Monday, June 18, 2018

Where The !@##$% Is Doctor Who?!?!?

Yeah, that's what I would like to know!  

Look, I thought the info was solid, that after England's first game in the 2018 World Cup, the BBC would run the first trailer for Doctor Who Series 11. 

Well, the game is over. England beat Tunisia 2 - 1.  

Jolly good show, old cold chaps! Jolly good! 


But no trailer for the info was solid,?  

OK, where's my trailer for Doctor Who Series 11?!?!?   

It seems the info was very much less than solid. 

It looks we'll not get anything on Doctor Who Series 11 until the San Diego Comic-Con next month!


The Haircut Observation

So I got my hair cut a few days ago.   


The average amount of time to elapse between my seeing someone I know and that person commenting something along the lines of “Hey, you got a haircut”:  10 seconds


The amount of time it took my wife Andrea to notice I had a haircut: 4 hours, 52 minutes. 


Here’s the thing with me and haircuts: I don’t get one as often as I probably should. I tend to let weeks or months go by without getting a haircut. I’m walking around with a shaggy mane that wouldn’t look out of place if I was a reefer smoking hippy from 1973. I actually once went over a year without getting a haircut and I really cannot explain why that is. Maybe I’m getting older and I’m trying to hang on to some vestige of youth? Or maybe short hair makes me self-conscious about the shape of my head? I have no idea.  


The thing is, when I finally do get a haircut, it marks a fairly dramatic change to my appearance. So for most people, it takes only a few seconds to notice I’ve had one. 


For most people but not everyone. Not my wife.  


Anyway, Friday afternoon, my daughter Randie and I went out to get our hair cut. I was relieved to get it done. The hot weather we’ve been having lately does not line up well with a long, shaggy ‘do.  


Andrea met us at home at 5:30. We went out to eat where she sat directly across the table from me. Randie tried every non-verbal trick she could to get Andrea to notice her hair. It didn’t work. My reaching up to my head to run my fingers through hair that wasn’t there did not elicit any response either.


At around 10:22, Randie had lost patience with her mother’s obliviousness and blurted out, “Aren’t you going to say anything about my hair?” Andrea blinked a few times, carefully processing information and then replied, “Hey, you got your haircut!” 


Andrea turned to me to see if I had noticed Randie’s hair as well. Then she blinked a few times, carefully processing information and then replied, “Hey, you got your haircut too!” 


4 hours, 52 minutes is not Andrea’s record for not noticing I’ve had a haircut. The record is two weeks.


Really.  Two whole weeks once elapsed between my haircut and her noticing said haircut. Again, if I got haircuts more often, I would understand it. But when a person goes from Conan the Barbarian hair to Lex Luthor’s head, one might expect a more immediate reaction.


And yes, I do too notice when Andrea gets a haircut.    


Well, It's Monday Again.

Well, it's Monday again. 

It keeps happening. 

This weekend, I think I finally moved beyond my sinus infection and/or tick bite. My family made our first pool trip of the summer, we saw Incredibles 2 (more on that in a forthcoming post) and my daughter Randie performed a solo... in Swahili!

Today, we have something to look forward to. After England plays it's first World Cup match, the BBC will release the much anticipated first trailer for Doctor Who's 11th season.  

Oh I will most definitely have more in a forthcoming post as soon as I can glom my eyes on that.  

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Of Fathers and Super Sons


Today is Father's Day so I thought I would take a look at the sons of Superman and Batman which first appeared in World's Finest Comics#216.  Written by Bob Haney in the bizarre, off-kilter way he had of writing young people, these stories tracked the adventures of Clark Kent Jr and Bruce Wayne Jr as they sought to assume the super heroic mantles of their famous fathers.   

Covers by Nick Cardy 

In case you're wondering, the sons had mothers. The wives of Superman and Batman make appearances but their identities are not made clear. These cameos are from behind of women with black hair so we can possibly assume the mothers were Lois Lane and (maybe) Selina Kyle. But there is no info to go on to make any informed assessments of the identities of these women. They were plot devices to bring these young men into the world and occasionally scold Clark Sr and Bruce Sr into do something about them.  

