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Broken News (On a Break!) For Friday, October 31st, 2014

Happy Halloween, everybody! 

My name is Dave-El and this is I'm So Glad My Suffering Amuses You, the blog with a chewy nougat center.  

As you see from the banner above, this is Friday I'm posting bROkEN nEWs oN A bReAk as I expect to be engaged with some Halloween related activities, none of which involves digging any shallow graves for hastily killed hitchhikers. 


Let's get the classic headlines going in 5...





June 6th, 2014

#BrokenNews "Assad Wins Syria's Presidential 'Election'" You gotta admit, his "Vote for me or I'll kill you" platform was very effective. 

#BrokenNews "Pope Francis Shakes Up The Vatican Again" The Pope's cranking up his AC/DC record collection way too loud again.

#BrokenNews "NSA Stonewalls When Pressed To Come Clean On 'Backdoor Searches'" I was hoping 'backdoor searches' doesn't mean what I think it means but I just got a note from the NSA recommending a good proctologist.

June 13th, 2014

#BrokenNews "Gay Marriage Battle Heats Up In Texas" To be fair, everything heats up in Texas. Texas is hot! Texas is TOO DAMN HOT! And ARMED! Gay people are fighting to live in freedom and equality in a state filled with hot, sweaty people with guns! 

So... good luck with that. 

#BrokenNews "Ted Cruz's Wish Is Finally Granted: He Is No Longer Canadian" Which in turn also grants the wish of most Canadians. 

#BrokenNews "Pope Kicks Off Mideast Peace Summit Of Prayer" Officially known as..."The Budweiser Monster Summit of Prayer!"  

June 20th, 2014

#BrokenNews "GOP Leadership Race Heats Up" Also known as the "Rat Race To the Bottom!"

#BrokenNews "Fish Just May Be A Lot Smarter Than We Thought" Have you ever seen a fish holding public office? Exactly!  

#BrokenNews "What Joe Biden Gave Up To Run With Obama" Besides his pro-wrestling career. 

July 11th, 2014

#BrokenNews "GOP Convention Location AnnouncedOK, Cleveland agreed to do this but it's oral sex only, no kissing and just leave the money on the bedside table, OK? 

#BrokenNews "NYT: Have Republicans Shut Themselves Out Of White House?"
"I thought you had the keys!"
"No, you said YOU had them!" 
"No, I did not!"
"Did too!"
"Did not!"
"Did too!"

#BrokenNews "Postal Worker Caught On Video Hurling Packages Into Ravine" Wow! A postal worker actually had packages?!?!

July 18th, 2014

#BrokenNews "U.S. Steps In To Avert Political Crisis In Afghanistan" If that works out, maybe the U.S. will try to avert political crisis in the U.S.

#BrokenNews "Cheney Pushes Same War Junk As '02" But people will just wander off for a beer or go to the restroom if he pulls out new material. His fans just want to hear the classics. 

#BrokenNews Taco Bell Tests Plowing More Meat Into Meals” As long as there are no pesky questions about where the meat comes from.  

July 25th, 2014

#BrokenNews "GOP, Dems Fall Farther Apart On Immigration" The sticking point is whether to shoot some of the immigrants or all of the immigrants.

#BrokenNews "GOP's Obamacare Replacement Apparently Still In The Works" The GOP would have finished it by now except Paul Ryan keeps forgetting to bring in his Sears Craftsman socket wrench set.  

#BrokenNews "George Takei Tells Bill Maher Why He Can't Stand William Shatner" Forcing Bill Maher to clear his schedule for the rest of the week.

August 1st, 2014

#BrokenNews "House GOP Border Plan Opposed By... Republicans" Someone in the GOP realized, "Oh shit, we're about to actually DO something?! Whew! That was a close one!" 

#BrokenNews Alabama Officials Say New EPA Regulations Violate God's Will” Apparently God's will is for Alabama to be run by morons.

#BrokenNews GOP's Latest Plan To Take Down Obama Backfires” Don’t worry! Congressman Wiley E Coyote is ordering a new plan from ACME!

August 8th, 2014

#BrokenNews "Fed Issues Stark Warning To Big Banks" The Fed said there would be SERIOUS consequences if the big banks do anything evil. OK, overtly evil. OK, obviously, overtly evil. You know what? Forget we said anything. 

