Sunday, March 3, 2013

#Headlines for Sunday, March 3rd, 2013

Ø #Headline "Coast to coast, states brace for sequester shock" if you feel a weird tingling or your hair starts to stand up..SEQUESTER SHOCK!

#Headline "100 million sharks die each year, study says" ...from gunshot wounds.

#Headline "After Castro, Cuba's leader may face different nation" Norway?

#Headline "Late dinners, grappa: How a new pope is chosen" When food/wine run out: "I'm outta here-oh, the pope thing.Hell, let Bob do it."

#Headline "Russian meteor stalked us for millennia, experts say" Lurking in the hedges, going thru our garbage, phone calls late at night...

#Headline "Mom defends letting the Web name her baby" Years from now, Mr. or Ms. #JustinBeiber4Ever can work it out in therapy.

#Headline "Surprise! These stay bigger after pregnancy" I bet pervs read this story hoping for pics of boobs. (Er, it's not boobs.)
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