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Doctor Who: All Roads Lead to Trenzalore: Part Two

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I'm Dave-El and today is Doctor Who Saturday. And we are in the middle of another work of fan fiction. Click below for Part One....

All Roads Lead To Trenzalore: Part One

Before we get to Part Two, let's do the disclaimer thing! 

This is a work of fan fiction. The author (that's me!) does not receive any compensation except for the love and adoration of my many...  This author does not receive any compensation. This story is not intended as part of the official Doctor Who canon. It is just a story that is told by a long time fan of Doctor Who. My thanks and appreciation to all the hard working creators who make the real thing happen with skill and brilliance. 

And now...

Doctor Who

All Roads Lead To Trenzalore

Part Two


Scene opens: A panel of knobs and dials and levers, futuristic and quaint at the same time. A thin, pale hand works the control. In the background we hear the noise of the TARDIS time rotor in motion. Our view pulls back and we follow up a black sleeved arm to see the Doctor, the First Doctor, tall, slender in his black waist coat, a cascade of white hair falls down the back of his head. His expression is at resolute but a bit bemused. He’s muttering to himself.

The Doctor: All right, old girl, let’s see if we can make this hop a good one. Adjust the chronoton pulse by 5, counter the disruption wave factor, ease down on the temporal hold.

The Doctor chuckles to himself.

The Doctor: Heh, heh! I do believe we’re going to go where I want to go for a change, eh? Now, reverse the polarity of…

The Doctor stops. His expression no longer indicates any bemusement but worry and confusion.

The Doctor: Re-reverse the polarity of…of…Dash it all!

The Doctor pounds the console with his fist.

The Doctor (muttering): A simple thing. A simple thing! I was reversing polarities as a school boy. Why can’t I…?

Suddenly, the Doctor’s 2 current companions, Ben and Polly, enter the console room.

Ben (urgently): Doctor? Are you…?

The Doctor (snappishly): Blast it, boy! You interrupted my…my thoughts.

Polly (concerned): We were worried, Doctor. We heard you….

The Doctor takes a step back from the console, holds out a hand to cut off Polly.

The Doctor: No, Polly, it’s none of your concern.

Ben: We just want to help.

The Doctor (pleasantly): Yes, I suppose you would. Tell me, Ben, do you have an understanding of temporal mechanics, hmm?

Ben: Uh…no?

The Doctor (angrily snaps): Then you can’t help me so quit bothering me!

Polly: Doctor, just talk to us. What’s the matter?

The Doctor stands still for a moment, his hands clutching the lapels of his coat as he stares at the console. Then without looking at Polly or Ben, he speaks.

The Doctor: I just want to see Susan.

Ben: Susan?

Polly: His granddaughter.

The Doctor: Yes, my granddaughter. I left her behind. For her own good, mind you, but still. I…miss her.

Ben: Well, Doctor, this TARDIS can go anywhere in time and space, right?

The Doctor looks up and stares coldly at Ben.

The Doctor (barely containing his frustration): Why…Ben…I’m so glad you reminded me…that I have a TIME MACHINE!

Ben: Uh….

The Doctor: The calculations needed to return to a precise moment in the space time continuum are incredibly complex. It’s not a matter of simply popping across the street!

Ben: Well, I…

The Doctor (his ire rising): And it was those incredibly complicated…complex calculations that I…that I was working on when you entered…came in.

Polly: Doctor, we’re sorry.

The Doctor sighs and his shoulders slump a bit.

The Doctor: No, Polly, my child, don’t be. I’m just being a cranky old man, I did not mean to snap at you.

Ben: Well, that’s OK, Doc—

The Doctor: You, I did mean to snap at!

Ben: Oh.

Polly: Doctor, if there’s anything…

The Doctor (calm again): No, Polly. I just need some time alone to work. Why don’t you and Ben go find the swimming pool?

Polly (brightening): A swimming pool? The TARDIS has a swimming pool?

Ben: Great! Where is it?

The Doctor (testy): How should I know? It keeps wandering off! That’s why I said to go FIND it!

Polly (taking Ben by the arm): C’mon, Ben, let’s go find that pool.

Ben: OK. Later, Doctor.

The Doctor grunts as the pair exits. He scans the controls of the TARDIS console, muttering to himself. 

The Doctor: There must be a way. There MUST be away! 

The Doctor pauses and frowns.  

The Doctor: There is a way. But do I dare?

