Thursday, October 16, 2014

Ebola Is Bola You Get On the Internet (?)

Get it? E-bola? Bola you get on the...? 

Yes, it's lame. 

So ebola is no laughing matter. We're talking about a disease that has ravaged villages and nations, killed hundreds, thousands of people in Africa and the word is it's only going to get worse. One estimate is that 10,000 new cases of ebola could break out every week. 

Of course what got Americans in a tizzy was...what if ebola came here? What then? How can we blame it on Obama? 

Then the state of the American Tizzy got even tizzier when a guy with actual ebola shows up on the door step of a Dallas TX hospital. And then he died. 

And now a nurse from the hospital now has ebola.

Oh my God! This is how the Walking Dead started!  It's the zombie apocalypse!!

As with most things that fill time on 24 hour news channels, the levels of hysteria over ebola are being pushed higher and higher. Well, it makes for good ratings, don't it? But it doesn't make for good journalism. 

Yes, ebola should be taken seriously. Airports with incoming international flights need to step up screening for any travellers who appear to have the disease. Hospitals need to ratchet up protocols for dealing with communicable diseases. Whatever precautions and preparations that need to be taken in the face of ebola should be taken. 

Necessary Protocols 'Not In Place Anywhere In The U.S.'..

Oh shit, we're all gonna die, aren't we?

Settle down, Dave-El.

The situation in the US is different than the affected countries in Africa. We have better health care facilities and medication. Granted, you probably can't afford any of that even with health insurance but better medical stuff is there. Good to know. 

I don't want to be an ostrich with my head stuck in the sand. I may well be in the realm of possibility that ebola could jump the fence and infect more people in the United States, dozens, hundreds. But from what I've heard and read, you can only catch ebola through actual physical contact of bodily fluids. It's not airborne and it's not communicable by simple touch. 

I think we have a good solid chance at beating this thing. Assuming we don't do more stupid stuff like sending an ebola patient back home. (Really!)  

In the meantime, if you insist on being stressed about ebola, confront this terrible malady with humor. I was working a parody of "Lola" by the Kinks but an actual professional comedian/performer beat me to it.  So I've moved on to a new idea: EBOLA! The Musical!  

It starts with a performer extending his arms outward while stretching his fingers out for "jazz hands" and whisper/shout "EBOLA!" And then...

Well, to be honest, I haven't gotten beyond that point. Admittedly, it is a work in progress. 

But all in all, if you keep your spit away from someone else's spit and your shit away from someone else's shit, I think you'll be okay. If you're not okay, I'll dedicate the opening night of "EBOLA! The Musical!" in your honor.

Be good to one another. 


I'm So Glad My Suffering Amuses You


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