Sunday, April 9, 2017

DoctorWho: Mysteries of the Future

We’re getting closer now, Whovians! A week away from the premier of Doctor Who Series 10.

A new trailer came out last week which included a teaser at the end we had not seen before” regeneration energy coming from the Doctor’s hand.

What the what?

NO! NOT YET!!!!!!!

Yes, we know Peter Capaldi is (choke! Sob!) leaving as the Doctor but we’re all presuming that his regeneration will come in the 2017 Christmas special which will formally wrap up Steve Moffat’s tenure as showrunner. 

But we’ve seen fake outs before: the 10th Doctor appearing to regenerate at the end of The Stolen Earth (OIK, not really a fake out in that it turned out to count towards the total of 12) or the 11th Doctor about to regenerate in The Impossible Astronaut.  So I imagine that scene is a bit of a fake out as well, playing on our anxiousness about Capaldi’s impending departure. 

But what if…  I mean, WHAT IF… Capaldi does depart at the end of series 10? Maybe the 2017 Christmas special is something completely different? Maybe a full length one-off adventure of the 8th Doctor with Paul McGann? Or maybe David Tennant or Matt Smith come back for some heretofore untold adventure of the 10th or 11th Doctor? Maybe we shouldn’t presume there will be a 2017 Christmas special?



Sorry ‘bout that.

Oh, we got this bombshell of some Series 10 knowledge dropped on this week: John Simm’s return as the Master!

What the what? 

Yep. We’ve already seen that Michelle Gomez will be back as Missy, the current incarnation of the Master. Are we getting a crossing the time stream meeting of the two versions of the Master? Or a flashback as to how Master’s fate after he disappeared with the Time lords at the conclusion of The End of Time – Part Two? Maybe even the Master’s regeneration scene when “he” transforms into “her”?

However this goes down, there won’t be much scenery left after both John Simm ANF Michelle Gomez are done chewing on it. However it goes down, it should be awesome.

OK, that’s that for this week. Next Saturday, it will finally be upon us: Doctor Who Series 10.

And I plan to have a write up about it in this space next Sunday.

Until next time, remember to be good to one another.

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