Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Rejected Doctor Who Episode Titles

From my Twitter account (https://twitter.com/DayWayLo) on March 2nd......
The premise was a rejected title for a Doctor Who episode for each of the 11 Doctors. Hilarity may or may not ensue.
  • 1st Doctor: "The Keys To My New Car"
  • 2nd Doctor: "The Macaroni Terror"
  • 3rd Doctor: "The Smelly Cat of Peladon
  • 4th Doctor: "Mangos of the Mandragora"
  • 5th Doctor: "Mawdryn Uncool"
  • 6th Doctor: "Pop Quiz of a Time Lord"
  • 7th Doctor: "The Snarkiness Patrol"
  • 8th Doctor: "Mimes From Mars" (#BigFinishAudio)
  • 9th Doctor: "The Doctor Doodles" & "The Parting of the Hair" (tie)
  • 10th Doctor: "Army of Toast"
  • 11th Doctor: "The Bat Mitzvah of River Song"


So y'all ready for this?

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