Friday, March 8, 2013

The Huff Post Hop for Friday, March 8, 2013

Here is the latest tweets for the #HuffPostHop from Twitter for Friday, March 8, 2013.

The headlines of @HuffingtonPost, the snark of Dave-El, it’s the #HuffPostHop in 5..4..3..2...
· #HuffPostHop “Fox News Pundit Caught In Big Scandal” Uh oh! Did someone get caught saying something nice about Obama?
· #HuffPostHop “Juan Williams Blames Researcher For Plagiarized Column” Wait! Fox News has RESEARCHERS?!

· #HuffPostHop “Vatican Announces Date For Pope Election” It's quite a scandal: the Vatican’s taking the Taj Mahal to the Pope Election.


· #HuffPostHop “Krugman: The Markets Are Telling Us Something” Yeah, everyone’s getting rich...well, except you…and you…and you...and you..and


· #HuffPostHop “The Real Price Of The Sequester” If you guess right without going over, you win the showcase!


· #HuffPostHop “1 Out Of 3 Americans Think 'Tainted' Horse Meat Should Be Given To Poor” THAT won’t come back to haunt us.


· #HuffPostHop “Jeb Bush Jabs Marco Rubio In Interview” ..with a really sharp stick! Turns out Rubio's filled with butterscotch pudding.


· #HuffPostHop “World Leaders Attend Chavez Funeral” make sure he’s dead.


· #HuffPostHop “Key Bishops Opposed Violence Against Women Act” What next? Laws to protect kids from sex abuse? Where will the madness end?


· #HuffPostHop “U.S. Catholics Say The Church Is Out Of Touch” Church sends message of disagreement via telegram.


· #HuffPostHop “Fish McBites Fail To Save McDonald's” Maybe they’ll have better luck with the McHorse sandwich.


· #HuffPostHop “Why You Might Want To Cut Back On The Bacon” Hell, no! If you want my bacon, you can take it from my cold dead..ACK! My heart!


· #HuffPostHop “Hunk Of Frozen Pee May Have Crashed Through Woman's Roof” Well, I bet THAT pissed her off.
I hop, you hop, we all hop for the #HuffPostHop. That’s all for now.
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