Saturday, January 7, 2017

Welcome To Jackson Hole

A few months ago, I stumbled across something that was really capturing the internet's imagination: a traffic camera on a street corner in Jackson Hole, WY.

The buzz on watching these activities on this corner of downtown Jackson Hole has died down; but even now, at almost any given time, there are at least a couple of hundred people from around the world logged onto the You Tube channel to see what's happening across the Pizzeria Caldera. 

Click here for the link to the live feed. 

So why are people around the world watching this slice of American life in the Rocky Mountains? Well, to count red trucks for one thing. It's a big deal to call out "RED TRUCK" whenever one goes by. And what does one get for calling "RED TRUCK" whenever a red truck goes by? If you really have to ask that question, you don't deserve an answer. 

The other thing to do is make sure the Arch is pleased.  The Arch is the entry point for the park across the street. People pass through the Arch, entering and leaving the park. Is the Arch pleased? Maybe if a another red truck goes by. Hold on...


I like to check in every other day or so but not so much for the oddities of counting red trucks and offering praises to the Arch (ALL PRAISE AND GLORY TO THE ARCH!). Mostly, I like what I see.  

In the day time, the mountains stand majestic in the background against a sky of shifting shades of blue as the sun makes it's westward journey. Or when the rains come in and clouds tumble thick and grey over the mountain slopes. 

At night, this corner of the city takes on a special beauty, especially in winter when it snows and the trees are alight. 

Day or night, I'm fascinated by the people who pass in front of me, a matter of inches from face yet hundreds and hundreds mile away. So close and so far away.  

I seriously want to go to Jackson Hole just to visit that street corner in person, grab some pizza at the Pizzeria Caldera. I don't care if the pizza at the Pizzeria Caldera is crap. I want to go to the park across the street and hope the Arch is pleased by my presence.  

The city of Jackson Hole has other cameras that you can access from You Tube but this one, from some bizarre, totally random reason... this one is special. That corner calls the me. The people call to me. The mountains call to me. 

And most importantly, the Arch calls to me. 



Sorry 'bout that. 

OK, that's enough nonsense for today. Another post is coming tomorrow which I imagine since it will be Sunday, it will be Doctor Who related. Imagine that. 

Until next time, remember to be good to one another. 

The Arch will be pleased.


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