#BrokenNews "Critical Problem With The GOP Lawsuit Against Obama Emerges" Apparently it's not illegal for the President to be black after all. 

#BrokenNews "L.A. Pornographers Are Flooding The Internet With Underground Porn" "Underground porn?" No wonder the lighting's so bad!

August 15th, 2014

#BrokenNews  "New Iraqi PM Pledges To 'Rebuild And Re-Train' Iraq Army" They'll be a brand new lean, mean running away machine. 

#BrokenNews  "Hard-Fought Victory For Virgin America Flight Attendants" Meanwhile, completely getting screwed? Flight attendants for Total Whore Airlines. 

#BrokenNews  "Whole Foods' Plan To Sell Rabbit Meat Incites Fury" Customer Elmer Fudd is said to "pawticuwawy fuwious" citing he is "pewfectly capable of hunting my own wabbit meat. Heh. Heh. Heh. Heh."  

August 22nd, 2014

#BrokenNews "White House Doesn't Rule Out Obama Trip To Ferguson" Although Obama was really hoping to take the kids to Six Flags this summer. 

#BrokenNews "Mitt Romney Says Obama Is Doing A 'Good Deal Worse Than Even I Expected'" Then he added, "It's a good thing I'll be replacing him when all the votes are tallied up." On the wall behind Romney is a calendar for November 2012 with the first Tuesday of the month circled in red and labeled "Victory Day!" Romney chuckles and says, "Yep, the final votes are coming in any minute now and we can put this whole 'Obama is President' misunderstanding behind us."  

#BrokenNews "The Unexpected Meals You Can Make With Cauliflower" And the completely EXPECTED reaction of no one eating it. 


And that's a wrap for this week's revisit of classic headlines from the bROkEN nEWs'
Summer of Love Barely Tolerating the Existence of Other Humans.  

Tomorrow kicks off with 1 of a 2 day Doctor Who Weekend post. 

Next Friday, bROkEN nEWs will be feature a special spotlight on someone who has come to mean a lot to the bROkEN nEWs  staff. It's a post-election celebration of...

"This is a GOOD thing, right?"

In two weeks, bROkEN nEWs  will be back ALL NEW, PARTIALLY FUNNY.  

Until then, be good to one another.

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Rejected Peanuts Specials

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Comics Blah Blah Comics: The Phantom Stranger

With Halloween coming up, I was looking for some way to tie in my Wednesday blog post on comics into the season of goblins and ghosts. My thoughts turned towards looking back over some particularly scary comics I have read but I decided I would instead focus my attention on this guy...


Now the cool thing about the Phantom Stranger was we never knew who he really was.*

*I am of course speaking pre-New 52. I think now we know if he wears boxers or briefs.

Here was a guy who had no name, no origin and only the most vaguely defined skill set of mystical powers. The Phantom Stranger defied all the conventions by being completely unknown and unknowable. When there's evil afoot, he appears. When it is vanquished, he disappears. 

Which can make carrying a solo title a bit tricky.  How can you have an ongoing series about a guy we know nothing about? 

And not only was the Phantom Stranger a complete unknown inside his own book, his appearances on the covers were little more than shadows and shades.

Well, somebody figured out to make it work. The Phantom Stranger lasted 42 bi-monthly issues. That's seven years on the comic book spinner rack in the woebegone 1970's, not a trick to be taken too lightly. 

In many ways, the Stranger was little more than host of the stories in his book, not unlike Cain in the House of Mystery. But unlike Cain, the Stranger would at some point interject himself into the story proper, sometimes with a cryptic warning or maybe some brief moment of actual intervention. 

As the series progressed, the Phantom Stranger began take a larger role in these adventures even as the mystery of exactly who he is and why he is remained as unsolved as it ever had.  He seemed well beyond this world.

But the Phantom Stranger was not perfect and could very well be hurt. One of the scariest stories I ever read from the Phantom Stranger was in issue #14 by writer Len Wein and artist Jim Aparo, the absolute best duo ever in the course of this series and "The Man With No Heart" was among their creepiest best. A bad guy named Broderick Rune arranges for the Phantom Stranger to be trapped. Then the Stranger's heart is taken from his body and transplanted into Rune to replace is weak and faltering heart. Then the Stranger's body is dumped into a river. Yikes!  

Naturally, Broderick Rune starts to go bonky-bonkers with the Stranger's heart in his chest and things don't get much better for the bastard when the Phantom Stranger shows up to get his heart back. Some real creepy stuff going on here. 

