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Doctor Who Weekend: The Son of the Master - Episode Three

Hello, Whovians! 

Dave-El here and seven days have rolled 'round the calendar to bring us back to another Doctor Who Weekend post. 

For the last two weeks I have inflicted installments of a fan fiction I call The Son of the Master. As I've stated before, the events of the Master's return in the two part finale of Doctor Who Series Eight do not impact what's going on in this story. 

Yes, The Son of the Master takes place after the events of those episodes. But that may lead one to ask why hasn't the Doctor said anything along the lines "How can the Master be a head in a jar over here and in the form of a regenerated woman over there?" 

I actually have a very thorough and comprehensive answer to that question. 
  1. The Doctor really hasn't had anyone to say that to. I guess if Clara was around that may have come up but so far the Doctor's interacting with people created for this story so no one to voice that inquiry to. 
  2. Well, except maybe to the Master himself but the Doctor isn't going to reveal possible spoilers to the Master about his future even if he trusted him.
  3. And he doesn't trust him. Head in a jar or no, the Doctor is right to be wary of the Master and what information he discusses with him. 
  4. And possibly the Doctor hasn't asked the question because it doesn't need asking. Perhaps the Doctor has sussed out what's up with the Master as a head in a jar.
OK, enough babbling. Bring out the disclaimer! 

Then suddenly....


And at last...

The Son of the Master
by David Long
 Episode Three  


Scene opens: the opulent suite where the Doctor is the "guest" of Adam Masterson. The Doctor is sitting at a desk furiously scribbling on sheets of paper. All around him is paper,  flat sheets spread out on the floor and pieces of furniture, all filled with scribblings and diagrams right out to the edges of each sheet. 

There's a knock at the door.

Jasmine Tate's voice: Hello, Doctor?

The Doctor does not look up as he continues to scribble on and on.

The Doctor (tersely): Go away!

Jasmine's voice: It's Jasmine Tate! Adam Masterson wants to meet with you in our labs.

The Doctor (tersely): I'm busy!

Jasmine's voice: I thought you might like some breakfast first. 

The Doctor (tersely): No, now go!

Jasmine's voice: You know, fruit, Belgian waffles, some-

The Doctor abruptly stops writing and looks up.

The Doctor (calm): Did she say...?

Scene shift: outside the door with Jasmine immaculately dressed in perfect businesswoman attire. Suddenly the door swings open with a flourish and the Doctor is standing there, wide eyed and smiling. Meanwhile, behind him is a flurry of papers fluttering down to the floor where he leapt up from the desk and rushed to the door.

The Doctor (excited): You said , "Belgian Waffles"?

Jasmine's not sure what to make of this but smiles gamely at the Doctor and nods.

Jasmine: Yes, among other things...

The Doctor slams the door shut behind him.

The Doctor: There are no other things. Only waffles. Let's go.

The Doctor hurriedly walks down the corridor to the elevator. Jasmine hurries to catch up to him.

Jasmine: As I was saying, Mr. Masterson wants to show you the Paradigm Process that-

The elevator goes "ding" and the doors slide open. The Doctor and Jasmine enter.

The Doctor: Boring bits. No time. Now, to the Belgian Waffles!

The elevator doors slide shut.

Scene change: a sleek and modern looking lab, lots of glass and chrome. Various scientists and technicians in white coats are busy do science stuff. Amidst this we find Adam Masterson, all gleaming teeth and blonde hair atop a high quality suit, and Liam Sterling with the straight boring black hair, pale complexion and the same suit he was wearing yesterday. Both are looking at holographic diagrams.

Adam (smiling): This...this looks good. Very good.

Liam (scowling): The integration of the components from the Master's canister into our own hardware has boosted structural cohesiveness by 1,000%.

Adam: 1,000%? Wow, that's a big number.

Liam: Yes, a...big number. (Ahem!) Anyway, there's still some variables in the code that persists in creating pocket de-stabilizations...

Adam (clapping hands together): Perhaps our new friend, the Doctor, may be of assistance.

Liam: I don't...we don't need him.

Adam: Oh we should always be ready to exploit all opportunities to our advantage.

Liam (coldly): That's your area more than mine.

Adam (blithely unaware of Liam's mood): Why, the amazing wonder of it, Liam: not one but two, TWO great minds from beyond the stars! And the Doctor has the added advantage of being able to point at things.

In the background we see the Doctor and Jasmine enter. Adam turns and boisterously greets the pair. Liam makes a point not to look at the Doctor but keeps stealing glances towards Jasmine.

