Monday, January 9, 2017

Donald Trump Is SAD: Li'l Donnie Meets With Some Grown Ups (Also: KITTENS!)

So Friday was a big day for our big little boy Donnie. He put on his big boy pants and went to the meeting with the grown ups (Boring!) and listened patiently... well, as patiently as li'l Donnie could. (He actually didn't look at his Twitter for two whole minutes! Who's a good boy?)  

And the grown ups talked to Donnie. They told him that there were these really bad Russians who had been doing some naughty things with America's election process and how they blah blah blah yackety yack yack...

Sorry, at this point someone tweeted a really cute picture of a really cute kitten doing a really cute thing and Donnie just had to re-tweet it.  (So CUTE!)  

So the grown ups had charts and graphs and stuff, a lot of papers and slides and oh look another cute kitten! (So CUTE!) 

Li'l Donnie came away from this meeting with four important things he learned. 

1) He still gets to be President. 
2) Anything not connected with being President is stupid. 
3) If anyone wants to talk about anything else, see point #1.
4) Kittens are so CUTE!

In Friday's post, I declared that "Donald Trump is SAD" meaning Stupid, Arrogant and Divisive. And nowhere was Trump more SAD than in his dismissive attitude towards the United State intelligence community and their assessment that Russian had actively and maliciously interfered in our recent Presidential election. 

So what happened when Trump met with the heads of the CIA, the FBI and NSA who presented a detail, classified briefing on their case for Russian's activities? 

Trump continued to be SAD. 

First of all, Donald had this to say (on Twitter, of course): 

Intelligence stated very strongly there was absolutely no evidence that hacking affected the election results. Voting machines not touched!

There are actually two different points to be addressed in that tweet. 

1) The intelligence report actually made no comment on whether or not the election was affected by Russian influence. All the report covered was that Russia did in fact act to influence the election and towards a certain goal. Donald Trump's eventually victory in the Electoral College may have been Russia's preferred outcome but the FBI, CIA and NSA stopped short of saying that outcome was a direct result of Russia's efforts.  

2) At no point has the security of the actual voting machines been a question. Early on it was determined the voting itself was secure with no tampering of machines or tabulations. Russian activities were targeting voters before they went into the voting booth.  

Trump tweeted this observation: 

Having a good relationship with Russia is a good thing, not a bad thing. Only "stupid" people, or fools, would think that it is bad! 

Hey, Donnie Dumbass, no one thinks a good relationship with Russia is a bad thing. But when someone is doing bad shit, they need to be called out on it. Invading the Ukraine. Supporting the dictator of Syria. Messing around with our democracy. This is some bad shit Russia is up to. And sucking up to them in the service of having a good relationship isn't going to make Russia stop doing bad shit. No, it only empowers them to do more of it. 

And then Donnie had this to say: 

Gross negligence by the Democratic National Committee allowed hacking to take place.The Republican National Committee had strong defense!

Once more, li'l Donnie is adding something that was not addressed in the report from US intelligence agencies, the culpability of the DNC in being hacked. Whether or not the DNC had robust security procedures in place or they left the damn front door open, the Russians still went into a place they weren't supposed to be and got stuff they weren't supposed to have.  

Thus we see that Donald Trump (I think I'll keep calling him "Donnie" or "li'l Donnie". He would like that, right?) continues to be SAD. His reactions to the briefing he received on Friday are the epitome of Stupid, Arrogant and Divisive. 

Sunday, Trump's Chief of Staff Rience Preibus said that Trump does accept the findings of the intelligence reports. Yeah, well that's Rience talking and we've seen a Trump surrogate say one thing on Trump's behalf only to have Trump walk it back. 

Regardless, there is little hope that I see that his inauguration is going to make him any less SAD.

Tomorrow's post is... sorry, dear reader... turns to politics once more as Congressional Republicans pull out their steely knives to kill the beast that is Obamacare... but there may be a small hitch with that. Look for that post going up at 5 AM Eastern Time in the United States. 

BUT if you're looking for something NOT related to politics, a post on the 2nd episode of Sherlock's new season will go up live on the blog at 5 PM Eastern Time. 

So that's two, two, two posts in one day! 

Until next time, remember to...



Remember to be good to one another. 

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