Oh, by the way, here's the cover to that issue. 

Not only is the Phantom Stranger just a white outline on the cover but the story that goes with Neal Adam's admittedly awesome Swamp Thing-ish cover is not even the Stranger's story in the book. "Spectre of the Stalking Swamp" was a Dr. Thirteen back up story, also written by Len Wein who would go on to create Swamp Thing with artist Bernie Wrightson

Apparently, Len has a thing for swamps.

More or less this continued to be the case with Phantom Stranger covers but once in a while he would rate an actual appearance on the cover of his own comic book. 

The Phantom Stranger#21 was not the first time the Stranger appeared on the cover as something other than a shadow or a barely glimpsed figure in the mist. But Jim Aparo's rendition of the Phantom Stranger on this cover was rather iconic. When ever an ad or some other feature needed a stock image of the Stranger, this was the go to.

And it is a very effective image for it's relative simplicity. The Stranger's arms are folded with his cape pulled up in front of him. We can see his arms, his chest and part of his face; this is a man. But he is apart from mankind: darkness swallows the rest of him, the brim of his hat and the high collar of his cape keep the details of his face hidden, particularly his eyes. Yes, we can actually see the Phantom Stranger on the cover of his own book. But do we know him any better?

Here is the cover to The Phantom Stranger#33 which holds the honor as the first back issue I ever purchased from a comic book store. Besides a really intense cover image from Jim Aparo, the interior art was by Mike Grell. Back in the mid-1970's, Grell was all the rage over at DC comics thanks to his work on Superboy and the Legion of Super Heroes. So he would pop up in the darndest places like on Aquaman in Adventure Comics and Green Arrow back ups in Action Comics

And this issue of the Phantom Stranger. I was a big nut for anything Grell drew but I missed this issue when it came on the comic book rack so years later when I was thumbing through the back issues at Acme Comics, I knew I had to have it. 

I actually came late to the Phantom Stranger party. For all this history I've recited so far, my first issue I ever bought was #41. Future DC President Paul Levitz was earning his comic book writing merit badge by taking on the Stranger but if I'm to be fair, it was the Black Orchid back up that kinda got my attention first. OK, hot super heroine in a tight purple body suit + one hormonally charged of young teen age dude...well, you do the math. 

But I got caught up in the Stranger's story too and looked forward to buying #42. Which I did. Which was the last issue. 


Later I would discover comic book stores and after I bought issue #33 picked up the odd back issue after that. However it was not until about sometime in the last 10 years that I truly got caught up thanks to 2 volumes in DC's Showcase series. And while I sometimes miss not having color in these Showcase collections, the artwork by Jim Aparo was even more wonderful to behold in black and white.  

The Phantom Stranger never got an ongoing series again until the New 52 when the Stranger was launched in a title written by Dan Didio so no, I didn't read it.  From what I can tell, all the mystery was gone from the Stranger's story and persona.  

No, I may be stuck in the past but I still prefer the concept of the mysterious man wrapped in darkness under the brim of his hat and the folds of his cloak, a man with no name who turns up when you least expect him and when you most need him. Walking the world forever apart from it but also drawn those in need of some help...from a Stranger.

Be good to one another. 


I'm So Glad My Suffering Amuses You

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Here's the Story of a Plague of Zombies

Hi there! Dave-El here and welcome to I'm So Glad My Suffering Amuses You, the blog that will go halfsies on a nice delicious brain if you want.

So Halloween will be here soon so I'm gearing these blog posts towards something Halloween-ish for a few days.  Today, we look at...zombies! 

In the spirit of full disclosure, I do not watch The Walking Dead

I understand it is a very good show and a lot of people are dedicated to watching it. But it's just not for me. The idea of watching week after week of post zombie apocalypse doom and gloom just isn't something I'm in to watching, no matter how good it is. 

But like a lot of things in pop culture, just because I haven't seen it doesn't mean I'm not aware of it and I'm not prepared to poke fun at it. 

So here we go! What happens when you cross The Walking Dead with The Brady Bunch (which I have seen)?


