Monday, January 2, 2017

Reheated Tweets: Unpopular Food Opinions

Over on Twitter (where I can be found here), I will occasionally pick up on a trending hashtag and intercede in the conversation with some really high quality Tweets. I use the best words and stuff, so you know those Tweets are going to be the best! Great stuff. 

(Am I channeling Donald Trump? Oh God, I am!) 


Where was I? Oh yes. 

So I take those Tweets that are not read on Twitter and bring them over here to create a post that will not be read either. I call this exercise...

Reheated Tweets!
Reheated Tweets!
Reheated Tweets!
Reheated Tweets!
Reheated Tweets!

And today's special guest star hashtag is...

  And here we go! 

  1. More pickles on my hamburger, please. 
  2. Eating at Taco Bell, I feel like I'm really in the heart of Mexico itself! 
  3. Instead of cookies, leave out some saltines for Santa. He'll love that! 
  4. It's probably for the best if you just leave the cheese off. 
  5. Bacon is better if it's boiled. 
  6. I know most people would choose red wine but I prefer white wine with my McRib. 
  7. I like Hot Pockets. 
  8. Snap, Crackle AND Pop in your Rice Crispies? That's just overdoing it.
  9. You know what's wrong with this chocolate cake? Too much chocolate. 
  10. Brussel sprouts make a better pizza topping than pepperoni 

And there you go: 10 (yes, TEN!) unpopular food opinions. But really, are they all that bad? Let me ask the chef in the kitchen.

Or maybe not.  

This has been another edition of....

Reheated Tweets!
Reheated Tweets!
Reheated Tweets!
Reheated Tweets!
Reheated Tweets!

Coming up later today is another post as I do a post-mortem on a couple of parting shots from 2016. That post will go live at 5 PM (Eastern Time, United States) 

Tomorrow, I'll post about the season premiere of Sherlock. 

Until next time, remember to be good to one another.

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