Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Time For Action Is Now

As I posted here a few weeks ago, the situation with the Islamic State or ISIS has become such an untenable situation of escalating horror, I wondered if we've actually come to the point that we need super heroes to save us. I am by no means so delusional that I really think super heroes are going to swoop down from the sky and stop the dark evil rampage of ISIS. But ISIS keeps ramping up the horror of what it is capable of doing by such absurd degrees that it seems beyond the normal avenues of retaliation available to the nations of the world. 

The latest disgusting act of violent cowardice from the dickless deviants that make up ISIS is the execution of 21 Egyptian Christians by beheading. Egypt launched airstrikes against ISIS targets inside Libya. Egypt's response was swift and decisive. But will it be effective? The hooded hooligans will scurry back to their dark, dank holes like the cockroaches they are. And like cockroaches, they will survive and come back another day. 

What is needed is a full on, all out offensive against the Islamic State by every damn body. Yes, that means the United States working with Iran, the nations of Europe working in tandem with the nations of Africa, China and Russia on board. Every. Damn. Body. 

Despite being a hoard of cowardly cocksuckers, the Islamic State is getting people to their cause somehow. Some join willingly, seeing ISIS as the most effective means of overcoming the "infidels" that infest the rest of the world. These people are stupid and need to be shown that they are on the wrong side of history, on the wrong side of decent society. That message is best shown by a united front of all nations or at least as many as possible (you know Russia or China will be dickheads about this even though it would be against their own self interests.)  If you are part of such an isolated group that even countries that are predominantly of your religion are against you, it's time to reconsider the rightness of your cause. 

Others join ISIS unwillingly. Coerced by threats, torture and murder, people join ISIS because they fear for their lives. The Islamic State may be total bastards but no one is coming to the rescue, are they? Nations needs to collectively and firmly make it known that help is coming. There are alternatives to capitulation before the dark ignorant evil of ISIS. 

But the believers and the coerced will not be stayed from joining the ranks of ISIS if the collective will of decent people and nations is not made manifest quickly, powerfully and emphatically. 

Here in the United States, President Obama has sought authorization from Congress to engage in military action against the Islamic State. Naturally there is opposition from Republicans who would otherwise be falling over themselves to launch all the hell that the Pentagon has to command but because it's Obama, well, no, that won't do. Over on the left, Democrats are pissed; Obama ran on the platform of getting the US out of Iraq and he wants to go back in? 

Hey, guys, listen up. You know how in the past various dictators and terrorist leaders have been compared to Adolf Hitler? It often seemed like an exaggeration of someone's bonafides as a villain and diminished the true evil that was perpetrated by the Nazis against the Jews and so many others during World War II. Well, in the Islamic State, guess what? You've actually got a fucking Hitler on your hands! Right here, right now! ISIS is not some nation state that when this over we're going to have walk back statements like, "Hey, when I compared you to Hitler, ah, nothing personal, OK? Now can you sign this trade agreement?" 

No, ISIS is a punch of dickless sons of bitches and they deserve nothing less than a fast ride to the hell that they truly deserve and is waiting for them. 

So let's not keep Hell waiting! ISIS must go. NOW! 

Thanks for listening and I'll see you here tomorrow. In the meantime, be good to one another. (Unless you're ISIS; in that case, go fuck yourselves.)  

I'm So Glad My Suffering Amuses You

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