Here’s the story of a plague of zombies
That infected lots of people ‘round the world.
Causing brains to rot and blood to splatter
As people’s skin unfurled. 
Here’s the story of a cop named Rick Grimes
Who woke up from a coma just to find
That the world was overrun with evil zombies
Eating humankind

That’s when Rick Grimes went right off to fight the zombies
With a ragtag gang of misfits, it was said
That they killed each other as much as zombies
That’s the story of the Walking Dead.
The Walking Dead!
The Walking Dead!
That’s the story of the Walking Dead!

I thought about making a 9 grid graphic to emulate The Brady Bunch opening but with zombies. But that sounded like too much work. Then it hit me that surely I'm not the only one to mash up The Walking Dead and The Brady Bunch.  So I Googled "Brady Bunch Walking Dead"....OK, I used Bing (don't judge me!) and I found this! 

Here's the link to the original online.  I did make two modifications to this graphic: I added Ann B. Davis who played Alice in the middle and at the top I added Rick Grimes, played by....I don't know. I did say up front I don't watch the show. I think the actor's name is the same as one of the US Presidents. Taft? Coolidge? 

Yeah, I know that on The Walking Dead, the zombies are called "walkers". 

Zombie is funnier that walker. So there! 

More zombie stuff:
 OK, that's enough with the zombies for this blog post. See you tomorrow for a Halloween themed comic book sort of a thing.

Until then, watch out for zombies and be good to one another.

I'm So Glad My Suffering Amuses You

Monday, October 27, 2014

Just A Little Bit Older

This past Friday (October 24th), there was another school shooting. 

The scariest word in that sentence, other than "shooting", is the word "another".  

Once more someone who was troubled decided that the best way to alleviate those troubles was through the barrel of a gun. 

You can click here for a review of these events posted yesterday (Sunday, October 26th). While there are certain facts of Friday's tragedy coming together, there is still not much clarity or understanding of why freshman Jaylen Ray Fryberg decided that a group of students at Marysville Pilchuck High School in Washington state needed to answer in blood and death for some real or perceived transgression. There does appear to be some evidence from social media that Jaylen was not coping well with the break up of a romantic relationship. 

I remember high school. Despite my best efforts, I remember it and it was a cauldron of hormonal confusion and social frustration. I can only imagine that the modern world for teenagers  is even more of a pressure cooker that it was in my day. 

Still I remember the pains and torments of thousands slings and arrows of the outrageous fortune that is high school. And I remember how much I wished someone would just die, myself or my tormentors, I wasn't picky, just as long as the torment stopped. 

I never acted on that. Why? Well, there are any number of answers that can be traced back to various elements of nature and nurture. But principal among those answers was this: I did not have a gun. 

Think about how many times you've heard of an argument or altercation that turned deadly because someone had a gun. And you've wondered, "Somebody was shot and killed...over that?" 

Police did say the gun used in the attack was "legally acquired" although given that Fryberg was 16 years old, I doubt he was the one to do the legal acquiring.  

I'm sure the 2nd amendment advocates will rise up to proclaim the answer is more guns, that school officials or maybe even the students themselves need to be armed or some damn thing like that. Someone will point out that tougher gun laws do not stop people from being killed by guns.  I mean, look at Canada last week, right? 

True that but I don't recall any headlines regarding the tragedy last week invoking the word "another". Meanwhile this has become such a thing in the US that we do have the include the word "another" when describing a travesty as horrible as a school shooting.  Therein lies the reprehensible part of this story: it keeps happening. And it will keep on happening as long as the the cries of the many for justice are drowned by the bleatings for the few determined to hold on to their little corner of power. 

Meanwhile, before the next one hits, let us grieve for our losses, the lost lives and the lost innocence. Here is a quote from the NBC News website article I referenced earlier: 

Cindy Honeyman, the mother of an MPHS student, attended a vigil for the victims Saturday. She said of her son and all the other students who had a deadly act of violence shatter what should be carefree days: "It's unfortunate. They are all just a little bit older today."

Be good to one another.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Doctor Who Is NEW!: In the Forest of the Night

"I am the Lorax and I speak for the trees." 

Anybody else think of that while watching Saturday's new episode of Doctor Who? A forest has sprung up in Trafalgar Square and indeed forests have grown in size and density all over the planet. Why? Have the forests declared war on humanity?

Here's another pressing question: what happens when Danny Pink confronts Clara Oswald about her lies regarding her continued journey's with the Doctor?

The fate of a world and other stuff hangs in the balance as we find ourselves In the Forest of the Night.

My review begins right after the spoiler warning.

