Tuesday, July 11, 2017

What’s Up With the Russian Thing

And for those of you who don’t like posts about politics…

Today.. Politics.

Sorry.  But sadly, we live in a world where Trump is (gulp!) President so attention must be paid.

So what’s up with the Russian thing? 

Well, it seems that we had a “bombshell” revelation from Donald Trump Jr that he met with a Russian last year for the purpose of getting some inside dirt on Hillary Clinton. Now you might think, “Well, we’ve got those Trump sons of bitches by the short and curlys now! That there is some straight up Russian collusion that Trump Jr is confessin' to, ain’t it?”

I would humbly suggest that you un-bunch your knickers because no, that is not the collusion you’re looking for.

The narrative that’s being established here is that Donald Jr was taking a shot in the dark that this Russian person had some opposition intel on the Clinton campaign. To be honest, it's something that almost any campaign would’ve looked into. If there was a pattern of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians, why would Donald Trump Jr need to follow up on a spurious lead for dirt on Clinton? Trump Jr’s admission does not establish collusion but rather undermines the case for it. In an environment of true collusion, there would be no need for anyone with the Trump campaign to do what Donald Jr did.

That’s not to say there was or was not Trump/Russian collusion, just that the Donald Trump Jr story is not proof of collusion and taken at face value, undermines the whole idea of collusion.

Meanwhile, Trump Sr and Putin had a meeting last week at the G20 conference which was supposed to last 30 minutes but went over 2 hours. Trump was just so happy that someone would talk to him since the other world leaders at the G20 have concluded (and quite correctly too) that Li’l Donnie is an idiot so it’s best if no one actually talks to him. Trump’s got his head so far up his own ass when it  comes to international trade and climate change, the rest of the world has zero fucks to give about whatever Trump thinks. 

Those same leaders don’t want to talk to Putin either because Putin is really scary. So that leaves our two ostracized kids bonding with each other. Now, Trump allegedly did get tough with Putin about Russian interference in the 2016 US election.

Trump: Vlad, honey?

Putin: Yes, darling Donald?

Trump: Did you mess with our election in 2016?

Putin: No.

Trump: Really?

Putin: No, really did not do anything.

Trump: OK, that settles that.

Putin: Good. Seriously, America is stupid without Russian help.

Trump: Tell me about it. I was caught on tape saying I grabbed women by the pussy… and my poll numbers went up.

Putin: Get out!

Trump: With the religious right!!

Putin: You’re yanking my chain here, Donnie!

Trump: Billy Bush lost his job and I got to be President! Can you believe it?

Putin: No, not really. 

Trump: What would you do if a tape came out about you?

Putin: I would have reporter who released it shot.

Trump: Shot? Cool! Wish I could do that.

Putin: Maybe some day, you will. 

Trump: Yeah, someday. That would be nice. 

Then Trump and Putin went off to get pedicures and seaweed wraps as they talked and talked and talked. And they also exchanged handmade BFF bracelets which was rather sweet. 

And that is that for today.

Tomorrow, for those who like politics, it’s a post about comic books.

Until next time, remember to be good to one another. 

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