Adam: Good morning, Doctor! I hope you had a good breakfast.
The Doctor: There was a problem with the Belgian waffles.
Adam: Oh, really?
The Doctor: They did not include any actual Belgians.

Adam gives Jasmine a "Is this guy crazy?" look. Jasmine shrugs. 
Adam: No...Belgians?

The Doctor (very agitated, eyebrows flaring): Question: Why call them "Belgian Waffles" if they don't actually include any Belgians?

Adam: Well...

The Doctor (still agitated): And another question.

Suddenly the Doctor's demeanor abruptly changes. From rambling mad man to a cold man with steely resolve and eyes that could burn through a star.

The Doctor (calm, forceful): What exactly are you doing in here, Mr. Adam Masterson?

Adam's happy, unflappable manner is shaken a bit. But he cricks his neck and the smile returns.

Adam: I call it...the Paradigm Process!

The Doctor: The Paradigm Pro-

Adam: As in "the shifting of".  And it will change the world order.

The Doctor glances over at Liam but turns back towards Adam.

The Doctor: This "Paradigm Process". What does it do?

Adam: Believe it or not, it does this!
Adam hands the Doctor a paper clip.

The Doctor: It’s a paper clip.
Adam (beaming): Yes! Yes, it is!
The Doctor: You do know this has already been invented.
Adam: It’s not the paper clip itself, Doctor, it’s what it’s made of.
The Doctor: You’re going to tell me this is not a piece of wire.
Adam: Oh, it is…now! Come over here. Liam?

Adam, Liam, Jasmine and the Doctor gather at one of the lab's machines.
Liam: Put the paper clip under this spectroscope.
The Doctor puts the paper clip under a scanner, looks at the computer read out and reacts with shock.
The Doctor: This is an energy lattice!
Liam looks annoyed but Adam is pleased.
Adam: Yes, forming matter from energy. Specifically the light of the sun! Think about it, Doctor! The advances in micro technology that would drive advances in medical science, space travel…

The Doctor: Warfare.
Adam: Well, yes, but I prefer to think of all the good! Doctor, Earth is a planet of limited resources and we harm this planet everyday digging those dwindling resources out of the ground, putting lives in jeopardy! Think how much we can accomplish if we can wring matter right out of the sunlight!
The Doctor: Developing matter from energy is very risky! Did you consider the dangers?
Adam: Dangers?
The Doctor (to Adam): Recursive energy loop overload, for starters!
Adam: Liam?
Liam: Counter pulse waves to balance the energy input.
The Doctor (to Adam but glancing sideways at Liam): Inverted molecular deterioration?
Adam: Liam?
Liam: Stable protonian field stabilizer feeds.
The Doctor (to Adam): Concussive energy discharges from atomic deterioration….wait, why am I talking to you? (turns towards Liam) Liam!
Liam: Reverse polarity neutron fortification.
The Doctor: That’s some outstanding thinking, Liam! Way above a lot of Earth brains.
Liam: I'm glad you appreciate my--

The Doctor: That doesn't mean this isn't a big old bomb just waiting to happen!
Liam: The safeguards—

The Doctor: Are meaningless! The rate of cascade failure would undermine every safeguard in seconds!
Liam: Really?
The Doctor takes out his sonic screwdriver with one hand as he picks up the paperclip with the other. He aims the sonic at the clip which promptly disintegrates in a brief flash of light.
The Doctor: Yes. Really.  
Liam: What? What did you….?
The Doctor gives the sonic a bit of twirl before deftly returning it to his pocket.
The Doctor: A very small excitation of the energy lattice and ...poof! Conversion of energy to matter is way beyond the capabilities of this planet at this time. Oh, it’s a good idea but you’re getting way ahead of yourselves.
Liam: Now, listen here, Doctor, I-
Adam intervenes.
Adam: Let’s not allow this grand intellectual discourse descend into acrimony.
The Doctor: And you, Masterson! Who are you in all this?
Adam: Me! I  am but a humble visionary with a dream and a plan. I…ah, struggled with some of the same points you brought up. Then, enter Liam Sterling who’s incredibly sharp mind did so much to help work  out some of the kinks in my …designs.
Liam glowers at Adam.
The Doctor: But even then, you needed help.
Adam: Ah, yes.

Adam puts his arm around the Doctor shoulder and leads him away from Jasmine and Liam. He speaks in quite, conspiratorial tones.

Adam (quietly): The Master is kind of a secret. Only Liam and I have knowledge of him.

The Doctor: Not even your personal assistant knows?

