Tuesday, March 12, 2013

#Headlines For Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Once again per the demands of thousands..er, hundreds? dozens? OK, no one, let's do that #Headline thing in 5...4...3...2...

1.     #Headline “Cardinals make grand entrance into Sistine Chapel” Cue dry ice, laser show and announcer: “Give it up y'all FOR THE CARDINALS!”

2.     #Headline “Black smoke rises from Vatican, signaling no decision on pope” OK, which son of a bitch burned the damned crepes again?

3.     #Headline “Asia pope contender is charismatic, 'angst free'” Meanwhile, filmmaker ANG LEE says “Pick me! I have my own doves & everything!”

4.     #Headline “Martian rock points to life-friendly conditions, NASA says” The rocks are pointing at a Martian Starbucks.

5.     #Headline “Family,friends share poetic letters from George HW Bush” In love, I am JUST a student but I think sex with you WOULD be prudent.

6.     #Headline “'Get me out': Golfer plunges into Illinois sinkhole” Could he be more specific? Out of the sinkhole or out of Illinois?

7.     #Headline “Napolitano on sequestration budget cuts: 'Our turnip is pretty dry'” Their turnip does have a sort of wry sense of humor.

8.     #Headline “New mom Snooki: ‘I don’t have motivation to party” And I still don’t have motivation to give a fuck about Snooki.

9.     #Headline “Prince Charles: Becoming a grandfather makes me feel old” I thought being married to Camilla already took care of that, Chuck!

10. And finally #Headline “Creating tiny black holes isn't all that hard” So said the unassuming computer geek WHO DESTROYED THE UNIVERSE!!


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ALSO: for the actual stories that go with these #Headlines, go to http://www.nbcnews.com/.

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