Thursday, October 2, 2014

Twenty Years and Counting

As I have noted before, I sucked at being single. Seriously...Sucked...At....It. 

I didn't know how to pick up woman other than with a lasso tethered to my hot air balloon. Let me tell you, a hot air balloon is NOT the chick magnet you would think. 

Oh, I also tried magnets.  

I just wasn't cut out to be a young youngish not quite so young ok this is getting pathetic single person. 

But eventually I found out how to not suck at being a single person.

I got married. 20 years ago today as a matter of fact.

Wow! 20 years? It's seems longer.

(rim shot!) 

And before anyone thinks I'm being mean, bear with me on this. 

What I recall about being single is almost like a half remembered dream. It almost doesn't seem real, in a way. 

Being married to Andrea is my reality and it's hard to picture my life any other way, nor do I want to.  I may not be the best husband in the world, far from it. But it's a role I cherish as much as I cherish being a father. I can't say that for whatever I was in the long gone time that sits far back in the fog covered forests of my mind.  

From that perspective, our 20 years of marriage does seem longer for it has been a lifetime.  
So to Andrea, my wife, thank you for putting up with me even when I made it difficult to do so. Thank you for loving me even when I didn't deserve it. 

In short, thank you for marrying me 20 years ago for that is when life truly began. 

With all my love with all my heart for all my days, 

Your loving husband*

*That would be me, David.


OK, I suppose a picture of Andrea and I would be appropriate here but c'mon! I have been way mushier than I have ever been in my life with today's post. So allow me some fan boy goofiness on this most important of days. 

Cover art by Jose Luis Garcia Lopez & Dick Giordano
It wasn't the same Superman that normally starred in Action Comics but it was the first Superman. Technically, it was the Superman of Earth 2. 

And it's actually a pretty good story from Cary Bates with stellar art from Curt Swan and (in a rare pairing) Joe Giella. (It was a shame these two did not work together more often.) 


Tomorrow is Friday and that means Broken News. No, there's nothing you can do to stop it! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! H-ack! Ack! Sorry, got something stuck in my throat. 

Then Saturday and Sunday come around again for another double bill of Doctor Who Weekend.

Until then, be good to one another. 

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