Tuesday, March 5, 2013

#Headlines for Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Here are #Headlines from my Twitter feed today. (See https://twitter.com/DayWayLo)

v What's up, my Twitter brothers & sisters? What's going on in the world? Let's find out! It's #Headline Magic in 5...4...3...2...

Ø  #Headline "Holder: Drone strikes in US only in 'extreme circumstances'" Like when some SOB has his left turn signal on for 17 fucking blocks!

Ø  #Headline "Jet scare cuts David Copperfield's journey in half" His head is annoyed in Baltimore while his feet wiggle in St Louis.

Ø  #Headline "Michael Vick enrolled in dog training classes" Well, Michael's grades weren't all that good & this was the best he could do.

Ø  #Headline "Obama gets surprise kudos from GOP senators" He might want to check those kudos for any suspicious ticking sounds.
Ø  #Headline "Taylor Swift is not 'clingy, insane, desperate'" says Taylor Swift.

Ø  #Headline "Cruise ship runs aground in Norway" Ship's captain was pining for the fjords. (PINING?! For the FJORDS?!)

Ø  #Headline "TSA to allow small knives on planes" In case we need to defend ourselves against teeny tiny terrorists.

Ø  #Headline "Zumba prostitution case: Closing arguments made" After closing arguments, no cuddling. Get dressed & leave your $ on the table.

Ø  #Headline "Jon Stewart taking 'Daily Show' break to direct film" Meanwhile Craig Kilborn taking a Redbox break to rent a movie.

v And that's it for #Headline today as we say farewell to Venezuelan prez Hugo Chavez, the craziest fucker of South American politics. Later!

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