Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Posted to my Twitter ( around Noon DST on March 17, 2013:

1.     #HappyStPatricksDay but I'm stressed out: It's been St. Patrick's Day here for 12 hours & I haven't had one beer! NOT ONE BEER!

2.     #HappyStPatricksDay but I'm stressed out: I don't have any corn beef and cabbage in the house!! (Why did I let the holiday slip up on me?)

3.     #HappyStPatricksDay but I'm stressed out: I haven't decorated the holiday shamrock!

4.     #HappyStPatricksDay but I'm stressed out: I haven't wrapped the St Patrick's Day presents and OMG! I'm out of green foil wrapping paper!

5.     #HappyStPatricksDay but I'm stressed out: why are no radio stations playing Irish jigs?

6.     #HappyStPatricksDay but I'm stressed out: Why isn't TBS running a 24 hour marathon of The Matchmaker with #JaneaneGarofalo?

7.     #HappyStPatricksDay but I'm stressed out: you would think PBS would run Riverdance!

8.     #HappyStPatricksDay but I'm stressed out: WHERE THE HELL IS THE BEER?!?!

9.       #HappyStPatricksDay but I'm stressed out: I need to dye my hair red! No, green! No, red! Green! Red! Green! Arrrgghh!

10.  #HappyStPatricksDay & I'm stressed out but I'm going to work out that stress by getting into a fight with someone. Aye, I feel better already!
Here's hopin' you have a safe 'n' happy day o' wearin' o' the green......

See, Hal and Ollie have gotten into the spirit of St. Patrick's Day!
And speaking of "green" and "Patrick"
Yeah, I don't know if this is exactly what it means to "get your Irish up" but it works for me.

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