratcheting up the pressure. Murphy's Law is in full force here: the TARDIS air shell is eliminated, access to the TARDIS itself is cut off, the sonic screw driver is destroyed, the Doctor goes blind. 

Then Bill (kind of/sort of) dies? Yikes!  

On top of the ever increasing tension of the threat is the very real world dread that corporations hold people in a similar regard: the bottom line is the spreadsheet. Where does that leave human dignity and respect? Without value. 

Until the Doctor makes living of greater value than dying to the corporate spreadsheet. Dying becomes more expensive than living and the threat ends.  

Once more, Peter Capaldi and Pearl Mackie elevate a very strong story to even greater heights as the Doctor grapples with a growing threat with shrinking resources. The Doctor fast talks around it but you can tell he's rattled by being blind. And Bill has a very heartbreaking reaction when she "dies", calling out to her long dead "mum".  

And we get more Matt Lucas as Nardole, an unusual balance of goof and scold. Nardole has some funny bits which suits Matt's comedic talents. But his more serious moments are very effective. 

And that unexpected cliffhanger? In episodic television, a lot of stuff gets hand waved to bring things back to the status quo at the end of an episode. Like the episode of Star Trek when Spock is blinded; by the end, he can see again because it so happens Vulcans have a second eyelid or some nonsense.  

But not this time as the Doctor faces an uncertain future shrouded in darkness. As we can see from next week's episode, the Doctor's blindness won't stop him from trying to help. But his blindness haunts him: how can he save people when he's lost in the dark?

More on that next week. 

Until next time, remember to be good to one another.  

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Random Randomness

Hi there! Today is Saturday. The last few weeks, i've posted about the previous week's episode of the Doctor Who spin-off, Class. But as of this writing, the family has not had time to watch last week's episode. I'm guessing there was an alien threat, Miss Quill was pissed about something and the rest of the cast struggled with some form of teen angst.  I guess we'll catch up eventually. Maybe.  

Let's throw some topics on the wall and see what sticks.  

Today is May 13th which is the birthday of Marv Wolfman the creator of Nova and who wrote the majority of Tomb of Dracula at Marvel. 

At DC, he teamed with George Perez on The New Teen Titans and Crisis on Infinite Earths. 

Marv and George created Starfire, an alien princess with energy powers who fell in love with the original Robin, Dick Grayson.  Whenever Starfire was lonely and missing her Teen Wonder, Marv would have her say things like "I want Dick!" Or "I miss Dick!" Or "I need to find Dick!" 

The Comics Code didn't have a clue. 

Marv was born in 1946 which makes him 71 years old? No way, man! That doesn't seem right. 

Well, I'm 54 years old and that sure as hell doesn't seem right either. I feel so very much older.  

I still have comic books from last week I haven’t read yet, both Freebies and stuff I bought. When I was a much younger Dave-El, I would devour all my comics in one sitting. Devouring comics is hell on their re-sale value. Learn from my aged wisdom: don’t eat your comic books; read them.

I referred to artist George Perez who recently had a heart attack and went though two surgeries. George is recovering but had to cancel his remaining planned convention appearances for 2017.

Take it easy, George. Focus on getting well. 

George for the record is the absolutely best artist for team books, bar none.  

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day which is the first one without my mom. I’m still having some trouble processing that. If you still have your mom around, give her a call or go see her if you can and give her a hug.

OK, that's all I've got for today. Tonight we're absconding from the Fortress of Ineptitude to see Doctor Who at Geeksboro. I will try to have a write up on that ready for Sunday. If not, I'll post it on Monday.

Until next time, remember to be good to one another.  

Doctor Who Is NEW!: Extremis

Hi there! Yes, it's Monday once more before I can get my Doctor Who write up completed. I'm just too tired Saturday night a...