You know, I've been running this graphic for 10 weeks now as my spoiler warning and while it is still a bit disconcerting, it's no longer the jump inducing image of fear that it once was so I've....



In the Forest of the Night
by Frank Cottrell-Boyce

Our story begins with a very young girl named Maebh who runs through a forest until she arrives at the TARDIS and knocks on the door. The Doctor answers and Maebh informs him that the voice of Clara Oswald in her head told her to seek out the Doctor. The Doctor has other problems as the TARDIS insists the Doctor is in central London and the Doctor insists he's in the middle of a forest. It takes the child to lay it out for our 2,000 year old Time Lord: He IS in the middle of London and in the middle of London IS a forest. OK, how did that happen?

But first let's pop in on the morning after a sleepover in a museum with some students from Coal Hill School chaperoned by Clara Oswald and Danny Pink. An exit from the museum reveals to the school group the forest overgrowing everything. The Doctor calls Clara to inform her that one of her students is with him and they compare notes about this giant forest thing going on. Clara once again lies to Danny about who is on the phone but Danny knows she's talking to the Doctor. Clara has not told Danny she has continued travelling with the Doctor but she chalks up this call to the rather unusual situation with all the vegetation. 

Danny, Clara and the kids meet up with the Doctor and everybody files into the TARDIS while the Doctor works out what's going on with a little help from a school workbook of Maebh's that shows a solar flare heading towards a very oxygen rich atmosphere. 


(How Maebh's workbook winds up in the TARDIS accurately predicting the arrival of a solar flare that even the Doctor did not know about it is a bit wibbly-wobbly.)  

But another matter must be addressed: Maebh is missing again. The Doctor and Clara go out in search of the girl while Danny watches the rest of the kids in the TARDIS. But the kids won't hear of it so Danny leads his team of students out into the forest in search of the Doctor, Clara and Maebh. 

We see Maebh running through the forest doing a weird waving thing with her arms like she's swatting at something invisible. Meanwhile the Doctor and Clara see some government types trying to do something about the situation, namely fighting forest with fire. Except the forest will not burn, the pesky thing.  

The Doctor and Clara catch up to Maebh but a tiger has caught up to them. However, Danny and the gang arrive on the scene and using a bright flashlight, Danny drives off the tiger. Everyone sees Maebh looking frantic, swatting at nothing and the Doctor discerns that there is something that only Maebh can see. Using the sonic screwdriver, the Doctor makes a twinkling energy field appear around Maebh and voices speak through the girl; they  reveal themselves to be an ancient entity that lives in the trees and vegetation of the world and has done so for a very, very long time. Unable to maintain the link, the Doctor releases the sonic and the entity vanishes from Maebh. 

The situation is hopeless. There's a solar flare heading for Earth and the whole planet is an oxygen enriched bomb. The Earth and all humanity is doomed. Clara implores the Doctor to save who he can so our assembled group returns to the TARDIS. But once there we find out that Clara has lied to the Doctor. She knows the kids will be broken outcast survivors of a dead world and Danny will not leave the kids behind. The Doctor tells Clara he can save her. She declines; she doesn't want to be the last of her race. 

Very, very reluctantly the Doctor goes into the TARDIS alone but he has an epiphany so he brings Clara, Danny and the kids back into the TARDIS where he tells them the Earth destroying solar flare heading their way...oops, the kids did not know that part! not going to be a problem because the trees are acting to save the planet as they have in times past. The overgrowth of trees is producing a shield of excess oxygen that the solar flare will burn off while the trees...the fireproof trees shield the planet below from the heat and fire.  

The Doctor is very excited about this and invites everyone up into space to see this once in a lifetime event. But the kids having been put through a lot just want to go back to their families and Danny must stay by their side. Danny does tell Clara that she needs to work things out and tell him the truth. Then the Doctor and Clara head into space and watch from the TARDIS as events transpose as the Doctor predicted which is a good thing because the Doctor would've felt very awkward if he had been wrong. 

Watching these events is Missy who describes what just occurred as "surprising". What exactly IS she up to? 

In the Forest of the Night is a rather different episode from the rest of Series 8. It certainly embraces fantasy way more than science fiction which was a recurring Steven Moffat motif during the Matt Smith era and has not completely disappeared with Peter Capaldi as the Doctor. The concept of a planetary forest that guards the Earth in times of cataclysmic disaster is very firmly rooted (pun not intended but hey, good one, huh?) in an almost magical point of view rather than a sci-fi one.  

