Sunday, November 27, 2016

Doctor Who: 53 Years and Counting

Hi there! 

I've mentioned for the past couple of Sundays about posting a review of Power of the Daleks, the animated adaption of the long lost story that introduced Patrick Troughton as the 2nd Doctor. Well, it ain't happening today and this may wind up not getting posted until next year at this rate. I hear its really great but there just hasn't been time for the family to sit down and watch it. Looking ahead through the rest of the year, I don't see it happening before 2016 is done. 

We are ready to the 2016 Christmas special, The Return of Doctor Mysterio with all sorts of chances to see it. My wife purchased tickets last week for us to see it in the theater on December 27th. And we will probably already seen it 2 days earlier at Geeksboro. And I'll have it on the DVR at home. Somehow, someway, we've got this Doctor Who Christmas special covered.  

Speaking of Doctor Who and special appearances, click here for the link to this year's Children In Need feature which spotlights Eddie Redmayne from Fantastic Beasts but the Doctor does make a rather significant appearance at the 2 minute mark.  It's really cool! 

My wife Andrea and I are still watching The Crown with former Doctor Matt Smith. It is an engaging series about a young woman who must ascend to the throne of England on the early and unexpected death of her father. By the way, in January 2017, PBS will begin airing the series Victoria starring another Doctor Who alumnus, Jenna Coleman who plays a young woman who must ascend to the throne of England on the early and unexpected death of her father. That's what I like in my entertainment options:variety. 

The headline for today's post references Doctor Who now being 53 years old as of this past Wednesday, November 23rd. "What started off as a curiosity in a junkyard..." continues "to be quite a spirited adventure" indeed.  Happy birthday, Doctor Who! I'm anxiously looking forward to what happens next. 


Tomorrow's post is a review of the new Disney animated feature Moana which the family saw Thanksgiving Day. Yes, it was AWESOME! But how? And why? We'll cover that tomorrow.

And heads up Whovians! Doctor Who takes over this blog in a big way starting next Sunday. More about that in the days to come.

Until next time, remember to be good to one another.  

Is Dave-El Stressed?

A day after Dave-El's birthday, another year older and closer to death, am I feeling stressed? YES! Yes, I am a bit stressed!!!