Saturday, November 5, 2016

First Annoyance, Then Apocalypse

So I’ve run into this annoying problem a couple of times in the world of fast food and no, it’s not the drive thru (although that remains a constant source of some frustration). No, this involves actual face to face interaction with the cashier at the counter. Here is what’s supposed to happen.  

  • Dave-El approaches counter.
  • Cashier smiles and says, “Hi, may I help you?”
  • Dave-El smiles back and proceeds to give his order.

Pretty simple, huh? Kind of hard to screw that up, don’t you think.

Let’s run through this again for a slightly different take from a recent visit to McDonald's.  

  • Dave-El approaches counter.
  • Cashier smiles but says nothing.
  • Dave-El smiles back but he’s not saying anything either because he’s waiting for his cue.
  • Cashier continues to smile but also continues to say nothing.  
  • Dave-El smiles and boy, is this getting awkward. So…
  • Dave-El: "Er, I would like to place an order."

What I really wanted to do was lean over and whisper, “Psst! Your line is, ‘How may I help you?’” 

If this was just one time, it would be an interesting oddity and I’m not sure I would bring up on this blog. But it’s happened before. I approached the counter at Wendy’s. There were two people there, a woman who I presume is the cashier and a young man who I gather works in the back doing cooking stuff. The two are engaged in a conversation as I stand there. I’m not a terribly impatient guy; I’m perfectly willing to let one or the other get to the end of whatever sentence they were in the middle of before turning to me to take my order. I can spare a few seconds.

Except the conversation goes on longer than that with no acknowledgement of my presence. Well, that’s just rude and there’s only so much patience I’m willing to extend. But just as I’m about to say something, the woman turns and asks, “Are you going to order something?” 

What the what? Was she waiting for me to interrupt? Are people not getting the script for common sense interaction with customers in the work place?

Well, at least the people in fast food places aren't the epitome of cosmic evil or something.

Then again...

OK, that’s a minor annoyance to write about. Really wanted to avoid politics if I can for today. So this is what you get.



Tomorrow: Doctor Who Day on the blog with the epic finale to my latest fan fiction script, Cybermania! The mad Cyber Planner known as Mr. Clever has made the Cybermen a laughing stock across the galaxy even as he prepares to unleash Cybermen 2.0. Only the Doctor and River Song stand between this new wave of Cybermen and destruction. That’s coming up tomorrow.

While I avoided politics today, heads up as the United States barrels into Election Day 2016. So... 

  • Monday is Countdown to Apocalypse
  • Tuesday is Apocalypse Now
  • Wednesday is I Survived the Apocalypse and All I Got Is This Lousy Blog Post

Unless we don’t survive. Then I’ll need a different title.

If we do survive, I'll try to have my review of Doctor Strange up by Thursday. 

Until next time, remember to be good to one another. 

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