Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Snowbound in the Comics

Hi there! Dave-El here. A lot of the United States got hit really hard with a winter storm depositing a whole lot of snow and ice. As I write this, the Fortress of Ineptitude is surrounding by enough frozen white to almost look like my cousin Kal-El's Fortress of Solitude.*

*Sigh! Dave-El, you and I are not cousins. Please cut it out. 

Ah, cousin Kal. Such a kidder! 

Anyway, the Fortress of Solitude isn't so completely solitary that he doesn't get visitors from time to time.

Weird seeing Batman with a sort of wry smile there. To be honest....

Batman's usually not a big fan of snow. Well, you can't blame him. Look at this particular wintry threat... from SPACE! 

Once they hit warmer weather, those aliens will be SNOW trouble at all! 

Get it? Snow... trouble? Like... no trouble? 

OK, moving on. 

Oh, speaking of SNOW trouble... Hey, Cousin Kal! It looks like Lois is in trouble again!**

**Once more, I'm not your cousin. And dammit, I have to save Lois again? 

Good luck, cousin Kal, and tell Lois I said "hey".  

Over in the Marvel Universe, Captain America has to deal with a sinister sneak winter attack.  

Meanwhile, Spider-Man appears to have fared not so good fending off his snow ball attack. 

Guess the old spider sense doesn't recognize snow balls as a danger. What Spider-Man needs some sharp eyes to help him keep a look out for danger in the snow. 

Like these guys! 

Dude! Snow totally rocks! Am I right? Dudes? Dudes? 

OK, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are ignoring me. Probably off on some super secret ninja mission stuff. That's cool. 

Anyway, I guess that's enough for this...WHOA! 

Watch where you're sledding!  Oh, I bet you're "rorry"! 

As I was saying, that's enough for this post. If you're in an area that got a lot of snow, I hope you stayed safe and found joy in it in some way. 

Until next time, this is Dave-El and my cousin Kal-El reminding you to be good to one another.***

***I'm going to have get my lawyer involved if you don't cut that out!! 

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