Friday, March 22, 2013

The Huff Post Hop for Friday, March 22, 2013

Help me! Help me! I've gots the ! Time for snarky comments on from . The is in 5...4...3...2...

#HuffPostHopGingrich,Santorum Had Unity Ticket Plans To Topple Romney” Plan doomed when Gingrich wouldn’t say no to orgies on his moonbase
#HuffPostHopIsrael Apologizes To Turkey Over Deadly Flotilla Raid” Meanwhile I wonder if a turkey tortilla would be any good. Or kosher.
#HuffPostHopPaul Ryan's Obamacare Obsession” A new fragrance from GOP Lauder…now available at K-Mart! (It smells like sour grapes.)
#HuffPostHopStarbucks CEO Takes Down Anti-Gay Marriage Shareholder” In a no holds barred caged wrestling match!
#HuffPostHopGOP Governor Flips On Civil Unions” The GOP loves EVERYBODY now! Which is better than just fucking everybody.

#HuffPostHopTea Partier Slams Fellow Republicans On Immigration” We can’t let people in & take over the country from people already here!

#HuffPostHopChristie Clarifies Position On Controversial 'Anti-Gay Therapy'” After being threatened with a take down by the Starbucks CEO
#HuffPostHopDisgraced Anti-Gay Cardinal Had Long-Term Gay Relationship” I’m thinking the #1 sign that someone is gay is being anti-gay.
#HuffPostHopThe Kardashians Finally Get It Right” They’re leaving the country?!?!
#HuffPostHopCoach Has Strange Sex Toy Recommendation For Students” I’m not sure dunking vibrators in Gatorade is a good idea.
On a side note, #15 Florida Gulf Coast beat #2 Georgetown in the NCAA Men's Basketball tournament. If you've never heard of Florida Gulf Coast or don't know exactly where it is, that's OK. Apparently it is the Lake Wobegon of Florida and cannot be found on any maps or GPS. Still it is an exciting time for the school and it's 17 fans, 12 of whom watched the game from prison.  Of course, being a small school and a low seed, the locals were not prepared for a celebration. Thankfully, the local drug makers were willing to blow up a few area meth labs for an impromptu fireworks display.
So congratulations to Florida Gulf Coast, whoever you are.
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