Saturday, April 28, 2018

Counting Down To Infinity: Almost But Not Quite

So, have I seen Avengers Infinity War yet?

No, not yet.

But soon.

Today even.

But my anxiety levels are going up a lot. I'm really trying to avoid spoilers or even the hint of spoilers but my genre savvy brain can't help but try to connect some dots. 

You never know what might come up. Some comic book blogger will want to pontificate on some random issue of Avengers where Tony Stark bakes a pie.

And I wonder, why did that blogger post about that issue today. Then my mind makes the link to the movie. 

"Oh my God! Pie rhymes with die! This means, Iron Man is going to die in Avengers Infinity War!"  

Or something like that. 

Or maybe something like lunch.

I was out for lunch around 1 PM on Friday. These young men got in line behind me and the youngest one was talking excitedly about something, very quick and I wasn't picking up the details but I caught the word "Thanos". Then he started to say, "Then Tony Stark said..." I turned and made eye contact which made the young man stop.

"Uh oh!" he said.

"S'alright, dude," I replied (cause I'm down with the young people, yo!). "I just haven't seen it yet."

He apologized again but I assured him it's all good. "I don't blame you for being excited. It is good, right?"

"Oh hell yeah!" he answered with a broad smile. Giving a thumbs up, I said, "Glad to hear it. Look, when I get my food, I'm gonna sit in that corner way over there reading some stuff off of my phone. I won't hear a thing."

And lunch went on spoiler free.

Now, a day later, still no Avengers Infinity War yet.

But soon.

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