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Broken News for June 7, 2013

Hello, everyone!
Dave-El here at I'm So Glad My Suffering Amuses You, the blog that doesn't know the meaning of the word "Honorificabilitudinitatibus".

Well, it's Friday and that means I torture the internet with funny* and insightful** commentary on news headlines through the week called Broken News!

*No, not really.
**See above
Broken News: when news is breaking, we make sure it stays broken.

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NOTE: some of these headlines have been posted on Twitter but there are some new, never before seen travesties again God and all humanity jokes!
Let's get this party started!

#BrokenNews 10 Things You Need To Know About Female Sexuality” Chances it will be the same 10 things next week? Not good. 

#BrokenNews Supreme Court Makes Major Ruling On DNA Samples” Justices also ruled that the free samples at Costco are wicked awesome.    

#BrokenNews GOP Senator Blames Military Sexual Assaults On 'Hormones'” You know guys & their raping, I mean raging

#BrokenNews McCain: Women shouldn't enlist until sex assault crisis solvedAdding, “It might be best just to stay home & while you’re there, make me a sandwich.”

#BrokenNews Obama To GOP: I DARE You To Block Judges” Things get out of hand when Obama double dog dares John Boehner to stick his tongue to Paul Ryan.  

#BrokenNews Google Glass Says No To Porn” Hell, what else were we going to use it for? 
#BrokenNews Man molests, urinates on woman in ER, police sayAnd they say romance is dead!

#BrokenNews Kim Kardashian reveals sex of baby on showRevealing the sex that made the baby will be posted online later.   

#BrokenNews Beyonce baffled by baby talkGoo yoo ga ga goo goo da da boo bah...yeah, Beyonce, I have no idea what that means, either.

#BrokenNews Keith Olbermann Returning To Cable TV” Keith to host a news segment during Nick Jr’s Yo Gabba Gabba!


#BrokenNewsAmanda Bynes Gets Offer From Playboy” 75% off the cover price with her paid subscription. Plus a Bunny tote bag. 

#BrokenNews Winner of $590 million Powerball steps forwardI promised to love you always, er (Psst! Gloria McKenzie) Gloria McKenzie

#BrokenNews CIA: IF WE KILL YOU, YOU DESERVED IT” So if you’re a terrorist with low self-esteem, good news!

#BrokenNews “Al Gore: NSA Phone Records Collecting 'Obscenely Outrageous'” Al didn’t invent the telephone for this kind of shit to go on  

#BrokenNews "Israeli Judge: 'Some Girls Enjoy Being Raped'" And some guys enjoy having their dick cut off. What's your point, Judge Jackass?  

#BrokenNews "GOP Politician: Yoga May Leave You Vulnerable To Satanic Possession" Oh good, we found Michelle Bachmann's replacement. 

#BrokenNews "Turkish PM To Return To Country Amid Protests" Protests such as "I’m the Prime Minister! I don’t wanna go back to Turkey!”

#BrokenNews "People Who Have This Type Of Sex May Be Healthier" Meaning "actual sex", not whatever it is you're doing right now.    

#BrokenNews "Severed Human Leg Washes Up On Beach" Oh, I was wondering where that got to.   

#BrokenNews Russia's Putin and his wife say their marriage is overMrs. Putin said the split is “amicable” from her prison in Siberia.     


21.  #BrokenNews “Justin Bieber signs up for trip to spaceLater, after launch, a horrified Beebs learns his ticket is one way. 

22.  #BrokenNews Obama defends surveillance programs: ‘Nobody is listening to your telephone calls'Adding, “Most of you don’t have lives that are all that interesting.”

23.  #BrokenNews Toyota unveils new version of best-seller CorollaUnless it flies and has rocket launchers, I can’t help but be disappointed.

24.  #BrokenNews Senate Republicans Not Sure Whether To Obstruct Obama's Judge Picks” McCain said, “Yeah, it’s kind of our thing but it’s just not fun anymore.”
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