Friday, March 29, 2013

The Huff Post Hop for Friday, March 29, 2013

A writer writes.

A lot of people have ideas in their heads for a story, a screenplay, a novel or a play and they call themselves would-be or frustrated writers. Yet its amazing how many of these ideas in the head stay there. The very basic work of typing letters into words into sentences into paragraphs, that work remains undone.

A writer writes.

Below is the latest batch of headline commentaries I call the #HuffPostHop. Why do I do these? Because it is good exercise to make me think of ideas and jokes based on news headlines and (here's the really hard part) write them down. Since I do these on Twitter, this exercise makes me think about creating the best message with the least words.

It doesn't always work. Sometimes the jokes are weak or lame or sometimes just too surreal. But mixed in with those are some that I think are real gems that I would not have found if I hadn't forced myself to write all of them, the good and the bad.

OK, that's my soapbox for today. Let's do that #HuffPostHop thing!

#HuffPostHopSenators Vow To Filibuster Gun-Control Legislation” Shooting off their mouths again? 

#HuffPostHopGOP Rep Uses Racial Slur In Radio Interview” But he meant it with love! 

#HuffPostHopBarbara Walters To Retire” for much needed west & wewaxation. 

#HuffPostHopNorth Korea Orders Rockets On Standby” Kim Jong-un is preparing to fight Ming the Merciless

#HuffPostHopGOP Rep Blasts Obama Daughters' Spring Break Trip” Uh oh! The GOP has seen “Spring Breakers”! 

#HuffPostHopCruz Blames Obama Administration For Gun Violence” Also for hemorrhoids, Jay Leno & belly button lint. 

#HuffPostHopTeacher Criticized For Saying 'Vagina' Speaks Out” He should use the scientific term: “vajayjay”  

#HuffPostHopAl Qaeda Joins Twitter” So they can tweet about “evil America” and “Can you believe that episode of Walking Dead last night?” 

#HuffPostHopBad News For The Mets” They’re still the Mets. 

#HuffPostHopPowerball Winner Owes Thousands In Child Support”   Damn! He was going to use that money to make MORE babies! 

#HuffPostHopSnoop Reveals His Views On Gay Marriage”  Shut up, y’all! This could change EVERYTHING! (Spoiler: No it didn’t)
#HuffPostHopMan With World's Largest Member Offers Advice To Jon Hamm” Not true! I have NOT given any advice to Jon Hamm 

#HuffPostHopBarkley Defends 'White Man's Perspective' Joke” Adding, “It’s good to hear the POV from the ‘small dick’ audience.”  

#HuffPostHopZombies May Not Be Legally Responsible For Eating Bra-a-a-ains” It’s OK, we weren’t using them anyway.
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