Saturday, May 6, 2017

Doctor Who and the Night Visitors

Knock knock?

Who’ there?


Doctor who?


Tonight’s episode is titled “Knock Knock” which finds Bill Pott and friends moving into a haunted house. OK, maybe not exactly haunted but certainly something sinister seems to be going, something requiring the Doctor’s attention. 

We’ll find out more at 9 PM Eastern Time on BBC America. 

Before we get the newest adventure for the Doctor and Bill, we get celebrate Christmas For Comic Books, otherwise known as Free Comic Book Day. My daughter and I will be heading out from the Fortress of Ineptitude to join other comic book fans for the big block party that is FCBD at Acme Comics.

(Today is also Naked Gardening Day. The less said about that...)

We did watch the 3rd episode of Class last week, “Night Visiting”. I’m not entirely enamored with this series but last Saturday’s episode did dig a bit deeper into the characters of our gang at Coal Hill as they receive visits from the dead. The dead loved ones are constructs at the end of large, gruesome vines extending through the “Bunghole of Time”; these constructs are lures to suck up human grief on which they feed.  This experience is especially trying for Tanya
whose father died from a stroke two years prior and she hasn’t worked her way through how she feels about that. As a character study and exercise in existential horror, “Night Visiting” was an effective episode of Class.

Other Doctor Who stuff? I read that one of the characters on tonight’s episode was supposed to bethe grandson of Harry Sullivan, a former companion who traveled with the 4th Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith. The writer said that bit of info did not make into the finished episode, If it had, it would not have been the first time Harry’s been referenced in modern Doctor  Who. He invented a gas to take out the Zygons back in his time with the Doctor, what the 12th Doctor referred to in 2015 as “the idiot’s gas”. (The 4th Doctor referred to Harry as an “idiot”.) And he was referenced at the end of the “death of the Doctor” story in the Sarah Jane Adventures. 

What’s in the vault Nardole is guarding for the Doctor? So far, the most prevailing theory is that it’s the Master. But in what form? And why? We know John Simm’s version of the Master is slated to appear this season.

Maybe we'll get more clues to that mystery tonight. 

Blog bidness: if the recap/review of tonight's Doctor Who is not up on the blog Sunday, it will be on Monday.  

Until next time, enjoy Free Comic Book Day (or Naked Gardening Day if that's more your thing) and remember to be good to one another.   

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