Adam: Oh, dear sweet Jasmine! I would trust her with my life. In fact, I do! Every day! But this secret is too big! We're talking about alien life here on Earth!

The Doctor: Not like that doesn't happen every other Saturday.

Adam: Oh, what a fortuitous stroke of good fortune to meet this man …well, the head of the man from beyond the stars. But the mind inside that head and the amazing technology that sustains him! Wow! It was such a boon to Liam and myself. 
The Doctor: How did you…?
Adam: Uh uh, Doctor! I’ve shared so much already! Allow me to keep a few secrets.
The Doctor: I want…or rather, I would like to speak to him again.
Adam: But of course! You know, I have few moments before my next meeting. Let me accompany you, pay my respects.
As the Doctor and Adam start to walk away, Jasmine instinctively starts to follow. But Liam puts his hand on her arm.
Liam: Jasmine, wait!

Jasmine: I really need to…

Liam: Just a moment, please.
Jasmine: All…all right, I guess.
Liam: Jasmine, it’s about Adam Masterson.
Jasmine: What? Is there…

Liam: Adam Masterson is not who he says he is!
Jasmine: Are you mad, Liam? What are you saying?
Liam: What I’m saying is Adam Masterson is a fraud and..
Jasmine: You ARE mad!
Liam: No, I’m not! It’s all a deception!
Jasmine: I need to go!
Jasmine starts to pull away but Liam tightens his grip on her arm.

Jasmine: Liam, let go of my arm! You're hurting me!
Liam lets his hand drop.
Liam: Look, don’t believe me! But just…be careful, OK?
Jasmine looks at Liam with a worried expression.
Jasmine (hesitantly): Okay.
Then she turns and walks away from Liam but she still looks worried.

The Doctor: You seem like a nice girl, Jasmine, so please take my advice. Be careful. 
Back to the present as Jasmine moves down the corridor. She shakes her head, stands up straighter and increase the rate of her walk.
Jump cut: Black screen. Then a graphic appears.
  The Future
(getting closer) 
Then the black gives way to chaos, fire and smoke and rubble. The Doctor, his black suit covered with dust, is on his knees as he gently cradles Jasmine’s head in his hands. Her eyes are closed, she’s covered in dirt and blood, her clothes tattered and torn. She’s not moving.
Slowly the Doctor rests her head back upon the ground and then he stands up. He looks upward.
Still standing on the tall mound of rubble is the Cloaked Man, energy crackling about his dark form.
The Doctor (angry): Her name…was…Jasmine!
The Cloaked Man: Why…should I care?
The Doctor: Her name was Jasmine and she’s dead!

The Cloaked Man: Again, Doctor, why should I care?
The Doctor: Care, don’t care, it doesn't matter to me! I just thought it was something you should know before…

The Cloaked Man: Before what, Doctor?
The Doctor's eyes flare with barely contained rage.

The Doctor: Before I kill you. 
Jump cut: the Master’s face in the canister.
The Master: How often I tried to kill you, Doctor. Good times, good times.

View expands: we're in the Sector 8 labs with the Doctor conversing with the Master's head.

The Doctor: And that look on your face, every single time. “Oh no! I’ve been beaten again?” Yeah, good times!
The Master: Well, none to worry now, Doctor. All I can do is glare at you.
The Doctor: Menacingly.
The Master: Of course!
The Doctor: Question, Master: Why are you here?
The Master: Existentially speaking, why are any of us here?
The Doctor (sigh): Why is your head in an ancient Gallifreyan suspension tank?
The Master: Hey, bigger picture here, Doctor. Why am I only a head?
The Doctor: What do you remember?
The Master: The resurrection ceremony…the cult of Harold Saxon. My darling wife Lucy…imagine me doing air quotes there, thank you…disrupted things…somehow and there was….an explosion and…and…

The Doctor: And…?

The Master: Then I was here…I mean, here, in this canister and I was with…the Rani. You don’t suppose…

The Doctor: She was a bit coy on how you came to be in her possession. And as a Time Lord, she would have access to … but no, something tells me someone else was your…for lack of a better word, benefactor. Someone who’s manipulating events.   
The Master: Who?
The Doctor: I don’t know and right now I don’t care because I have another question: Why are you here?
The Master: Er, you’ve already asked that?
The Doctor: I mean, here, in this place, this Masterson FutureWare.
The Master: I was brought here by my son.
The Doctor: Whoa! Thanks for reminding me! What the hell is that all about, your son.
The Master: I mean he is my son, my progeny, the fruit of my desperately missed loins.
The Doctor: So that’s how you occupied your time on Earth between schemes of conquest. 

