Thursday, June 29, 2017

A Look At My Heart

Today, a post from the heart.

No, not that kind! This kind!

Yeah, kind weird lookin', I know. 

So Tuesday was the day of my Trans-esophageal Echo cardiogram (TEE). As I noted before, this procedure was in follow up to the diagnosis that I had a stroke back in January. My neurologist wanted to see if there was in anything in my heart (like blood clots) that may have triggered the stroke.

My wife and I arrived at the hospital at 8:30 AM. Hospitals are a far more pleasant experience when they know you’re coming as opposed to showing up in the ER. I was taken to a room where I would be prepped for the procedure. My nurse was named Autumn who was very kind and quite professional. I felt like I was in good hands. I changed into the obligatory hospital gown but I got keep my underwear on. It’s good to hold on to a little bit of dignity. I was set up for an IV and hooked up for monitoring my blood pressure and other vital signs.

The TEE itself was scheduled for 10 AM but we were running a bit ahead of schedule so no sense putting this off: time to stick a camera down my throat.  I was rolled on my bed to room where the TEE would take place.

My throat was sprayed with a substance that must’ve been tested for maximum foulness. The taste was awful and was followed by a brief but intense burning sensation. This spray was to numb my throat to help ease the camera down my esophagus without triggering a gag reflex. Then they sprayed my throat a second time and the experience was not any more bearable.   

Next up, the relax juice was pumped in through the IV and boy, it felt so good. Before I zonked out, I was instructed to roll over t6o my left side. And after that? Nothing.

I vaguely recall the camera cord being slid down the back of my throat but there was no discomfort. The next thing I remember, I awoke back in the prep room. Autumn said the process went very smoothly and the pictures of my heart looked good with no clots visible.

My heart appears healthy which is a bit troubling. I just assumed I would keel over dead of a heart attack at work before I could retire. Maybe I might need to start planning for an alternative future? 

After I dressed, I was rolled out in a wheelchair (I was still a bit wobbly from the meds) to our car and Andrea drove me back home to the Fortress of Ineptitude. Where I slept for most of the afternoon until 8:30. Those were some really good relaxing drugs.

Next up, my neurologist wants my head examined for a blood clots or other anomalies that may have triggered my stroke. Which will be a cat scan or maybe an MRI. So I’ve got that to look forward to. 


When they do look at my head, there will be less hair to look through. For the first time in nearly two years, i decided to forego my long haired defiant iconoclast mad scientist/serial killer look and opted for a proper short haircut. 

Below are before and after photos.

OK, that might have been a bit too much to cut off the top.

I had always wanted to have long hair and for some reason a few years back, I let it grow out. I thought it was cool but it was a lot of trouble to maintain. I would start off the day with a nice bouncy coiffure and end the day looking more like a hatchet wielding hitchhiker.  And it no longer interested me so... buh-bye, long hair.  

And that's it for me today. I will be back with some damn thing or another tomorrow. And Saturday's post will look back at last week's Doctor Who episode. 

Until next time remember to be good to one another.   

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