Sunday, March 10, 2013

How To Be Pope-ular: Part 2

A Special Edition of #Headlines from Twitter as 03/10/2013, a #Popetacular!

"Vatican official: New pope could be announced by Friday" Adding, "We gotta clear this up before the NCAA tournament!"

"Jon Stewart: Bill O'Reilly should be the new pope" A direct line to God would mess with Bill's own moral superiority.
"Journalist reveals 'dangerous' mission to expose Vatican secrets" Like the Pope's secret "Heavenly Egg Salad" recipe
"Looking back at the election of Pope Benedict XVI" Karl Rove really thought Mitt Romney had that election sewn up too
"Spiritual craft: Meet the pope's shoemaker" The pope likes his Manolo Blahniks custom made.
"Will the next pope come from somewhere other than Europe?" Maybe the southern USA? Can you say "Hey y'all" in Latin?
"As conclave nears, chimney raised on Sistine Chapel" So Santa Claus can come & cast a vote if needed to break a tie.


BONUS Pope stuff crosses over with the world of Doctor Who:

It's "Vengeance at the Vatican" as the are ready to attack!
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