Thursday, June 8, 2017

This 'n' That Thursday

Hi there! Dave-El here but NOT in the Fortress of Ineptitude. Taking a break at lunch to update the blog thing.


Sorry about yesterday’s poop & vomit themed post. Then I made it worse by bringing up Donald Trump.


Dear sweet Jesus on a pogo stick but Li’l Donnie is incredibly stupid. He really thought that firing James Comey as FBI Director would make the Russia stuff go away? He really didn’t see he was just pouring gasoline on a smoldering fire.

And that fire got hotter today with Comey testifying to the Senate.  Comey was out the gate with a strong comment on the Trump White House: that Comey was "defamed" and they flat out lied about him and his firing.  As for Trump’s threat about tapes of their meeting, Comey called his bluff. On the subject of Trump having tapes, Comey answered, “Lordy, I hope there are tapes.”


Over on Fox News, Neil Cavuto has gotten himself in hot water by addressing the real cause of Donald Trump’s problems: Li’l Donnie himself. Particularly all the tweets that just get people mad at him. There is a serious backlash against Cavuto being mean to the President. How dare he!


As I’ve pointed out in prior posts, Trump still has a solid base of support out there in the poor, uneducated hinterlands of America. They look at things like this Russian investigation and see a bunch of liberals scapegoating their President and a main stream media all too ready to be complicit in this assault on Trump.


And people in the Senate know that too. Several Republicans in today’s hearing tried to steer the conversation towards Hillary Clinton’s emails which was not the topic of discussion. And Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) wondered in light of Comey’s leaked email which was not very complimentary towards Trump, why aren’t there any leaked documents about what Trump is doing right? Really! He asked that.


“Your honor, all this discussion about my client Ted Bundy and all the women he raped and killed, why are we not hearing about all the many, many more people he didn’t rape and kill? I think this trial is biased towards only Mr. Bundy’s alleged misdeeds. Harumph!” 


I can only hope that Marco is not really that stupid. Maybe Eric Trump* has a Rubio family member held hostage somewhere who will stay safe as long as Rubio says stupid shit like, “Duh! Where are the GOOD leaked memos, huh?” Because anything less than that dire circumstance does not give any reason for Marco Rubio to be that stupid. 


*Of course it would be Eric. If Donald Jr wanted to do that, he would just get Eric to do it anyway. “Maybe dad will finally love you now, Eric.” 


You know, this whole mess in Washington is just filled up with oh so much fucking stupidity. And all to the service to what? So the Republicans can hold on to power a little longer? It’s not service to the American people, I’ll tell you that.


Not sure what’s on the blog tomorrow but Saturday is the write up on The Lie of the Land in advance of this week’s new Doctor Who episode.


Until next time, remember to be good to one another.

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