Saturday, March 2, 2013

Hi! Welcome to my blog!

Hi! Welcome to my blog!

My name is David, David Long but I'm also known on Twitter and elsewhere on the internet as Dave-El.  That's my Kryptonian name.

Yeah, I'm such a nerd.

So what may you find here? Well, if you're one of the 17 people who follow me on Twitter, you will find some of the stuff I post there but in handy-dandy one-stop shopping format. Stuff like #Headlines (snarky comments to headlines posted by NBC News), #HuffPostHop (snarky comments to headlines posted by Huffington Post) and other random funny stuff (mostly snarky).

But as I get this blog up and running, I will post original content, stuff about my love of comic books, Doctor Who and all things nerdy. As well as the occassional serious topic (like politics) but my goal here is to have fun.  This is not my first attempt at a blog but the last one, I focused WAY too much on the "suffering" part of this blog's title and not so much on the "amuses" part.

Ah, the title: "I'm So Glad My Suffering Amuses You". Not an original sentiment to be sure but one I've become quite attached to. And I hoped you are very amused.

Somewhat amused?

Kind of amused?


Thanks for stopping by.

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