Monday, April 17, 2017

A Friggin' Post For the Friggin' Blog On a Frggin' Monday

Spring has sprung,  circumstance to which I’ve been alerted by warming temperatures, growing grass, blooming flowers and the DefCon 4 sneezes my nose produces. Spring should be beautiful, uplifting us with light and life and the sheer friggin’ joy of being friggin’ alive but NO!!  Spring is filled with friggin’ amounts of friggin’ pollen!!!


And adding to my bad mood…




Friggin’ taxes!


Pollen and income taxes strike at the same time? Yes, there is a God! And He’s out to get ME!




On the plus side…

  1. My solo on Thursday went… OK. And that’s all I’m going to say: OK. And even at that I’m pushing my luck.
  2. Got to see the debut of the new season of Doctor Who… which I posted about yesterday.
  3. I also saw the debut episode of the newly relaunched Mystery Science Theater 3000. Which I haven’t posted about yet. That will be later this week. SPOILER: I had fun! Which is unfortunate as I am the enemy of fun!
  4. I also saw the 1st episode of the Doctor Who spin off, Class. I will post about that later this week as well.  SPOILER: I did not have fun. No, I’m not saying the episode was bad. OK, more on that later this week.
  5. Trump did not bomb North Korea, setting off World  War III and the end of all life on Earth. OK, that should be a positive but I’m dealing with friggin’ pollen and friggin’ income taxes so maybe not so friggin’ positive. 


OK, that’s a wrap for today. Until next time, remember to be good to one another, especially those struggling with friggin’ pollen and friggin’ income taxes. 

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