Sunday, May 18, 2014

Doctor Who Weekend: Time Lord Games

So one on my Whovian followers on Twitter posted this little gem of an illustration a few weeks ago. 

Isn't it just the cutest thing, y'all?  

It's a spot on retro feel for 1960's board game artwork. It's pretty cool how the caricatures of the Doctors still reflect some hint of their respective personalities. The 12th Doctor poking his head out of the TARDIS is probably remarking on the 11th's fez, "I don't like the color."  

I wonder how a Doctor Who game might play out? 

"Your companion has wandered off but discovered a secret passageway. Move ahead two spaces." 

"You're locked in a cell made entirely of wood. The sonic screwdriver doesn't do wood. Lose a turn." 

"Yikes! Daleks! Roll dice to see how many."

"New regenerations?! Love from Gallifrey, boys! Move ahead 4 spaces." 

All of a sudden, I really want to play this game!

One game I don't like to play is the waiting game. New episodes with a new Doctor are still 3 or 4 months away, closer than we were before but is it just me or has there been a surprising lack of information forthcoming? 

Of course, the circumstances of this changeover to a new Doctor are a little different than the previous transition. The downtime on new info for Matt Smith's Doctor may have been as long from when the episodes were being made to when they finally debuted. But David Tennant's last specials were still being played out. And the gap between "The End of Time-Part Two" and "The Eleventh Hour" was a mere four months. The space between Matt's last episode and Peter Capaldi's first is twice that amount.  I'm a bit anxious. I need to see some stills or publicity shots, if not an actual clip or two. I'm The Wire from "The Idiot's Lantern": "FEEEEEED MEEEEEEEE!"  

I hear the occasional online peep from some behind the scenes person that says Peter Capaldi is wonderful and is going to be one of the best Doctors ever! OK, great! Except of course people are going to say that. No one would come out and declare, "Oh my God! Peter Capaldi's the WORST thing to ever happen to Doctor Who and that includes Colin Baker's costume designer!" So I need a little evidence, just a taste, of what the heck is going on over in Doctor Whoville! This waiting game....


OK, move ahead three spaces, draw card and... 

"Separated from TARDIS. Take the slow path. Lose a turn."

Double ARGH! 

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