Saturday, August 23, 2014

Doctor Who Weekend: Awaiting the New Doctor

The Doctor: "He's a comin'!"
Clara: "Who?" 
The Doctor: "The Doctor!" 
----The Time of the Doctor

Today is Saturday, August 23rd, and the Doctor is indeed a comin'.  

Hi! Dave-El here and welcome to my blog, I'm So Glad My Suffering Amuses You which a half-decent veterinarian would give a fighting chance. 

This is where I do my weekend post on all things Doctor Who and I call it... Doctor Who Weekend. (Yeah, thought of it all by myself.)  

So last night, I and the rest of the El family gathered in the Fortress of Ineptitude for a special edition of our weekly Doctor Who night. Although we're just about to start Series 4 in our Doctor Who re-watch, we jumped ahead all the way to The Time of the Doctor to watch Matt Smith's last go as the Doctor and watch him morph into the crazy eyed Peter Capaldi.  

While Time was a bit messy in terms of all the stuff that Steven Moffat tossed into his Evil Cauldron of Ideas (patent pending) and not quite as strong as the Moff's 50th anniversary special, The Day of the Doctor, I still thought it was overall a very satisfying send off for Matt Smith's 11th Doctor. 

But times change, people change, as Matt's Doctor told us, and change is the watch word for Doctor Who. So we're now about to enter into that most disconcerting of territories for Whovians. We've been here before but it's always brand new. 

The new Doctor, he's a comin'.  

And the El family is ready for it. Well, mostly. My wife still cries in the moments before the 11th Doctor changes into the 12th. She almost has a maternal connection to Matt Smith. She worries if he's taking good care of himself, that he's eating right, that he doesn't get hurt on the Terminator set. I think there may be issues there. 

But tears aside, we are ready. As we were with the end of the 11th Doctor, we will be in the company of fellow Whovians for the beginning of the 12th as we watch Deep Breath at Geeksboro Cinema and Coffee House

And this episode better be good because we're going to see it again on Monday in it's cinema outing. 

So the moment comes and what are we to expect? We can speculate as to what kind of Doctor will Peter Capaldi be or how Clara's relationship with the Doctor will change with this new, older face or any number of things. But I think it's best to just expect the unexpected. 

That's what you have to do when you travel with the Doctor.


I know the recent Doctor Who World Tour did a lot to ease trepidations and build anticipation. While successfully avoiding spoilers, I've heard nothing but good things about the Deep Breath episode presented at these events. And we're talking about the Internet where haters are gonna hate. 

But it's also been great seeing Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman having fun while trotting the globe. Even if his Doctor is going to be darker than others before, I get the sense Peter is having fun with this.  

Jenna is always lovely; I've notice she's been sporting a lot of dresses that have an almost late 1960's vibe to them. Nice touch.

But Peter? Man, he's the luckiest guy in the world right now as far as I'm concerned. I want to BE Peter Capaldi!

OK, Doctor Who!





More Doctor Who Weekend tomorrow as I post my review of Deep Breath


And after that...

  • They said it should never have been imagined. 
  • They said it should never have been created.
  • They said it should never have been released. 

On Tuesday, August 26th, get ready for...

The 500th Blog Post Thingamajiganatororama! 

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