Bob Haney was never a stickler for continuity. Ostensibly, the adventures of Clark Jr and Bruce Jr took place in the future. But there was at least one story that featured Robin, still pretty much a Teen Wonder with Dick Grayson still a student at Hudson University.  

cover art by Ernie Chan w/Dick Giordano & John Calnan 

After their first appearance in issue #216, the Sons alternated with their fathers as the featured attraction World's Finest Comics before making their final Bob Haney scripted appearance in issue # 242.   

I always found the stories of the Super Sons to be hokey and contrite, even by Bob Haney standards.  A lot of stories centered on our young lads roaming America with Bruce Jr spending his trust fund money while bemoaning what tight asses their fathers and other grown ups were.   

But in World's Finest Comics #263, writer Denny O'Neil wrote "The Final Secret of the Super-Sons" which brought the saga of Clark Kent Jr and Bruce Wayne Jr to a heart breaking conclusion.   

cover art by Ross Andru & Dick Giordano 

The super-sons' adventures are revealed to be computer simulations observed by Superman and Batman. But when Superman leaves the program running, Superman, Jr. figures out that there is another plane of existence and the boys enter the real world. Unfortunately their presence causes natural disasters because, you know, comics, right? So to save the world, they sacrifice their artificial lives.

"The Final Secret of the Super-Sons" is a bit rushed with a lot of story being shoved into a 16 page space. But it was still an unexpectedly moving end. 

The concept that the super-sons were computer simulations had actually been explored earlier in a Gerry Conway written story in Superman Family #192 which I did purchase and read back in the day but I guess I forgot about that story when World's Finest Comics #263 came out.   

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Still Persisting In Not Being Dead

Saw the doctor Friday morning who prescribed me an 
antibiotic to treat me for a sinus infection. 

Or a tick bite.  

I am prone to sinus infections and the symptoms were in line with having a sinus infection.  

But also for someone who was bitten by a tick. 

I cannot ascertain that I've bitten by anything, tick or otherwise.  

So far so good as I got some much needed rest after I started the antibiotic so I feel progress is being made in whatever has plagued me since Tuesday.  

Maybe it's the plague? Could happen. I read where someone in Idaho (I think) has the plague.  

By the way, I don't know what will appear on this blog tomorrow but it will not be Episode 4 of my Doctor Who fan fiction, The Dalek Planet. I'm hoping to have something Doctor Who related on Monday or Tuesday after the Season 11 trailer drops.   

Until next time, remember to be good to one another. 

And look out for ticks. 

And the plague.  

Friday, June 15, 2018

Still Not Dead

So I went back to work on Thursday. I went to bed the night before still feeling bad enough that my daughter Randie assumed she would be driving me to the doctor.  But I woke up Thursday morning feeling more or less OK. 

My wife Andrea was less sanguine about me going back to the work. I might be feeling good now but I should be careful not to push it too much too fast. 

By noon, I was realizing she might be right as my head felt like it was being squeezed in a vice. And the shivering took over. By 3:30, I'm shivering like a naked penguin.  So it was back home to the Fortress of Ineptitude and back under the covers. 

Not before calling my doctor but the soonest I could be seen would be Friday morning. OK, I'll try to die slower.   

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Not Dead Yet

It's been a strange couple of days for me.  It began Tuesday as I was walking about three blocks to meet my daughter Randie who was picking me up from work.  It was a warm spring afternoon but even with a long sleeve shirt and a sweater vest, I was freezing.  

By the time we made it home to the Fortress of Ineptitude, I was shivering like my bare ass was sitting on an iceberg.  I crawled into bed covered by a comforter and a blanket and I was barely feeling comfortable. Over the next 24 hours, I've alternated between feeling like I have ice cubes in my shorts or burning up in a sweltering heat.  

My wife Andrea took my temperature earlier this evening and I was running 100.2.   

At 2 AM on Thursday, I'm in a rare moment of balance between the two temperature extremes. 

So far, not dead yet.  

Where The !@##$% Is Doctor Who?!?!?

Yeah, that's what I would like to know!   Look, I thought the info was solid, that after England's first game in the 2018 Wo...