Saturday, March 2, 2013

Top 10 Ways to Ruin A Relationship

So this topic was trending the other day on Twitter: #WaysToRuinARelationship

So I decided to join.  Here are MY top ten ways to ruin a relationship:

1.      Ask her to confirm if you two are, in fact, in a relationship.

2.      Just assuming it’s OK to sleep with her sister without asking first.

3.      Be sure to assure her you would NEVER lie to her...often...without a good reason...this week.

4.      Tell her you have a fantasy of having sex with two women, then ask her if she as the number for the Olsen twins.

5.      Tell her that you want to see other people…while she's in labor at the time.

6.      Tell her you will never cheat on her with any woman...uglier than she is.

7.      When she asks who is more important, her or your friends, be sure to take a long time to answer that.

8.      Get a bull dog for a pet and tell your girlfriend it reminds you of her.

9.      Take her out for a lovely evening on the town, then forget to bring her back.

10.   Asking "Excuse me, what's your name again?"
Of course, this is all just in fun. I've been married for 18 years to....
Er, this is embarrassing.
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