Sunday, July 17, 2016

Doctor Who: Welcome To Mean Town

Hi there! Dave-El here and welcome to I'm So Glad My Suffering Amuses You, the blog with a deadlock seal to keep in freshness. 

Today is Sunday and as is my want around these here parts, I tend to remonstrate on the subject of Doctor Who on Sundays. I've spent most of the past 11 Sundays focused on my fan fiction Lifetime Companion. Click here for Episode 8 which has links to the prior 7 episodes. You'll laugh, you'll cry. 

But what about the actual show itself? What in the world is going on with the best TV show in the world, Doctor Who? What do we know about that. 

Well, not a lot. But Doctor Who is really good at keeping a lid on leaks. Chances are, if we know something, then the Doctor Who producers or the BBC want us to know. The efforts at keeping secrets under wrap can be quite intricate and intense. 

Take for example the secrecy that surrounded the casting of the Doctor's new companion. As you know, the world was introduced to Pearl Mackie as Bill in a short segment with the Doctor and Bill fleeing from Daleks that aired during a World Cup soccer game. It took some considerable effort and coordination to pull that off and it went off without a hitch with no one the wiser as to who the new companion would be. 

Scripts for this mini production were done under the title "Mean Town". And yes, that does sound like a production of West Side Story as performed by 1st graders. But is also an anagram of "Woman Ten" as in the Woman cast to play the companion in series Ten. 

Doctor Who does love anagrams. The original production of the series revival in 2004 operated under the title of Torchwood which is an anagram of Doctor Who. Of course, Torchwood was too good a name not to use for something and became a part of the Doctor's mythos.  

Anyway, the staff of Doctor Who could teach the CIA a thing or two about keeping things under wraps.  

The Christmas special for 2016 is done and we know absolutely nothing about that. There was a rumor that Capt. Jack Harkness was back but no less than John Barrowman shot down that report. Still, one holds out hope that is but a feint until the real reveal is made.   But seriously, I have no idea what the title of the Christmas special is.  

Meanwhile, Series 10 is underway and we do know that Matt Lucas is reprising his role from The Husbands of River Song in what appears to be a semi-regular part on the show. (Considering his character's head was separated from his body and was a co-piloting a giant robot, that's gonna take some 'splainin'.)   

Other than that, not much to report today. Oh, here's a pic of Peter Capaldi signing autographs for some fans while on location shooting. 

It looks like the Doctor may be getting another adjustment to his wardrobe. 

Meanwhile the deadlock seal on Doctor Who security remains as tight as ever. 

On a side note, it has been announced that a familiar voice from the classic Doctor Who will be heard in an upcoming Star Wars production.  The animated series Star Wars Rebels will feature Tom Baker as the voice of ancient character named Bendu.  

From Star Wars to Star Trek, Doctor Who guest actor Simon Pegg ("The Long Game" from Series One) returns as Scotty next weekend in Star Trek Beyond which is also co-written by Pegg. 

It's always good to see such also ran sci-fi franchises like Star Wars and Star Trek get a leg up with help from seasoned Doctor Who professionals.  

Yes, I am biased. But being biased is OK when I'm right. 


OK, that's that for today's post. Next Sunday's Doctor Who posts looks at unfounded rumor that would have the Doctor going backward rather than forward. 

In the meantime, other posts on other subjects can be found here on this blog every day between Sundays. So please check back in tomorrow. 

Until next time, remember to be good to one another.  

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