Sunday, July 24, 2016

Doctor Who: Turn Backward Oh Time In Your Flight

Hi there! Today is Sunday and here at the ol' I'm So Glad My Suffering Amuses You blog thing, we like to do a post about Doctor Who. 

Doctor Who fans are always eager for any scrap of info about their favorite program so naturally, more than a few rumors will bubble up to the service. A few weeks ago, a one particular rumor started making the rounds of the internet which was this:

Matt Smith is coming back to Doctor Who.

It seems, per this rumor, that Matt Smith is really, really, really sorry he ever left Doctor Who. 

And he misses it really, really, really badly.

And he really, really, really wants to come back.


The story goes that Matt has made inquiries of the Doctor Who production staff if perhaps the next time the Doctor regenerates, can he regenerate back into a face he had before? And if so, could that face be his?

Well, it’s never been done before but that’s never stopped Doctor Who, right? So believe it or not-

Not. Do not believe it. You know where the rest of that was going and no. Not happening.  Matt Smith is NOT coming back to be the Doctor.

A lot of this rumor is rigged together with metaphorical string and tape from bits and pieces of things said here and there.

Yes, Matt Smith has expressed that he misses being the Doctor and there’s a lot of angst about making the decision to leave. If you don’t regret leaving a least a little bit, then you’ve probably overstayed your welcome. David Tennant went through the same emotional wringer when he made his decision to leave. As far as I know, only Chris Eccleston has not looked back and questioned his decision.

Yes, a former Doctor can come back for a guest appearance. Peter Davison did it for Time Crash in 2006. David Tennant did it for Day of the Doctor in 2013. I’m sure if Matt Smith wants to don the bow tie for a one more go-round in the TARDIS, I’m sure Steven Moffatt or Chris Chibnall would jump at the chance.

And yes, I know the Caretaker told the 11th Doctor he might revisit an old familiar face once in a while. 

But to come back and actually BE the Doctor? Sorry but Doctor Who must move forward. And 2nd acts are never quite as good as the 1st. Whatever joy and magic that Matt would seek to recapture from his first turn as the Doctor may prove elusive in the second and make being the Doctor a less fondly remembered experience.

Now if Matt wants to revisit for a special one off appearance as the 11th Doctor, I would love to see that and I imagine Matt would enjoy that experience without the weight of a more lengthy commitment. Could you just imagine Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi playing off each other? I would love to see that. 

"But people change and so must I," Matt himself said in his final moments as the 11th Doctor and it is a very true statement in life and certainly in the world of Doctor Who. 

Tomorrow on the blog. Sorry but back to the world of politics as I look at Hillary Clinton's pick for her vice presidential running mate and what to expect from the Democratic convention.  Also during the week, The Pixar Project returns as we look back at The Incredibles and a review of Star Trek Beyond. 

Thanks for dropping by and I hope you come by again. Until next time, remember to be good to one another.

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