The Master: As they say on this merry ol’ mudball, a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.
The Doctor: Well, here's another Earth saying: like father like son. He thinks he’s on to something to take over the world; all he’s going to do is blow it up.
The Master: Oh, you misjudge me. And him.
The Doctor: Look, you may be just a head in a jar but you’re up to something and I want…

SFX: knock on the door
Voice: Doctor, it’s Jasmine Tate! Are you in there?
The Master: If you don’t mind, all this conversation is quite tiring. Do you mind if I take a little nap?
The Master closes his eyes with an irritatingly serene expression on his face.
The Doctor: Master! Nobody goes to sleep that fast! Listen to…

SFX: knock on the door
Voice: Doctor?
The Doctor lets out an exasperated sigh, strides to the door and opens it.

The Doctor: Jasmine.
Jasmine: Ad—Mr. Masterson said he left you here in Sector 8, he said something about you catching up with an old friend.
The Doctor: That’s one way to look at it. Jasmine, are you all right?
Jasmine: Yes, I’m…quite ….OK, no I’m not! This was going to be so wonderful, saving the world, helping the future. But I feel…

The Doctor: Feel? Feel what?
Jasmine: I feel that this is all a bit…strange. Something’s wrong here, isn’t it, Doctor?
The Doctor: More than you know. You say you’ve never been in Sector 8 before?
Jasmine: N-no, no, I haven’t.
The Doctor: There’s something I need you to see.
Jasmine: I don’t think I should.
The Doctor: Yes, you very, very much should.
The Doctor extends his hand.
The Doctor: Come on!

Jasmine hesitantly takes the Doctor’s hand.
Scene change: Masterson’s luxury office. Adam is standing by the window.  It’s early evening, red sunlight streaks the western skyline. Adam is standing there enjoying the view while also enjoying some brandy in a brandy sniffer. We see from the inside reflection on the window an elevator door open and a shadowy figure appears. Adam turns as the figure steps into the light. It’s Liam.
Adam: Ah, Liam! C’mon in, friend! It’s been a long day for both of us, eh? Pour yourself a drink and take in this striking view.
Liam: Adam, it’s over.
Adam (stunned): Over? You mean the trials for the Paradigm process? That’s….
Liam (angry): The Paradigm Process is a SHAM! And so are you!

Adam looks stunned as he slowly puts the brandy sniffer on a table.
Adam: Liam, I...I must say I’m finding all this a bit disturbing…

Liam: I know about your LIES! I know about your DECEPTION! And soon the world will know!

Adam: Liam, there is no need for this! C'mon! We can work this out. We'll redo the deal, 50/50, whattaya say, huh?

Liam: I've been a part of this lie long enough!

Adam: Liam, please...

Liam: You are a FRAUD! And I will tell everyone!

Liam turns abruptly to head towards the elevator. Liam's face is in shadow as his head blocks our view of Adam. Then we hear Adam's voice.

Adam: Liam, don't....

Then our view shifts and we see Adam pulling a gun out of his jacket. Liam slowly turns back towards Adam.

Adam: Don't make me do this.

Liam: You're a LIAR! And a FAKE! And you don't have the guts to--- 

Adam squeezes the trigger. The gun fires with a loud bang as a bullet strikes Liam’s abdomen. Liam doubles over and staggers back.
Liam (flinching in pain, barely able to stand): Adam….Masterson…you….don’t…

Adam: I don’t what, Liam? I don’t have to do this?
Adam shoots Liam again.
Liam staggers backward further, doubled over to the point of falling on the floor, his back to Adam.
Adam: Pity, Liam. I had so hoped you would be more like me.
Adam cocks the gun. 
Scene change:  Sector 8. The Doctor and Jasmine are standing in front of the table where the Master's head canister rests. Jasmine is kind of freaked out about this.

Jasmine: That’s a head
The Doctor: Yes.
Jasmine: A human head!
The Doctor: Yes. Well, human---ish.
Jasmine: What? You mean, it, he…it’s alien?
The Doctor: Most certainly.
Jasmine: And this…he? He’s been helping Adam and Liam?
The Doctor: Yes. Your precious Paradigm Process is the product of alien tech. But even so, it’s still flawed. Dangerously so.
The Master’s eyes suddenly fly open and he speaks.
The Master (smiling): Yes, Doctor! Very dangerous indeed!

