Thursday, May 18, 2017

Is Donald Trump Finally Done For?

Is Donald Trump finally done for?

Probably not. 

Sorry. Don't give up hope but c'mon: We’ve been through this before. 

A lot. 

Every ignorant utterance that would’ve shattered anyone else’s political career, Trump continued to thrive. Secrets and lies that would undermine anyone else do nothing to stop Trump. Each stupid and inept action has done nothing to make Trump go away.

Trump has gone too far! Surely he’s had it and going down. Nope? He isn't?

Well, maybe this time, Trump has gone too far! He's ruined for sure and he's outta here! Nope? He isn't?

OK, maybe this time, Trump has gone too far! He's done for! Kaput! Finito! Nope? Not this time

For sure, this time, Trump has gone too far! That's it! Good-bye, Li'l Donnie! Nope? Still with us?

Oh for fuck's sake, this time? Trump has gone too far? Nope? Well, this is shit!

So the persistent specter of Donald’s political demise is with us once more.

Well, maybe this time, Trump has gone too far?  Is Donald Trump finally done for?

It’s been a week since the levee broke after Li’l Donnie fired FBI Director James Comey. What was suspicious behavior (Trump fires the man investigating ties between the Trump team and Russians) became more certain when Trump in a nationally televised interview said of Comey’s firing, “Yeah, it was the Russia thing.”  This was after days of various Trump staffers and supporters trying to give Trump some cover from that very questionable motive.

When the levee broke, we’ve had a persistent flood of new and ever more troubling information on Trump.

  • Trump pressured Comey to pledge his loyalty to Trump.
  • Trump’s statement that Comey had assured Trump that he was not under investigation.
  • Trump meeting with Russians in the Oval Office with the Russian press represented but not the American press.
  • The revelation that Trump disclosed classified intel to those same visitors.
  • The disclosure of Comey’s memo detailing how trump tried to shut down the FBI investigation into Michael Flynn. 

Well, maybe this time, Trump has gone too far?  Is Donald Trump finally done for?

What do you think?

One of the important checks on Presidential power comes from Congress. Congress has the power of impeachment. But as long as Republicans hold the majority in Congress and Trump is willing to rubber stamp whatever hard right legislation they send his way, look for Congress to do fuck all in the way holding Trump in check or just basic oversight. 

But there does seem to be a growing sense of weariness on the part of the Republicans for putting up with Li'l Donnie's shit every single damn day. Why not put Trump out of office and put Vice President My Pants... Mike Pence (dammit!) who would sign off on the same conservative legislation but with slightly less drama than a Mexican soap opera. 

But removing Trump from office is not without its downside. Even after months of Trump's Fuck-Up-A-Rama, Li'l Donnie still enjoys a strong base of support. They see all this hand-wringing in the media over Trump's Russia ties, conflicts of interest and more as Trump being victimized, feeding their deep rooted paranoia that the government is out to get them and the main stream media is in the pocket of those malevolent forces.  The Justice Department moving ahead with a special prosecutor for the FBI’s Russia probe is just fuel to that fire.  

If you think this is an exaggeration, check this out: Fox News top dildo head Sean Hannity began his 10 p.m. show by attacking The Washington Post for Monday’s damaging Trump story about classified information. Hannity ended his show by asking viewers, “Do you think there is an alliance to take down President Trump?”

Yes, the MORE Li'l Donnie fucks up, the better it looks to the hard core Trump supporters, the same voters who will make any politician pay, regardless of party, that helps takes Trump out of office. 

Well, maybe this time, Trump has gone too far?  Is Donald Trump finally done for?

Probably not. 

Y'all be good to one another until next time. 

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