Thursday, February 1, 2018

Bendis, Superman and Other Things

Hi there!


A quick check in. I’m doing OK.  My stomach starting doing a lot better when I backed off stuff that was breaded, fried and/or cheese infused.


I no longer have a CPAP machine. To be honest, I fought and protested having that damn thing for 3 months. I never did learn to sleep with it. I was required to use the machine on average 4 hours a day over a 90 day period. If I didn’t make that, my insurance would stop paying for it. At best, I may have gotten up to three hours one day; I did a lot of Netflix bingeing so that was plus side to having the CPAP machine, having a an excuse to sit and watch lots of TV. The 4 hour average did not mandate that I had to be asleep.  Personally, I think this whole thing was a scam. And if I die in my sleep due to sleep apnea, well,  guess that makes me a sucker.


Speaking of Netflix, I’ve fallen behind on my re-watch of Arrested Development and Episodes. I’m thinking I may want to watch Jessica Jones before the 2nd season drops.  Andrea watched season 1 because David Tennant.


Speaking of Jessica Jones, her creator, Brian Michael Bendis has revealed his post-Marvel plans with DC Comics. He will be writing 2 Superman books. Following his short story in Action Comoics#1000, Bendis will write a 6 issue weekly series, Man of Steel (just like John Byrne did when he left Marvel the first time). After that, Superman will get a new #1 while Action will pick up with issue #1001. Bendis seems to have a deep passion for Superman but I’m a bit concerned over his specific plans No details except there is something big going to radically change Superman’s life.  Uh oh. 


Also in the world of comics, Scott Snyder’s taking on the Justice League. Snyder’s run on Batman was outstanding. His Dark Knights: Metal has been almost too trippy. Lots of tricks with what is real or not real. It’s the kind of dense read that I like out of my comics but I admit that I’m not always clear on what’s going on. I love a good re-read but not if I have to go back again to take notes. Anyway, I think Snyder on Justice League is more of a positive than not so I may have to put Justice League back on my pull list.


OK, enough about comics. Any real world stuff to talk about? What was my take on Trump’s State of the Union speech?


Well, Li’l Donnie put on his big boy pants, stood in one place (which was must be hard to do what with the “bone spurs”) and read what he was told to read. Yes, there were outright lies, exaggerations and despites calls for unity, continued appeasement to his base. But for some reason, I’m not as angry about it as I’m usually about Trump’s bullshit. Trump is spurring me less towards anger and more towards depression. So Trump lied about something? Big deal. Wait five minutes, he’ll have another one. Who really cares.


Meanwhile, Republicans are tripping over themselves to discredit or undermine Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian election meddling and possible collusion with the Trump campaign. Why? Because Trump doesn’t like it; it makes him look bad. He SAID there was no collusion and that should be good enough.


Meanwhile, Democrats are tripping over themselves to discredit or undermine Republican efforts to discredit or undermine Robert Mueller’s investigation. Democrats are on their knees sobbing, “No! Don’t stop Mueller! We’re so close! SO! CLOSE!”  


Frankly, at this point, it’s hard to care.  I’m more concerned about what Brian Michael Bendis might do to Superman. 

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