Monday, November 7, 2016

Day One: Countdown to Apocalypse

So there's this guy...

Everyday, he marches up and down the city street yelling at people that "The end is near! The end is near! The end is near!" 

This goes on for several weeks and finally the cops decide to shut this guy down. So a police officer goes over to the guy and says, "Hey, buddy! You need to knock it off! You've been yelling the end is near for weeks now."  

The guy stops and he looks stunned. "Weeks?" he asked the officer who replies with "Yes".  Then the guy resumes marching, yelling at the top of his lungs, ""The end is nearer! The end is nearer! The end is nearer!" 

OK, not that great as far as jokes go but, ready or not, the end is, indeed, nearer. 

Tomorrow is Election Day here in the good ol' U.S. of A. and if it seems like it has a sort of apocalyptic quality to it, well, it does. 

Over the last year and a half, the American people have endured a process that has winnowed down our candidates to two people. One is Hillary Clinton and the other is...

The other is...

Oh for the love of God, don't make me say it! 


OK, fine. The other one is... Donald... (burp!) Trump.  

Oh boy. 

All right, let me take a moment to say this about Hillary Clinton and all her haters out there: I get it. OK, I get it. I mean, I sort of get it. I don't get the hanging, burning effigies type of hate that a lot of people seem to feel but damn! It's always something with her. At any given time, there are three things going on with Hillary Clinton: 

Shit she's done but people have checked into these things, people, and she's never been charged with a crime let alone tried or indicted for a crime. Hell, a group of Republican congressmen who really, really, really wanted to pin Clinton for something, ANYTHING, held hearings on Benghazi and even they had to walk away with, "Sorry, dudes, we got nothing." People have checked into the email thing; yeah, she fucked up with the private server but still, nothing criminal was proven.  

Shit she hasn't done like saying her first order as President is to gut the 2nd amendment. She has never said that. Hell, it turns out there are fake documents mixed in with all the hacked emails. Now should Hillary be held accountable for stuff she actually hasn't said or done? Hell no! But it's out there all the time and if you're part of the demographic that is prone to distrust Hillary Clinton, this is all just more noise to support that point of few.  

And finally, there's shit she's done and you have to throw up your hands and yell, "Fuck it, Hillary! When will you ever learn?" The woman had frickin' pneumonia and she thought she could keep a lid on it?! Really?! And from a recently released batch of emails, we've learned that while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, the Clinton Foundation accepted $1 million from the country of Qatar without telling the State Department even though Clinton promised when she was confirmed as Secretary of State that she would tell the State Department whenever her foundation accepted money from a foreign government. Damn it, Hillary!  

So you take those three channels of negative information that come out right wing media like Fox and Breitbart on a daily 24 hour basis and... yeah, I get it. 

Even searching out news from less partisan sources, it wears on me to hear something about Clinton from any of those three headings of shit that I listed above and just go, "Oh, what the fuck is it now?" It can get exhausting.  

Then you toss in policy positions that tick off not only the conservatives that don't like her but the liberals in her own party who aren't happy with her either. There are still Bernie or Bust people in the Democratic party who are inexplicably going to vote for Trump or for a 3rd party candidate or not at all even though such actions are less likely to get these people anywhere near what they want. 

So yeah, Hillary Clinton is not your ideal candidate for President. But she is a reasonably level headed person with actual experience in government service as a lawyer, First Lady of the United States with Bill Clinton, senator from New York and Secretary of State. She has a record of championing causes for people less fortunate, for helping women where their rights are infringed and looking out for the welfare of children denied access to food, healthcare and education. 

No, she's not perfect but, damn, your other significant choice is... God, please don't make me say! ...Donald Trump (oh, i'm so queasy) and... and... 


The very fact that a day away from Election Day, I feel compelled to make the case against Trump, is just so totally fucking ridiculous, I don't... I can't even... I mean, I just don't...


OK, deep breath.  

Look, I can make the case against Donald Trump in 8 words. Really, just 8. And here we go: 

Everything he has said.
Everything he has done. 


You know, as much as I get tired of hearing about "What the hell is it NOW with Hillary", I'm even more totally done with Donald. The fact there are people who think that Trump is an actual viable alternative, despite all the facts, all the evidence, all the stuff that Donald himself is on camera saying, that is a scary prospect for me and for a lot of people in this country. 

But how scary? How close are we to an apocalypse of the American experiment in democracy? 

We'll look at that...tomorrow. 

Counting Down To Infinity