Sunday, March 3, 2013

Top 10 Ways To Make Me Mad

So this topic was trending on Twitter a few days ago: #WaysToMakeMeMad
And it got me to thinking: What exactly does it take to make me mad? So I decided to give this some serious thought, to truly explore my psyche and delve into what can bring my mind to anger.
After awhile, I said "Fuck this" and came up with a Top 10 list instead.
Here you go.....Top 10 Ways To Make Me Mad

Ø  Asking me to pay after I say "Free Drinks for EVERYBODY!" (Look, pal, I said EVERYBODY; clearly that means I'm included.)  

Ø  Being the victim of sexual & age discrimination. America's supposed to be a free country. Why can't I join the Girl Scouts? 


Ø  Bothering me when I'm trying to read at the library. (OK, "library", "comic book shop"...whatever.)

Ø  Denying me the right to have sex in the privacy of my own corner of the elevator.

Ø  Making lots of noise when I'm trying to the Home Depot. (Seriously, not so loud with those forklifts, huh?)

Ø  Someone accusing me of being drunk & I have to defend myself before I'm sober.

Ø  When my butler doesn't do shit! He ain't done nothing since-uh oh…Tell me I don't have a butler (Damn it!)

Ø  When someone cheats in an argument by using "facts" & "the truth". Hey, bud, I know what I know so screw you & your "facts"

Ø  When the voices in my head won't leave me alone for FIVE DAMN MINUTES! Yes, I'll kill them all after I finish my McMuffin!

Ø  I actually rarely get mad about stuff. I tend to be calm &-DAMN IT, NOT NOW, I'M ON TWITTER!-reasonable. Good day!
 OK, one last bit.  I posted this on February 28th:

OnlyGetMadWhen ...there's an issue with a parody of a movie or TV show I really want to see.

And on that note, later!

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