Thursday, May 11, 2017

Goodbye, James Comey

It’s hard to write about politics in Trump’s Washington. Before I can wrap my head around one dumb thing, Donald goes off and does another dumb thing. Today’s post was going to be about last week’s passage of the AHCA by the House of Representatives and the unceasing litany of things wrong with that piece of shit poorly disguised as health care legislation. But then Donnie decides to fire FBI Director James Comey, opening up another can of stupid.

In Trump's other hand is the knife ready for Comey's back. 

There’s not a lot of love lost for Comey on either side of the partisan divide. Republicans were pissed that Comey recommended that no criminal charges be brought against Hillary Clinton for email scandal while Democrats were pissed that even while exonerating Clinton, Comey still had a lot of harsh, negative commentary on Clinton’s conduct. Then at the end of October, a week away from election day, Comey made a surprise announcement that new information had come to light regarding Clinton’s emails; Clinton’s lead in the polls dissipated, handing the election to Trump so Democrats weren’t happy about that either.  Even though nothing came of the new information, it reinvigorated Republican belief that Comey had made the wrong choice about Clinton in the first place. Oh and now we’re stuck with Trump for President?! Thanks, Comey. 

Trump was very vocal in gis opposition to Comey when the FBI director decided in the summer of 2016 that there weren’t grounds for a criminal prosecution. By fall 2016 and Comey’s announcement mere days before the election, Trump couldn’t gush about Comey enough.   Trump loves Comey as long as Comey was beneficial to Trump.

Lately, that had not been the case. Comey and the FBI were investigating Russian influence on America’s presidential election and suspected collusion between the Russians and the Trump campaign.  By all accounts, Trump was extremely pissed about that, given to screaming at the TV whenever the subject of Russia was discussed on the news.

But Trump couldn’t fire Comey for the Russian investigation. He needed cover which was provided by the Deputy Attorney General who recommended to Jeff Sessions, the Attorney General, that Comey should be fired. The cause for that recommendation? A lack of support and confidence in the FBI Director for his role in the Hillary Clinton email investigation. 


So this is how stupid Trump is.

  1. He fired Comey who was at the height of his investigation of the Russian thing. Did Trump actually think firing Comey would make the Russian thing go away? Instead, it only adds to the cloud over Trump’s administration.
  2. Trump fired Comey with no discussion or warning to his staff, then was upset those same persons were not defending Trump more vigorously on the news. They were blindsided. It was so bad that KelleyAnn Conway came out of hiding. A lack of facts and understanding never stopped her before from sticking up for the boss. 
  3. Trump actually thought firing Comey was a “win-win” as neither Republicans or Democrats were particularly fond of the guy. Instead, he’s got people from both sides of the aisle expressing a sentiment that can best be summarized as “What f**K was Trump thinking?” 

So once more we have a tempest swirling around Trump that is of his own making and seems genuinely clueless as to why this is a big deal. How stupid is Trump?

On the other hand, we’re not talking about the AHCA bill, are we?

But we will turn back towards health care in today’s 2nd post that will go live at 5 PM Eastern Time.

Until next time, remember to be good to one another. 

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