Jasmine shrieks in horror.
The Doctor: What are you up to? 
The Master: Ultimate power can’t be obtained without breaking a few eggs! Oh, I should’ve linked power to omelets first. I’m so rubbish with metaphors.
Jasmine (a bit frantic): What’s he talking about? What’s going on?
The Doctor: Listen to me! I've beaten you time and time again! Whatever you're up to, I'm not going to let it happen!
The Master: No, Doctor! It IS happening NOW! My son is set to claim his inheritance!

The Doctor freezes for a moment as his face reveals he's come to a shocking realization. He turns away from the Master and pushes Jasmine towards the door. 
The Doctor: Jasmine, go! Go now!
Jasmine: What…? Where are we going?

The Master's head laughs maniacally from his canister as the Doctor and Jasmine exit the Sector 8 room. The Doctor slams the door behind him.
The Doctor: Adam Masterson. Where is he?

The Doctor is running towards the elevator. Jasmine runs to catch up.
Jasmine: In his office on the top floor. Why?
The pair enter the elevator.
The Doctor: Because his life is in danger!

The elevator door closes.

Scene change: Back in Adam’s office.
Adam stands over the form of Liam Sterling. 

Adam: Why, Liam? Why did it have to come to this? I know I wasn't very smart but I was smart enough to surround myself with others who were. Then I would sell your gifts to the world. And the world would love Adam Masterson, the golden boy who save the world! 

Liam's gasping as he shakily tries to lift himself off the floor.

Adam: Liam! This is hard enough, believe me! Just give up and die so I don't have to shoot you again.
Liam (gasping):  You don’t…know…who…you are dealing with…

And before Adam can react, Liam abruptly stands straight up, turns towards Adam as a golden energy flares from his eyes and his hands. 

Adam (shocked): What the hell?

Liam: Yes, Adam! Hell!

Liam raises an arm to point towards Adam. Adam in a panic raises his gun as if to fire again but energy leaps from Liam’s fingers and strikes the gun from Adam’s hand. Adam cries out in pain and stumbles back as Liam, glowing with energy all over his body, advances forward.
At this moment, the Doctor and Jasmine rush in from the elevator.
Jasmine: Good Lord! Adam! Liam! What….?
Liam: Ah sweet Jasmine! And the Doctor too! You can witness my ascendancy!
The Doctor: Liam! Stop what you’re doing! You can’t control…

Liam extends an arm towards the Doctor and Jasmine, a concussive force slams them into the wall. 

Liam: Can’t control? Ha! My father has opened my eyes to the secrets of my heritage! And I will control ALL!
Adam (frantic, sweating): What…what is this? What...are you?
Liam: Scrambling for words? Try these: Time. Lord. Poor little man, the paradigm has shifted.
Adam (panicked): Who…who are you?
Liam grins wickedly through the glowing energy as he advances closer and closer to an increasingly terrified Adam Masterson. The Doctor and Jasmine are back on their feet but the Doctor holds Jasmine back.
The Doctor: Stay back, Jasmine! Time Lord regeneration energy! It could kill you! 
Liam: Who am I? I am a survivor of the storms of time! I am a soldier on the fields of ambition! I am a ruler of the kingdom of truth!  Who am I, little man?
Liam reaches down and grabs Adam by the throat and lifts him bodily from the floor.
Liam: I am…the Master!
Adam gasps and grunts as Liam’s hand squeezes tighter around his neck. 

Adam: No… Liam… you… I can make… you rich…all of…this…

Liam (loudly): All of this? Ha! Ha! Ha! All of this?! 
Then his voice falls to a low growl.
Liam (quietly): You are… a fool, Adam Masterson. And more importantly, a dead fool.

The Doctor: Liam! Nooooooooo! 
Suddenly Liam hurls Adam backward with a powerful throw through the plate glass window where Adams falls on the balcony, bloody and his head twisted at a deadly angle.

Jasmine screams.
Liam raises his arms as the glowing energy overwhelms his body.
Liam (shouting): ALL OF THIS……

From the blinding glow, we see the features of Liam’s face began to shift and morph. The Doctor shields Jasmine from the blinding flare of energy. Suddenly the energy abates and we see that Liam now looks like Adam Masterson.

Standing behind him are the Doctor and Jasmine who are looking very, very shocked.
Liam/Adam/Master: All of this is MINE!

----to be continued------


Next time...

  • Adam Masterson is dead! Long live Adam Masterson! 
  • Father and son, united to claim Earth as their prize! 
  • The future is ever closer as death claims another. 

It's Episode Four of,,,

The Son of the Master

See you here next Sunday.

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