Sunday, March 24, 2013

#Headlines for Sunday, March 24, 2013

Howdy! Howdy! Howdy!
It's Palm Sunday today. The harbinger of Easter as spring spreads forth across the land all....

.....cold, wet and grey?

I guess spring got it's budget cut in the sequester too, huh?

OK, what's going in the world this weekend? Oh, look! We have #Headlines.  Enjoy!

#Headline “Senate passes budget with $1 trillion tax hike They settled on a trillion after the Senate couldn’t agree how many zeroes were in a gazillion

#Headline “'We're brothers': Pope meets ex-pope for lunch "Hey!You took the last drumstick, Francis!" "Stop punching me, Benedict!"

#Headline “Ex-police chief to plead guilty to stealing cop funds You know, the rules should be clearer that stealing from fellow cops is frowned upon.

#Headline Chef who cooked wife's body gets 15 years to life He can get that reduced if he reveals his secret herbs & spices.

#Headline “Budget mess forces NASA to hold up on outreach Future astronauts will be recruited & trained by the makers of Axe Body Spray.

#Headline “Europe, Cyprus locked in game of chicken If Cyprus wins, they get to eat the chicken.

#Headline Lohan won't be charged for New York bar fight Lindsey gets to fight in New York bars for free!

#Headline “Health reform turns 3, with hardest part yet to comeAll the dead bodies from the people Michelle Bachmann says Obamacare will kill.”

#Headline Meteor puts on a show for eastern US The meteor sang a collection of classic songs & engaged in funny banter with the audience. Good times, good times.

#Headline Kristen Stewart, One Direction win Kids Choice Remember, KIDS are our FUTURE, the same kids who voted for Kristen Stewart so..fuck you, future!

OK, that's it for #Headlines today.  Hope you enjoy your Palm Sunday
And it's a BIG day for men's college basketball as the NCAA tournament continues.

And what the hell? GO CAROLINA and MIAMI too! Go ACC!

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