Thursday, July 7, 2016

Guilty Until Proven Guilty

Hi there! A quick word in the realm of politics, if I may? I may, may I? Oh, thank you, you're so kind. 

So Tuesday FBI director James Comey said that no criminal charges should be brought against Hillary Clinton...

OK, that's not Hillary Clinton. That's Hillary Duff.  

Sorry about that. If I may continue....

No charges would be brought against Clinton where she used personal e-mail for government business. The next day, Attorney General Loretta Lynch advised that the Department of Justice would accept the recommendation of the FBI  and not pursue any criminal charges against Clinton or her staff in this matter.

And thus, the long slog through months and months of investigation came to an end, a conclusion was reached, everyone was satisfied and no one spoke of it....

Oh, girl, you know it's not true.  

Hey, I snuck a Milli Vanilli reference 
into a political post. 
Yeah, I know! 
I AM so cool!

Donald Trump instantly tweeted that the fix was in and Crooked Hillary was benefiting from a rigged system. Well, of course Donald said that. It was a miracle that Trump showed restraint enough to wait until after the FBI announced its decision. 

Of course, the entirety of Republican "leadership" jumped on board with similar remarks, complaints that Clinton should not be above the law, that she should answer for her crimes and she shouldn't be allowed to be an grade school crossing guard, let alone President of the United States. 

To be fair, it just was't Republicans. Those die hard "Bernie Or Bust" got their licks in as well. They're still determined that Hillary Clinton...

Not actress Hillary Swank. Hillary Clinton. 

Who, per the Bernie boneheads, is going to go to jail for....well, for something, damn it! And then Bernie Sanders gets to be President and it's free college and weed for everybody! 

By the way, earlier this week, my Twitter feed was blowing up with lots of anti-Hillary stuff. And it was all from the Bernie supporters, not from Trump. Go figure.  

Now it should be noted that FBI Director James Comey did not give Hillary Clinton the all clear. Comey's assessment of Clinton's use of a personal email server was nothing short of scathing, describing Clinton and her staff as “extremely careless” in their handling of classified material. Still, in Comey's assessment, there was nothing to warrant a full blown prosecution. Mistakes were made but there were no signs of any deliberate mishandling of information by Hillary Clinton.

Now that's actress Melinda Mullins who played a character named Hillary Booth in the AMC original series, Remember Wenn, a series about a World War II era radio station overrun by zombies. Anyway, not Hillary Clinton.  

This exoneration of Clinton will satisfy no one on the extreme right who still think that Hillary Clinton herself shot Vince Foster by the shores of the Potomac River and personally aimed a rocket propelled grenade launcher at Chris Stevens in Benghazi.  There's an entire audience primed to believe the worst about Hillary (or Bill) Clinton and Donald Trump's all wound up to keep pitching Crooked Hillary at these folks.  

Objectively, however, has justice been served? Was it due diligence by FBI investigators or through backroom political maneuvering that saved Hillary Clinton?

Of for crying out loud! That's...that's not even a woman! For God's sake, that Sir Edmond Hillary, a British dude who climbed Mt. Everest when that was still a thing. But it's not Hillary Clinton. C'mon, people! 

I believe I was about to make a point? God, I hope so! This post is going on too long as it is.  

Let's not kid ourselves. Hillary Clinton's position as the presumptive nominee of the Democratic Party for President of the United States had to play a factor in the FBI's decision. Let's not pretend that it didn't. Putting on trial someone who is likely to be our next President presents a whole set of unique headaches to contend with. If the breach of regulations or law were more significant, the FBI would have no choice but to recommend prosecution. But the investigation basically led to where the narrative had always led, where I figured it would lead when this whole thing first blew up: nobody did anything intentionally wrong but people did some stupid things they shouldn't do again. Ultimately, if there was anything that a prosecutor could hang their hat one, it would be small, inconsequential and totally out of balance with the bigger picture.  

Of course those who have a vested interest in Hillary Clinton's failure believe the system is rigged, the fix is in. That narrative will continue on past Election Day. The main story may be over but there are millions of Hillary bashers willing to fan-fic this story into existence through Judgement Day. 

I do want to clarify something. I'm not a big fan of Hillary Clinton. No, saying I'm not a big fan doesn't mean I hate her. It just means: 

I don't have that Hillary Clinton, First Lady poster from out of an issue of Tiger Beat on my bedroom wall. 

I don't keep a closet full of color coded pants suits to cosplay as the former New York Senator at science fiction conventions.

I don't have bobble heads of the former Secretary of State on a special shelf surrounded on either side by scented candles. 

At the end of a long and arduous primary process, Hillary Clinton is the one left standing with the necessary skills, wisdom and experience to be our next President of the United States. It's sure as hell not going to Donald Trump who has managed to become even more buffoonish and offensive since becoming the Republican's presumptive nominee. 

But even without the strawman that is Donald Trump, I believe Clinton really does have the capabilities to be a good President. Effective? Great? Eh, I don't hold a lot of expectations about that but history will have to judge.  

But I imagine that when President Hillary Clinton gets to the White House, there will be someone at her side with the most important job of all: keep her the hell away from email.  


OK, so who's that supposed to be? 


Thanks for dropping by. I've got another post coming later today on Finding Dory. 

Until then, remember to be good to one another. 

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