And there is nothing wrong with that as a variation on the theme of Doctor Who. The expansion into fantasy as well as science fiction and horror seems only natural when you have a character who can go anywhere in space and/or time. But it does open the show to a criticism that the limits of what the Doctor can do is determined by the needs of the plot*. 

That's true of almost any genre show. Ex: Why does the Enterprise on Star Trek get to Planet X in 20 minutes but Planet Y takes 20 hours? 
  • The trip to Planet X occurs after the last commercial break and it's time to wrap things up. 
  • The trip to Planet Y is set up in the first act and we can't have the episode end too soon.
But when science fiction sits side by side with fantasy, it can be a bit disconcerting how the Doctor can save the Earth by reversing the polarity of the neutron flow in one episode but saves the Earth in another episode by telling everyone to think happy thoughts.  

Or in the case of In the Forest of the Night, don't do bad things and let the trees do their thing and everything will be cool. The message that Maebh sends out from the TARDIS to every communications device on Earth is exactly that message. While the Doctor does work out some things that are important to understanding what's going on, ultimately the Doctor is reduced to a bystander in his own story. Mostly its a lot of running around in some admittedly lovely looking forests and some awkward yet cute interactions between the Doctor and the kids. 

There are some things that I quite enjoyed about the episode but in a bid to end this post on a positive note, let me address one really badly handled thing at the end. Earlier in the episode, it was established Maebh has been a bit...weird ever since the disappearance of her sister a year ago. In the very last scene of the episode because somebody remembered "whoops, shouldn't we do something about that?", the trees spirits reveal her sister hiding in a shrub. 


Oh, and this may be a thing or maybe I'm just nitpicking but why does an episode entitled In the Forest of the Night take place entirely in the daytime?

OK, some good things: 

  • The interaction between the Doctor and Maebh is delightful. While Matt Smith's Doctor got on fine with children because of his childlike empathy, Peter Capaldi's approach to the Doctor and children is markedly different but no less effective. This Doctor talks to kids the same way he talks to everyone else because he really doesn't see a difference between human children and human adults. And kids like it when an adult does not talk down to them. 
  • Speaking of the Doctor and Maebh, that opening bit in the TARDIS was a technical marvel of directing thanks to Sheree Folkson. The tracking of the Doctor and Maebh as they walk about the periphery of the TARDIS control room and the wide angle upper shot as the Doctor and Maebh leave the TARDIS was amazingly effective at conveying the scope and wonder of the TARDIS interior. 
  • Except for Danny and Clara losing track of Maebh (twice!), Danny is seen as a resourceful guide as he leads the kids through the impossible forest. He also immediately correctly reads the actual situation between the Doctor and Clara as being different from what Clara had lead him to believe; that he doesn't totally blow up at her because of it is a testament to his grace and good character. Still, it has been established that a major button to push with Danny is someone lying to him. Sooner or later, Danny is going to make a decision that Clara is just too much drama for him if Clara doesn't stop misleading him. 
  • In addition to having adventures with the Doctor, Clara is also using the TARDIS to help keep up with her school job...such as grading student workbooks.  (Add this to the list of other things that Clara has used the TARDIS for such as keeping up with TV programs and cooking turkeys.) 
  • We see the events of Kill the Moon reflected in a different perspective as the Doctor uses Clara's words from that episode about walking the Earth and breathing the air even as Clara is telling the Doctor to go and save the next planet. 

Overall, In the Forest of the Night is an enjoyable episode as long as one is prepared to accept this as fantasy, not sci-fi. And not mind the none too subtle environmental message. This is not a particularly strong episode of Doctor Who, especially when compared to the last two from Jamie Mathieson. Ultimately, it is a unique diversion. And we're going to need a diversion. 

Because next week comes...Dark Water.


Next Saturday: We have David Tennant on Gracepoint, Karen Gillan on Selfie. How are they and other alums of Doctor Who doing on their respective post-TARDIS projects?

Next Sunday: It is the beginning of the end. 
  • Missy makes her move. 
  • The Cybermen strike. 
  • Clara Oswald's at the heart of a terrible secret. 
What does all this mean for the Doctor? We'll review Part 1 of the Series 8 finale, Dark Water.

Until then, be good to one another, And also be good to the trees.

I'm So Glad My Suffering Amuses You

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