The Doctor's expression turns to firm determination. 

The Doctor: I must see my granddaughter...

The Doctor flips a switch. 

The Doctor: last time. 

The time rotor begins to move and the VWORP! VWORP! sound of the TARDIS in flight is heard. 

The Doctor: Re-engaging the navigational controls for just a moment. It should be...

Suddenly a bright flash of blinding light burst overs the TARDIS console and the Doctor is startled, taking a step back.

The Doctor: Dear heavens! What...?

A disembodied voice comes from the light. 

Voice: Well, there you are! We found you at last! 

The Doctor regains his composure. 

The Doctor: Ah, I should've guessed. The second the controls...the navigational controls were re-engaged, you would be able to track the TARDIS. I must admit I didn't expect it would be so soon. 

A face begins to coalesce out of the light. The Doctor's expressions indicates recognition. 

The Doctor: Ah, Borusa! 

Barusa: Castellan Borusa! 

The Doctor: Castellan? I'm disappointed. I thought you would be a Cardinal by now. 

Borusa: In time, in time! So, Theta...

The Doctor (sternly): "Doctor" if you don't mind. And even if you do. 

Borusa (sighs): Very well...Doctor. I have to admit that after all these years, I was surprised to see you make it this easy to find you. Keeping the navigation controls off-line was the only way to ensure the Time Lords couldn't track your TARDIS. 

The Doctor: Perhaps I felt sorry for you, wanted to give you a sporting chance, hmm?

Borusa: I'm thinking it's more likely out of desperation. It must be vitally important to reach a particular point in time and space so quickly to risk being found by the Time Lords.

The Doctor (grasping his lapels): My reasons are my own and none of your concern. 

Borusa: Absolutely correct, it is NONE of my concern. My only concern is it is time for this foolishness to end. You must return to Gallifrey!

The Doctor: Oh, no, no, no! I don't think so! 

The Doctor flips the switch on the console. 

Borusa: Oh, Doctor, disengaging the navigation controls won't help you now. Our lock on your TARDIS cannot be broken. 

The Doctor (cocks head to the side, gives a sly smile): Oh, Borusa, you do think of everything. Well, you like to think you've thought of everything. 

The Doctor engages a sequence of buttons. 

Borusa's holographic face has an expression of alarm. 

Borusa: What? Doctor, you would not dare? 

The Doctor: Like I didn't dare escape from Gallifrey? 

Borusa: But engaging a negative inversion random coordinate? You're mad! The consequences could be....

Borusa's protests are cut short as his holographic projection over the TARDIS console begins to glow brighter and brighter until in explodes in a burst of light and vanishes. 

The Doctor smiles as he works the controls of the TARDIS. He flips a switch to engage the monitor. On the screen, he sees Ben and Polly in the swimming pool. 

The Doctor: Oh good! They found the pool. Susan used to...

The Doctor's expression becomes crestfallen.

The Doctor: Susan used to enjoy the pool. Oh, Susan. I have a...a feeling that things are...coming...approaching end. I so hoped I could see you...with these last...

Suddenly the time rotor stops with a loud THUNK. The Doctor adjusts the monitor as the image changes from Ben and Polly in the pool to a snow swept night time scene. 

The Doctor: Seems peaceful enough. Perhaps I should tell Ben and Polly that...

The Doctor pauses. 

The Doctor: No, let them have their fun. But for me....

The Doctor dons a woolen cap and tosses a scarf around his neck.

The Doctor: I could use some fresh air....

The Doctor pulls the lever that opens the door. 

The Doctor: ...and some solitude.

Scene shift: TARDIS exterior.  The ground is covered with snow. The sky is dark, dappled with stars and flashing lights.  The Doctor steps out into the night, grasps his lapels and looks up into the sky. 

Suddenly the shot pulls up rapidly as the Doctor dwindles away and we find our view is shifting to space ships in orbit above the planet. Next we experience a very rapid zoom in through a portal of one of the ships where we see Daleks.








Scene change: Back on the planet as the Doctor, the 1st Doctor, approaches the 11th Doctor. Each looks the other directly in the eye. 

Both Doctors (simultaneously): Oh, no! Not again! 

-----to be continued-----


Next time: 

The planet Trenzalore faces certain doom! 

But can TWO Doctors succeed where ONE 

could not?

In a word: No.  

Doctor Who

All Roads Lead To Trenzalore

Part Three

Next week. 

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