Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Huff Post Hop for Saturday, March 2, 2013

Ø  #HuffPostHop "House GOP Cheers Speaker's Intransigence" Well, after someone finds a dictionary to look up the word "Intransigence".

Ø  #HuffPostHop "Jan Brewer Accuses Administration Of Punishing Arizona" When it gets really hot this summer, be sure to blame Obama, OK?

Ø  #HuffPostHop "Mysterious 'Structure' Spied In Monster Black Hole" A massive mound of single socks that have escaped from dryers for years

Ø  #HuffPostHop "School Allegedly Fires Pregnant Woman For Premarital Sex" Well, she ALLEGEDLY had sex; be sure we have all the facts first..

Ø  #HuffPostHop "Ted Cruz To Deliver Keynote Address At CPAC" Ladies & Gentlemen, the rising political star of 1954, Ted "Commies!" Cruz!

Ø  #HuffPostHp "Horse Meat Found At Taco Bell" Hey,everybody! Actual MEAT was found at Taco Bell!

Ø  #HuffPostHop "Another Huge 'Downton Abbey' Departure" Angrily declaring, "I've HAD it with this shit", the Abbey itself packs up & leaves.

Ø  #HuffPostHop "Atlanta Housewife Calling It Quits?" They need more time to get back to whatever it is they don't do. 

v  That's another alleged installment of #HuffPostHop, an allegedly funny look at @HuffingtonPost headlines. I allegedly wish you a good day!
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BONUS! #HuffPostHop posts from February 26th, (Hey, how did that sequester thing turn out?)

Ø  #HuffPostHop "Immigration Releases Detainees As Spending Cuts Loom" Can't we at least WAIT until the apocalypse b4 releasing Road Warriors?

Ø  #HuffPostHop "Obama Gun Control Package Likely To Be Broken Into Pieces" with Wayne LaPierre of the NRA standing over it with a hammer.
Ø  #HuffPostHop "Sequester Looms... 'Prepare To Suffer'" I do believe that's in the book of Revelations..... or something Stephen King wrote.
Ø  #HuffPostHop "Texas Battered By 'Crippling, Historic' Blizzard" Maybe Rick Perry should pray harder?
Ø  #HuffPostHop "'The Road To A Lawless Society Is Being Paved'" Well, we can't expect Mad Max to ride down a bumpy dirt road, now can we?
Ø  #HuffPostHop "Top Romney Adviser Makes Very Belated Admission" Apparently Mitt is considering suspending his Presidential campaign...maybe.
Ø  #HuffPostHop "14 Things Successful People Do On Weekends" I'm guessing none of those things involves the word "masturbate".
Ø  #HuffPostHop "6 Misconceptions About The U.S.-Mexico Border" One is that if you run for the border, you get shot, you don't get Taco Bell.
Ø  #HuffPostHop "Anne Hathaway's Nipples Steal The Show On The Oscars Red Carpet" Is this woman completely incapable of wearing undergarments?
Ø  #HuffPostHop "Chris Christie Snubbed By Conservatives" Apparently Christie has the gaul to not actually read the script sent over by the GOP
Ø  #HuffPostHop "Danica Patrick Makes More History" Not once at Daytona did she stop to ask for directions. (That joke would've killed in 1957)

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