Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Staggering Into Another Crisis

Last Thursday, I did a couple of posts about the debacle of The American Health Care Act AKA TrumpCare or more accurately TrumpDon'tCare but I also touched on the debacle of Trump's firing of FBI Director James Comey. I observed last week that chances are, Trump would stagger into another crisis. 

The tumult surrounding Comey's firing has not gone away but yes, we do have another crisis. It began with last week's dubious meeting between Trump and two Russian officials in the Oval Office, a meeting that the American press was not privy to but it was recorded by a Russian photographer. Yes, a member of the Russian press had access denied to the American press. 

Apparently, at some point, Trump began bragging that he has access to "the best intel" on ISIS and proceeded to share it with the Russians.  

Yes, there are rules about this sort of thing. Now before you get your hopes up, Trump did not commit an impeachable offense. If a President wants to disclose classified information, he can do that. 


It's still not a cool thing to do. And to disclose it to the Russians?!?! For the love of Chuck...

ALSO... It wasn't America's intel to reveal. It was infomationm obtained from another country who thought, "Hey, America might want to know about this." This kind of disclosure from Trump undermines confidence in us by our allies and would-be allies.  

There's just certain things you don't do with intelligence but clearly Trump has no experience with intelligence.  

But even more irksome that Trump's own questionable behavior? How about the conduct of Congressional Republicans in the wake of this latest screw up out of Trump? 

Trump fires the guy who is investigating him? "Well, he can do that. What you gonna do?"  

Trump discloses secret intel to the Russians? "Well, he can do that. What you gonna do?"  

Let's not pretend this would be the GOP's reaction if even a hint of what Trump has done had come from the Obama White House. This is the same Republican leaders who spoke to crowds chanting "Lock her up!" over Hillary Clinton's emails.  

But Trump royally fucks up and the reaction is little more than a shrug. ""Well, he can do that. What you gonna do?"  

Just because someone CAN do something doesn't mean they SHOULD. 

Just because someone CAN do something doesn't mean we can't demand accountability for their actions.  

Donald Trump is incompetent and should never been elected. This is not a partisan viewpoint; this is demonstrable fact time and time again.  

Trump of course is in denial and is reportedly angry and frustrated with his coverage and his press team. The message from Donald is fucked up but Donald's blaming the messengers.  

It appears that Trump's answer to his problems is to replace Press Secretary Sean Spicer with...

Kimberly Guilfoyle? Yes, the leggy Fox News host is reportedly under consideration to take over as White House Press Secretary.   

Oh hell to the NO! Trump would put this...

And this...

And this...

Behind a podium? 

Yet another reason to hate the man. 

And I'm so glad my suffering amuses you.  

Oh and yet another crisis emerges from the still burning flames of the other crises: we're now hearing that Trump tried to get Comey to back off the FBI from investigating Michael Flynn. You know the guy with the very iffy ties to Russia and who lied about it to My Pants... Mike  Pence (dammit!)

Yeah that guy. 

I gotta go lie down. 

Everybody, be good to one another.  

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