Sunday, March 1, 2015

Doctor Who: This and That

Hi there, Whovians! 

If you're excited to see any kind of news about Doctor Who Series 9, there is a video clip online from a location shoot for one of the episodes. And it has Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman in it! 

OK, it's the back of their heads.

For two seconds.


Meanwhile here in the Fortress of Ineptitude, the El Family is engaged in a weekly re-watch of Series 8. Saturday we watched Time Heist and The Caretaker. Time Heist was filled with plot contrivances but it was still fun as a straight up heist caper pastiche. The Caretaker bothered me the first time I saw it and this re-watch did little to disavow me of that. Granted there are some really funny and clever bits such as the opening montage of Clara juggling adventures with the Doctor and her relationship with Danny and the Doctor's really bad job of hanging around as a human for an extended period of time ("I lived with otters for a month.") But the Doctor's overly hostile attitude towards Danny Pink really puts me off a lot. So the Doctor has this much of a problem with soldiers? And he can't believe a soldier can be a math teacher? Geez!  

Next we have Kill the Moon to get through and then an excellent one-two punch of Mummy on the Orient Express and Flatline

When this re-watch is over, we will be going back to David Tennant as the 10th Doctor. We just finished Series 4 back in January but before we got to the specials, we wanted to revisit Series 8 again. We will not watch The Waters of Mars. We've watched it as a family once. My daughter refused to take a shower for a week. 

After we're done with the specials, we'll come back around to the 11th Doctor and Series 5. It seems like forever since we watched these. Which is probably a good thing given the levels PRAS (Post Regeneration Anxiety Syndrome) my wife and daughter were going through with the departure of Matt Smith. Being reminded that other people have been and will be the Doctor was very important to their healing process. 

Seriously. They needed a healing process. 


So I was looking through some photos I downloaded and came across this Doctor Who/Star Wars mash up. 

I love the elegant simplicity of this, just the sight of the TARDIS giving Darth Vader cause for concern. 

Darth Vader might be concerned about who exactly is on board the TARDIS. What if it's these guys? 

Oh, ain't that cute! Yeah, this would worry Darth Vader because I think we can all agree he's rather rubbish with children.  


Last week I promised (or threatened, your mileage may vary) that I would begin a new Doctor Who fan-fiction. Well, I guess I better get to writing that. 

Next week: The Doctor witnesses the fall of an empire and the destruction of planet Earth. And then...

Things get worse. 

The Earth is under siege! Time is in chaos! Clara Oswald's in the cross-hairs of deadly danger! The Doctor's enemies vs. The Doctor's allies in a battle... to the death! 

Seriously, this is going to be very violent. 

In seven days, Episode One of... The Crucible of Eternity 

I'll be back tomorrow with another post about something or other. In the meantime, be good to one another. 

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