Sunday, July 10, 2016

Doctor Who: It's Beginning to Look Like Christmas (Even in July!)

First of all, I need to apologize for the title of today's post. Last year I posted about my disdain for those who try to link Christmas to July. I really, really despise that. Christmas is for cold weather. July is for hot weather. Never the twain should meet. You hear me? No twain meeting between Christmas and July!

Yet there it is in the title for today's post.  

I am so ashamed and I throw myself on the mercy of blogger's court, if there is such a thing.  

But the problem is, it fits. 

OK, the actual event being described in today's post happened in June but I'm writing about it in July so...

Why am I explaining all this? Can't I just get on with it? 

Fine, fine, no need to get so testy. 

So here we are....

This is from the interior of a store called The Christmas Mouse. This location (yes, there is more than one) is located in North Myrtle Beach, most specifically a shopping center called Barefoot Landing which is built on and around a marsh. The turtles who live there seem OK with it. I'm not so sure about the alligators. 

No, I'm not going to ask the alligators.  

Anyway, The Christmas Mouse is jam packed with all sorts of decorations for the holiday season including a variety of tree ornaments.

And since you may have noticed that "Doctor Who" is in the title of today's post, you might surmise that we found Doctor Who ornaments at The Christmas Mouse.

And you would have surmised correctly.

For example, check out this Dalek.  

And more Daleks! 

And Davros too! 

Although who would want Davros in their Christmas tree, I have no idea. 

There were also ornaments of Cybermen (full body and Cyber heads for your own "Handles") and K-9. (Why didn't I get photos of those? Dang it!)  

But then we found this wonderful item.  

Geronimo! The 11th Doctor and the sonic screw driver! And thanks to my family, The Christmas Mouse sold TWO of these! 

While my wife, daughter and I were just gushing and giggling over the Doctor Who ornaments....well, I wasn't giggling. I'm a man. Men do not giggle. It's just not done. No, I would not-

Yes, yes, I giggled. 

Shut up.

Where was I? Oh, right! 

Anyway, while the three of us were chattering about all these Whovian wonders of the season, two women approached us and one of them said, "So you're fans of Doctor Who, right?"

Affirming that we were indeed Doctor Who fans, she said, "Well, we're not exactly but my daughter, her sister-" (indicating the other woman) "is a BIG fan of the show and she would just love for us to get her a Doctor Who ornament. What would you suggest?" 

The three of us agreed that of all the Doctor Who stuff there, you really couldn't beat the one-two combo of having the 11th Doctor AND a sonic screwdriver in one package. They took our advice and that was the Doctor Who thing they bought. 

We also bought a Doctor/sonic combo along with a red Dalek. We also bought a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ornament because my daughter Randie's big into the Turtles.   
One more photo before I wrap this up. It's not Doctor Who related but I still wanted to share it.  

Now that's a big Christmas ball!

(Also, that's Randie's foot.)  

Oh, one more thing and it is Doctor Who related. The cashier who rang up our purchase was a fellow Whovian. How cool is that? 

And that is that for today. Another post on something or another is coming up tomorrow and a new Doctor Who post will appear here next Sunday. 

Until next time, remember to be good to one another. 

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