Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Next Doctor Who: Rumours and Odds

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I want to follow up on post and I made on February 5th regarding speculation on who is going to be the next Doctor,; "wildly" is probably the most appropriate word to use in describing this speculation because it is way way way way too early.

The next producer of the show,Chris Chibnall, is still finishing up work on the third series of Broadchurch and won't formally take over the reins of Doctor Who until later this year. I have an idea that we may have good get to the end of the Christmas special with Peter Capaldi's 12th doctor in the middle of the Regeneration and we may still have no clear idea who's going to be the next Doctor

When the 10th doctor regenerate it at the end of the end of time part 2 we were introduced to the concept of regeneration reset where the existing doctor would actually restore his current features before formally and completely regenerate into his next tour this concept was Revisited at the End of Time of the Doctor when the 11th doctor regenerate into the 12th doctor it is very possible that maybe come to the end of the Christmas special for 2017 that Peter Capaldi could film regeneration scene but not have his replacement available at that time so there's that that doesn't stop the speculation from moving on and there's been some recent movement and people on the list to replace Peter Capaldi as the Doctor in Doctor Who.

OK, this talking to type stuff is a bit weird so I'm going to be a bit lazy and paste some stuff from Bleeding

Kris Marshall  has been usurped, it seems, by Doctor Strange star Tilda Swinton, according to the latest odds. Swinton leads the pack with 7/2 odds, while Marshall has fallen to second place at 4/1. 

Bleeding Cool’s pick, Olivia Colman, is in third with 5/1, followed by Maxine Peake, Richard Ayoade, Andrew Buchan, early favorite Ben Wishaw, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Reece Shearsmith, and Andrew Scott.

If you’re wondering why so many women are on the list, that’s because the calls for the Doctor to regenerate as a woman seem louder than ever. So far, we’ve seen Peter Capaldi, Billie Piper, and David Tennant all rooting for a female Doctor. 

Capaldi announced back in January that he would leave the show after the upcoming tenth season, which debuts on April 15, regenerating into a new actor during the next Christmas special and giving Chibnall a clean start.

Of course, odds are likely to change many times as we get closer to actually choosing a new Doctor, and more concrete information than the current rampant speculation becomes available.

Below is a list of 10 actors and current betting odds to be cast as the next Doctor on Doctor Who

  1. Tilda Swinton  7/2
  2. Kris Marshall  4/1
  3. Olivia Colman  5/1
  4. Maxine Peake  8/1
  5. Richard Ayoade  10/1
  6. Andrew Buchan  10/1
  7. Ben Wishaw 10/1
  8. Phoebe Waller-Bridge 12/1
  9. Reece Shearsmith 12/1
  10. Andrew Scott 16/1
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