Saturday, March 7, 2015

Farewell Oh Great Big Computer Folder of Everything

Hi there! Dave-El here and today is Saturday. So far so good with the computer after the virus attack on Thursday (which I posted about here yesterday). The important things are still there like the family photos. I had at least the foresight to keep these on a flashdrive which is kept in a secure place here in the Fortress of Ineptitude

Other things were not so fortunate. A variety of random photos, cartoons, Doctor Who pics and other odd stuff got hit and for some reason were not backed up. But this virus mess actually may have done me a favor. If I want or need any of that stuff again, I can go back on the internet and get whatever. So I deleted in its entirety the Great Big Computer Folder of Everything where I kept all the random stuff. Click, delete, gone! I think I freed up a whole gigabyte of memory. My computer's performing better now. 

Still, there are some things I would like to assemble again. For example, my shrine to Morgan Fairchild

Hey, go get your own late 70's/early 80's female television icon. Morgan Fairchild is mine

OK, getting a little bit weird here. So moving on...

Back in January,  was trending on Twitter. So I made my contributions to the topic, then copied them here for use in a future blog for when I really get stuck for any idea. So in honor of the passing of my Great Big Computer Folder of Everything, here are 

  1. "Wait! I get it now!"
  2. "Five words? Really? Only five-"
  3.  "Yes, I turned the electricity-"
  4.  "One more meatball won't kill-"
  5.  "I've never been so happy!"
  6.  "I'm going to live forever!"
  7. "Duck? What are you talking-"
  8. "Cut the green wire! Shit!"
  9. "Hey, I found my phone!"
  10. "Thank you and good night!"
I really like that last one which would make a really cool exit line although I actually had to say one of these with my dying breath, it would probably the 2nd one. More than likely I expect it will be something along the lines of "Ack! Gurgle!" 

This is taking a morbid turn, hasn't it? Let's get those spirits back up! I'm going to go outside to pick up twigs and branches. Winter took a toll on some of my trees. So...yay? Fun? Picking up sticks?


Dave-El, wrap this up already! 

Tomorrow is a Doctor Who post. I had issued a threat or warning for the last two weeks that I would begin a new fan fiction this week. I'm not sure now that's going to happen. I may need to give myself a week more or I can split what was going to be episode one over two weeks. 

Oh, the pressures of being a creative genius. 

Well, something Doctor Who-like will be here tomorrow, one way or another. And Crucible of Eternity will get going more sooner than later. I hope.  

So good bye for now and I'll see you here tomorrow. Until then, be good to one another.

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