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Doctor Who: Anarchy In the UK

Hi there! Welcome to I'm So Glad My Suffering Amuses You, a wicked googily of a blog, if I do say so myself. And myself is Dave-El, noted authority on the wombat but please, no wombat questions, I'm rather sensitive about the subject now. 

Recently I was on a vacation from this blog (a "blogcation" if you will) with a series of pre-prepared posts ("crap" if you will) scheduled to go up during my absence.  As such, I was not prepared to deal with the Brexit vote in the immediate aftermath of this decidedly thunderingly stupid event.  

By the way, the title of today's post suggests some kind of Doctor Who connection. Be cool. We're getting to that.   

But first...

I do feel compelled to bring some of my readers up to speed on this Brexit thing. And by "some of my readers", I mean "hermits in caves who are no longer in caves or perhaps are still in caves but got those caves wired up for Wi-Fi and after looking at all the porn on the internet and then looking at all the other stuff on the internet decided to come to this blog".  

Where was I? Oh yes. Brexit. 

It was a vote put to the United Kingdom (or "UK" or "Uck" if you will) to stay in the European Union or leave.  Below is an image from Last Week Tonight With John Oliver in advance of the vote.  

Oh, look! Doctor Who logo? Cool!  

And I think Oliver's comments above echoed the sentiments of most American's about this issue. 

But what was this issue all about? 

Well, there were a bunch of numbnuts in the UK stirring up fear and ignorance ("British Donald Trumps" you might say) by promoting a vote in favor of Britain leaving the EU would mean more money staying in Britain and keeping foreigners out of Britain. The only thing they missed doing was promising to build a wall across the English Channel and making Belgium pay for it.  

This base appeal to fear and ignorance was never going to work, right? The side in favor of remaining with the EU had charts and graphs and lots of smart people while the side in favor of leaving the EU just dangled their car keys in front of the electorate. Ooh, shiny! 

And believer it or not, the car keys won! 

Well, they were very shiny, you know.  

Afterwards, stock markets all over the world totally crashed, the British pound isn't worth a pound of chicken fat and you're living in cave now. 

Congrats on finding a cave with Wi-Fi.  

So it came to pass that lots of people were completely bumfuddled as to what the heck happened. And nowhere was this more brilliantly expressed than on the American TV program, Full Frontal With Samantha Bee.  

First of all, take a look at this opening scene from Monday's show. 

Is that the TARDIS? It is the TARDIS!!! 


Ahem.  Sorry. What were we talking about? 

Right! Economic armageddon. 

Although, actually, I don't want to talk about that. First of all, its been over a week since the Brexit vote and this topic has been talked to death by now. Secondly, I want to get on to the Doctor Who stuff. 

But first a bit of background. 

The UK did not uniformly vote to leave the EU. Scotland, for example, voted overwhelmingly to stay.  It's important to remember that bit because this brings us to this bit: 

The day after the Brexit vote, Donald Trump came to visit Scotland. 

Donald Trump is the Republican nominee for President and all polls show his butt being kicked by Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. So naturally Donald went to Scotland to open a golf course. Which seems like going to the North Pole to open an igloo office building but what do I know. 

So Donald Trump spoke out to the assembled Scots there, telling them that Brexit is a wonderful thing and helps them take control of their country. 

Yes, Donald Trump was confusing Scotland and England. 

And how do you think the average Scotsman feels about that? 

OMG! That's PETER CAPALDI! Yep, the 12th Doctor himself! Although to be fair, it's pre-Doctor Who Capaldi in a scene from In the Loop, a movie based on the TV series The Thick Of It starring Capaldi as the extremely foul mouthed Malcolm Tucker. 

Whovians, if you you have kids and you see Capaldi is in something that's not Doctor Who, make sure its Paddington and not In the Loop. If it's In the Loop, your wee ones might ask, "Mommy, what does the Doctor mean when he says 'You *********** *********** with your ********** face in my ******* ******* way, you should just **** yourself'?"  

Back to the topic, Dave-El? Right. 

A lot of Scottish people were incensed by Donald's blatant ignorance of Scottish geography (never mind history) and took to Twitter to express their misgivings to their orange hued visitor from America. 

So Samantha Bee enlists the assistance of another Scottish actor associated with Doctor Who to read some of the Tweets. 

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. David Tennant.  

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. David Tennant. Thank you, sir. 

But Samantha Bee had one more favor to ask. Perhaps if time could be reversed and prevent this whole Brexit travesty from ever happening? 

This is when the show went into full on Doctor Who mode! 

We get a clip of David Tennant as the Doctor explaining that no, he just can't do that. He just can't. 

And you sharp eyed Whovians recognize David's Doctor from the episode The Fires of Pompeii.

But we've got one more Doctor Who reference to go, folks. Samantha Bee urges her American viewers to be sure to vote this November and vote wisely to keep such stupidity like the Brexit results from happening here. 

And until that time....


Oh boy! Donald Trump as a Weeping Angel? Someone at Full Frontal is definitely into Doctor Who! Could it be Ms. Bee herself?   

For more on this, click here for the full video from Full Frontal With Samantha Bee.  

And that's that for today's post. Tomorrow is Sunday and it's another Doctor Who thing as I show some Christmas photos from my summer beach trip.  

No, time travel was not involved. 

Until next time, remember to be good to one another. 

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